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  1. You might want to check out Gluten Free on a Shoestring blog for bread recipes. Nicole released a bread book last year, but the recipes generally use some specialty ingredients. The ones on her blog (generally) don't, though. All-purpose gf flour is not as "all purpose" as AP wheat flours. Pamela's artisan blend (blue bag), Better Batter, and Cup-4-Cup are all pretty all purpose, but Bob's Red Mill is bean based and would not be usable in any recipe that called for a different or "all purpose".
  2. Ruth, the only thing that would annoy me in your scenario would be adjustments to tutoring times, and only because I would need to be in the loop since I'm the driver. (Which would be moot if the kid in question delivers himself to tutoring or is very good about communicating with me) What you describe has a different feel to them than the communications described in the other thread. They don't seem to be cutting parents out of the communication so much as a question/answer or feedback on a joint effort. Plus, you're not in a position of cultivating something deeply personal (faith). I think that affects the feel of side communications as well.
  3. I had my palm read once when my oldest daughter was young. Maybe 3? I was divorced and not planning to ever remarry and one child was plenty. He told me he saw three... no... four children for me. I laughed in his face. Guess what? Four children. Including a set of surprise twins. Weird.
  4. Um... I think you need to clean your dishwasher. That happens no matter what kind of detergent you use. ;)
  5. Right. That's where I see the fashion people draw the line. Cropped are short ankle length (above the shoe). Capris are above ankle length (calf to below knee), what were formerly called "pedal pushers".
  6. Unfair quoting! Unfair quoting!! That looks like I suggested open toe boots! Lol.
  7. Along with the new prep book, CB and Khan Academy will have free prep programs. It's not like the prep materials are going to come out after the test.
  8. You sound like my 67 yo mother. ;) I don't think they have an old lady vibe about them. But, then, I'm 44 and as far as I can tell, young and hip means inexplicable things like platform wedges and open-toed boots so I may be confused. (Count me in as wouldn't be caught dead accessorized)
  9. We had to sign a statement acknowledging that we understood that we were moving to a rural community (we live in town) and there would be farm implement noise and rogue smells as part of our buyers' contract. At the time ('99), I thought they might want to implement that for the mental giants who keep buying homes next to BWI and then trying to get flight patterns changed. Oy. I see getting stuck behind a combine as notice that I need to shut the windows because there will be tremendous dust for the next week or so.
  10. My wisdom teeth came in in my late teens through early 20s. (Teething along with your kid is so odd)
  11. OT but I wanted to point out that US rice not grown in CA (TX, AR, etc... Generally the former cotton belt) has pretty significant arsenic levels, and the majority of the arsenic is located in the bran. I'm not sure if rice bran oil is purified (or naturally arsenic-free) but it's something you may want to look into.
  12. I had that happen at one job, but from outside the company. It used to fill up my voicemail. I finally got clever and forwarded it to the fax when the call came in, tracked the person down and told her she needed to change it. When I worked for a doctor, we'd get calls from a guy demanding to talk to our mortgage dept regularly. And then he'd get mad when I told him (again) he had reached Dr ----'s office. Finally, I suggested he correct the number in his speed dial and he never called again. (I wasn't the receptionist. I can't imagine how often she talked to him.) And we had the fog delay, school closing, low lunch balance and "you're kid is not in school today" automated calls at the Y until I mentioned it to one of administrators. My guess is that the temp agency has automated call and somebody fat-fingered the phone number for one of the nurses on the call list.
  13. My daughter is in the second semester of Curr-Click High School Biology hybrid class. There are 2 or 3 live webinars, Roni (the instructor) gives the assignments and suggested schedules, grades the uploaded work, provides support. She uses the CK12 text, virtual labs (we have a big box of lab specimens for live dissection labs, but that's our option). My daughter is enjoying it and it's as thorough as when I took HS biology (in the Dark Ages, of course).
  14. Never. Our TP magically appears already. (Because I have it on Subscribe & Save) OTOH, if a drone magically appeared with my order, we might order TP one roll at a time! It looks like manufacturers are working with Amazon to foster brand loyalty the same way they do with grocery cards that cue up coupons at the checkout. Meh.
  15. Also love Homeschool Planet. I liked Scholaric, too, but there were some features I wanted that it didn't have (I can't remember what they were). We used Homeschool Minder instead, and I liked that a lot, too, but I get the user interface of Homeschool Planet more naturally, if that makes sense.
  16. I'm getting ready to head to grad school. I'll finish just before my kids head off to college themselves and I look forward to simplifying by selling our house (it will be paid off by the time the boys fledge) and having the freedom to live where it's convenient for our second-career jobs (my husband is eligible to retire as soon as next year) and change our living arrangements more easily if we feel the need to do so. IOW, I'm looking forward to renting and living light after what will be 25 years of home ownership.
  17. I agree with 8circles. I am an extreme introvert, but not shy, and I don't intimidate easily. At 14, though? I would have been very intimidated by someone in that role. I think it's pretty typical for an adolescent meeting with someone they don't know, who will be judging their worthiness. It wasn't until I developed expertise that I could walk into a meeting room cold and feel confident. I don't think most people have that in their early teen years.
  18. I agree with 8circles. I am an extreme introvert, but not shy, and I don't intimidate easily. At 14, though? I would have been very intimidated by someone in that role. I think it's pretty typical for an adolescent meeting with someone they don't know, who will be judging their worthiness. It wasn't until I developed expertise that I could walk into a meeting room cold and feel confident. I don't think most people have that in their early teen years.
  19. I am not at an emotional 10 or any measurable level. I have no dearth of modifiers. I simply chose the one that best reflected the disgust you so aptly identified.
  20. No, you didn't. I was referencing other comments in conjunction with people wading into threads where they were apparently unwanted, even to offer a virtual hug or sympathy for someone going through difficulty, after my example of someone having something of experiential substance to add to such discussions. And maybe you don't, but that has been brought up as being experienced by more than one person. (And not for the first time in this thread)
  21. I was. And suggesting (apparently rather obtusely) that the same people who sit on their asses judging who is a "real" Christian while doing exactly nothing to benefit other humans, and reject genuine gestures of sympathy from those they judge unworthy to extend them, would also judge her to be the "wrong kind". Thanks for clarifying for me. :)
  22. "Dance moms: Help me reconcile <objectionable feature>. I/my child really wants to dance but this <objectionable feature> is now causing me/her/him to dread/have anxiety about going to dance. " "We found <objectionable feature> to be the norm. I/my child danced at X number of studios in multiple states. It seems to just go with the territory. I/my child finally realized I/he/she not getting enough satisfaction/enjoyment/whatever from dance to offset the horrible <objectionable feature> experience, so we walked away. We've never regretted it." _____ CC, as Audrey has already explained, means "Christian content". It does not mean specific-regional-variation-of-one-denomination only may enter, just that the topic is or is being addressed from a Christian perspective, which we all know is a pretty damn broad (or narrow, depending on who you are) spectrum. I'm not sure why it's so difficult to fathom that anyone (even a non or former believer) could contribute something to the conversation, even the suggestion that if a point of church doctrine causes that much angst, perhaps the denomination is not a proper fit for one's actual belief system. Not shockingly, those of us who are non-believers have a pretty good idea of the range and details of theology. Probably because we learned it before rejecting it, and also because we live in a society of Very Loud Believers who want the comfort of assuming that everyone embraces the same beliefs. No to mention that at least a couple of people on this thread have been told their hugs are not welcome as a wrong-believer. I would point out that Mother Teresa embraced the lepers, but she really wasn't the "right" kind either. How f-ing sanctimonious.
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