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  1. My younger daughter will be 1st next year. Here are our tentative plans: Math: MM1 LA: TGATB 1 (we just started TGATB K after completing First Start Reading, which we had been working on for about 1.5 years. I expect she'll move through it pretty quickly as review for reading and introducing new grammar concepts before hitting Level 1 in the fall) Science: TGATB Water and our World, Marine Biology, and Kingdoms and Classification (3 units) along with her 4th grade sis. Handwriting: HWOT 1 History SOTW 4 with big sis Music: piano lessons Co-op: Once weekly Cha
  2. I am really thinking about our choices for next year. My 4th grader is learning very well and succeeding with her current curriculum, so I hesitate to change, however, she is complaining that it is "boring" and that it takes too long. She is a very visual and creative child, and I think she just may need more stimulation in that area. Currently for LA, she is doing FLL 3, which I love but she doesn't like, Spelling WO, which she doesn't mind but I don't like, and W&R 2, which I like, but she doesn't care for. We will finish out our year using what we already have. I'm thinking of making s
  3. Four sports bras that I've had for years and prefer. Three regular bras that need replacing. I've always done underwire, but I just bought one of those Evolution bras from Knixwear today actually. If it fits well and I like it I'll get more with no guilt whatsoever. If I could go braless I gladly would but with my size it can't happen. I've never found a bra that fits for under $50.
  4. I'd also like to add, not as a music teacher but as a homeschooling mom who is teaching her children music, that I'm really seeing the benefits of taking it slow and doing the grunt work and building a good foundation (or conversely the consequences of not doing it that way). My older daughter didn't enjoy Flashcards for note reading so I stopped doing them with her. Now, over a year later, I'm regretting that decision as her music reading skills have suffered, which is holding her progression back. Since I've added flashcards back in to her routine, her note reading skills have taken off. A
  5. I'd say to think about it the way grammar is learned via the classical method. That is, you build a strong foundation. In the case of classical piano, the building blocks are site reading, theory, and ear training. Suzuki is a good method for ear training, but poor for producing good sight readers without supplementation. In my 20 years of teaching piano, I've seen many more students struggle with sight reading than ear training, so I usually focus more on that particular aspect (sight reading) first. Learning to read music is very important, so I pick a method (any method) or curriculum that
  6. Nancy Larson Science. I wanted it to work but nobody could stand it. It was just too basic I guess. Thankfully I got it used.
  7. My k-er will be 6 in October, so on the older side. Math: 180 Days of Math, k with Addition and Subtraction Facts That Stick, moving into MM 1 when she's ready Reading: finish First Start Reading full program from MP, moving into Elson primer Handwriting, homemade Tagging along with older sis for history (SOTW3) and science (Apologia Astronomy). 1x/week Charlotte Mason drop off program ETA: she'll also start piano lessons when she turns 6.
  8. For my 3rd grader: Math Mammoth 3 (with the rest of Beast Academy 2) FLL 3 (using 2 this year and loving it) Spelling Workout D (natural speller) Writing and Rhetoric 1&2 (I'm anticipating she'll love this because she loves writing) Apologia Astronomy (did NL this year and it was not for us. So simplistic. Still on the lookout for something that we like and choosing apologia because it looks pretty) MP States and Capitals (did Draw Europe this year and she said she'd like to try something different for next year) SOTW 3-love this series, we listen to the audio. Doulingo for Spanish
  9. My 4 year old daughter is doing well with Memoria Press First Start Reading (the full k phonics not just the workbooks). It's easy to slow down if needed. It includes handwriting. It's very workbooky, which my DD loves but may not be for everybody. We are only doing reading, handwriting, and counting right now. Next year we'll start a k math program.
  10. Webster's Speller is working well for my dd, who is a natural speller, but if she were to start struggling I would switch to Apples and Pears. I've read that it is great for visual learners who struggle with spelling. It may yet be on the plate for my younger dd when she gets to that point.
  11. ailysh


    For my older dd who is currently in first I just did reading, handwriting, Spanish, and math (and lots of library books). For my younger dd who will be in K next year, I will do reading, writing, math, and allow her to tag along with older dd in history and science. In retrospect, I would have skipped Spanish for older dd because the program (Song School) required too much writing that she wasn't ready for, so we didn't do it as intended and I could have easily pulled something together to accomplish the same goal without spending the money.
  12. My dd4 will be turning 5 in fall and I'll call her a kindergartener. She adores anything school related and really loves workbooks. Here's the plan: Continuing with MP's First Start Reading (she'll be about half done by then) Math: Math Made Easy K moving into MM 1 when she finishes. Homemade handwriting Tagging along with older sis for science (NL1) and history (SOTW2). I'll get her her own student pack for NL1. She's going to be over the moon about that. 🙂
  13. I'm in the midst of planning for my daughter's 2nd grade year. Math: MM 2a/b LA: FLL 2 History: SOTW2 Geography: Draw Europe Science: Nancy Larson 1 Spelling: Webster's Speller Piano: John Thompson Art/music appreciation: SCM's Picture Study Portfolios and Classics for Kids (local radio program) Spanish: GSWS Typing: typing.com Extras: Weekly CM co-op, homemade Shakespeare study (Midsummer Night's Dream) Her little sis will be joining in on science just for fun and listening in on SOTW. I'm currently teaching her cursive so most of her copywork next year with ELTL will be in cur
  14. My parents always encouraged us to get an education to be able to support ourselves. My mom's dad died when she was thirteen and her mom had no skills and five children. Her church employed her as a secretary but they were very poor. My mom paid her own way through college and became a pharmacist (she was the only one of her friends to go to college). She also had to pay rent to her mom the whole time she was living there after high school. When she married my dad (who didn't go to college and who has always made less money than her), my grandmother gave her all the rent money back as a weddin
  15. I'm only finishing up my first real year of homeschooling but I love reading all these responses. I'll say the things that I'm realizing will be important as we move into first grade... The things I am worried about in my heart even though I present a very confident façade to my family and friends. 1. Self discipline. I want to put a sign on my wall that says "Make hay while the sun is shining." This is the biggest thing for me. Just do what needs doing. I already know I'm not going to feel like it. I really want to teach a strong work ethic to my kids, and the best way to do that is mode
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