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  1. I don't think you're required to keep a "good attitude" when told (by your spouse, no less) that you're a burden. I can totally see realistically evaluating whether I would be inclined to join in on a trip with a specific purpose that I have no interest/ability in - for instance a dive trip, since I don't dive or even like beaches - but would take it as an affront if my husband told me I was unwelcome because I would be a burden to him. That's just rude.
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand four. stupid phone app.
  3. Well...Because maybe they have a son in dance (but the poster really meant "dance moms of daughters") or Because they do not have children in dance but were dancers themselves for 20+ years or Because they grew up on a commercial chicken farm (and didn't realize their knowledge of chickens was considered unworthy because they don't currently keep exotic backyard breeds) or Because they have a child in public school (and are unaware that their experience with the pedestrian neighborhood school is *obviously* not in the same league with the OP's super special magnet school)... My point is that most of us live in a Christian-dominated society. Many who have converted to other faiths or have abandoned religion altogether have extensive background knowledge of the specific topic posed. Those who identify as Christian often do not agree on the details, so it's not unreasonable that former believers of a similar bent might have insight. *I am none of these things, just offering the pov that things are not always as clear-cut as one might think.
  4. Doesn't Target carry Seventh Generation?
  5. Lol. We had big, family parties once or twice a year. I don't recall even seeing soda at birthday parties. Those were more kool-aid events. (Which, in my house, was a Big Deal)
  6. When I was growing up, it was a party drink. My husband grew up with soda being a staple. We don't keep soda in the house and my kids generally only have real sugar, less crud sodas when they do have one, every few months or so. They drink water. Sometimes milk. Occasionally (real orange) juice or squeezed lemonade. Once in a while, unsweetened iced tea.
  7. My eldest daughter (now 26) and youngest son (now 10) each had one instance of periorbital cellulitis at about 6 and 2, respectively. They were both treated with rocephin shots at the pediatrician and, once the swelling went down, we could identify a bug bite that had probably caused it. Neither had any lasting issues. That said, when any of my kids have been working on starting a cold or massive seasonal allergies (before the drippies start) they'll usually look pale and start with dark circles under their eyes, worse when they're tired. It's been really dry here, so mine have been more sensitive to dust, etc, lately, even though the tree pollen hasn't started yet. You may be onto something with the allergies.
  8. So, in the interest of science, I just went in an eyeballed my dishes. They do have scratches (not silverware marks, which Barkeeper's Friend does remove) but they're lighter colors so I can only see them from an angle. What I DID see, though, is that my vintage plates are completely glazed. They don't have the unglazed ring... So, maybe you might want to grab some bake-on glaze at the craft store and apply that to the ring on the bottom?
  9. Yep. It's awesome. It's the only reason we keep our Roku. When I originally signed up, it was at $2.95/month for some period of time. $4.95 is totally worth it to me for more current Foyle, Midsomer, and Murdoch.
  10. I subscribe to Acorn for BBC shows. No Dr Who or Orphan Black though. Alas. Eta: we have Prime (for other reasons) and Netflix, too.
  11. We have both Roku and a Fire stick. You can stream essentially all the same things (they both have apps) - Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, etc. The Fire stick has a nicer interface (but our Roku is 5 or 6 years old, so...) but if you're watching a series, it automatically goes to the next episode when you finish one. Not a big deal, unless you are the sort of person who falls asleep in front of the tv (which I am). Both do automatically go to screen saver after a period of time without interaction, though. The only difference for my purpose is that only Roku has an app for Acorn (British TV), but that's a pretty narrow gap, so they're kind of six of one, half dozen of the other.
  12. Oh, and while we're complaining... Full sugar (as in, not "diet" or "sugar free" varieties) hot chocolate. With splenda. WTH??
  13. In the 10-year investigation into how to set standards for gluten, the fact of equipment being of uncertain cleaning ability came up numerous times from manufacturers. Things like "equipment made before allergen cleaning was a thing". (Also in FLCPA) Also, there is co-mingling of raw materials in bulk transport and storage (e.g farm trucks, grain silos, etc) so it's not just the actual end product production line.
  14. I don't eat things made in other people's homes. Even if they mean well, there is probably gluten (or any other allergen/dietary contaminant) all over their kitchen and thus in the cookies.
  15. "Spices", "flavoring", etc can (and often do) all contain wheat. That is the shrug-off way of saying "we don't keep track of our proprietary ingredients".
  16. Well, to be fair, in the process of investigation for FLCPA, they found that 25% of randomly sampled foods (from grocery store shelves) contained undisclosed "big 8" allergens. My beef is with the "gluten-free" label that, due to no testing or record keeping requirements to substantiate the claim, is completely meaningless. But, you know, we wouldn't want anyone to be cut out of a premium market because of the undue burden of earning that label, would we?
  17. You could build a box to put it in. Requiring people to break out power tools to get into their gifts is always fun! (Or maybe that was just my step-dad. :D )
  18. No. When I worked for the Y, even when the aquatics director took the chair she was in swim clothes.
  19. Not shockingly, such countries have a higher traffic fatality rate than we do. We also don't bathe in or procure drinking water from rivers with raw sewage dumped into them, and would be appalled if a parent down the block thought that was ok, too.
  20. Hence, the fabulousness of one as a gift. (I'd never buy one for myself, either. That's a lot of nice wool $$)
  21. I agree. And on this alone, the "regular" carpool would be an absolute no-go.
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