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  1. My grandons went to a private school for first grade and they used Abeka math. I purchased the second grade (2A) Singapore math standards edition and we aren't very far into it and he is really struggling with the skip counting. I have Developing Number Concepts to help with place value but when I ask him to do the activities he gets upset because he feels it's beneath him because he "already know how to count". Is there a curriculum or a supplement that could help him with this? I like to hear what's worked for others as there are many options in how to handle this. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I'm going to be homeschooling my grandson who will be in 2nd grade and the only area I'm struggling in figuring out what curriculum to use is math. He attended a private school last year and completed Abeka 1 math, in the couple of months that I had to teach him through distance learning he was highly frustrated over the repetition of pages he was doing saying he already knew how to do it. I want to stay away from common core math and I feel that if he's given the ability he'll learn quickly and move forward. I'm thinking of using Mastering Mathematics for math facts with Mathem
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'm a self-employed public accountant so my specialties would be math and finance. Although I love reading and my kids are all strong readers. I was thinking about creating some kind of online program either curriculum or support based. I'll take all the advice mentioned here and look into what's already available and maybe how I can give back and help others locally especially now with the virus. I was the same way as I had 4 kids in 5 years so I was always looking for ways to cut costs! However, I know not everyone is in that position and ma
  4. Hello, I'm a mom who homeschooled for years and I greatly relied on these boards and others to help me through everything. It's been years since I've really looked at homeschool curriculum,etc and was hoping I could get some feedback regarding the following questions. I'm looking for a way to give back and possibly make money at the same time. I appreciate your time and honesty. What do YOU feel is missing from homeschool curriculum offerings or parent support offerings? Would you pay for the product/service/training you list? What would you be willing to pay for it? If thi
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