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  1. I love my 12 yo LG front loader & dryer. It not only works incredibly well but they have the ability to stack, which we ended up doing when we converted the laundry/half bath to a full bath. About the worst thing I can say is that, after a decade of using way too much soap (beginning with three kids in cloth diapers for the first 6 years, so constant laundry) the sensor started wigging out from the residue build up, so now I use a tiny amount of detergent (the actual recommended by appliance repair people) and do a sanitize wash with washing machine cleaner about once a month. We also have really soft water, so salts build up on components, too, I'm sure. The washer cleaner and a vinegar rinse help with that, too. OP- for really funky things or things with difficult stains (my husband's white work shirts that he usually does in the firehouse washer), I've found the Tightwad Gazette stain soak really works well. Cascade powder, Clorox 2, (and I add in some oxy, but it works well without) really hot water, and soak everything overnight in a bucket. It's sick how well it works.
  2. We pretty much always keep the same stuff on hand and my pantry is always stocked with spices, pastes, etc. When I'm on my game (which I'm not right now), we have a theme for every night of the week: Monday - Throwback (stuff we ate as kids in the 60s-70s Tuesday - TexMex Wednesday - Asian Thursday - noodles Friday - pizza Saturday - "free square" Sunday - slow cook So I have some framework for each night, but it's variable. Monday might be meatloaf or chicken pot pie. Tuesday could be tacos (chicken, beef, steak, fish) or enchiladas. Wednesday may be stir fry, curry, or tandoori chicken. And so forth. It's easier for me to think in that framework when I'm shopping or pulling stuff out of the freezer.
  3. Oh my goodness! Thanks, Cat. How odd to be looking for scandal updates and see my name! :D
  4. I wear skirts and dresses in the summer, too, and have the same weird mental struggle. They're just airy-er than shorts.
  5. That. They are in the same category for me as the caftan. People who pull them off are statuesque and supremely elegant. The rest of us just look dumpy.
  6. Maybe we should all try this exercise: Reach down and take hold of whatever you have on your feet (proverbial boots, with straps). Pull. See how far upward you move. I'll wait right here.
  7. Right? So, steal an item, wait for another guest to check out so you can turn it in under their room number, wait six months and it's yours? Great policy.
  8. That is generally offered as a courtesy for people traveling. In our Y, the threshold was living outside a 50 mile radius. I worked for our Y for years and my experience was exactly as Kerileanne described. Our FA person always talks to people before finalizing pricing, though, because she knows that what's on the paperwork is rarely a whole depiction of finances/challenges. Do set up a meeting, either by phone or in person, to discuss whether they can do better.
  9. I can't wrap my head around the need to find a person and assign blame. "Missiles" (what the insurance companies apparently call airborne objects) happen. They are not in any way the same as driving a vehicle into another object. Irritating, yes, but it wouldn't even occur to me to assign guilt, much less accost someone to assign guilt to them. And I'm not even Canadian or in Alaska.
  10. My FIL drives like that. It's nauseating.
  11. I had the same (not shocking, we're probably in the same age cohort), though I took private drivers ed because in-school was a full semester and I wouldn't be able to do it because of my birthday , which would have made me 15 and 9 months (permit age) in the middle. I recall that it only applied to under 18 prospective drivers, though. (Or, maybe it was only made mandatory by our parents who would be footing the horrific insurance bill) When my eldest daughter learned to drive, the mandatory out of school drivers ed, recorded hours of supervised driving (by the instructor, then by us), etc. was in place. She's now 26, so it's apparently been a while.
  12. I saw her yesterday. Snort. Doran is so enduring. (And a lovely, lovely human.)
  13. We're within an hour (traffic notwithstanding) of several state, public, and private universities/colleges, many of which I passed on my daily commute when I was working full time. I would commute to grad school in DC if my kids were older/in school. I will drive/metro in for seminars and panel discussions as interest dictates, and internship/volunteer opportunities. 15 miles from our house gets you almost to the local community college, but there are a lot of people who live here and commute to PHI/BAL/DC/NoVA for work and school.
  14. Neil DeGrasse Tyson was the speaker at my commencement two weeks ago. His speech began with "After tomorrow, your grades do not matter." And I laughed because I am positively neurotic about grades, but it is so true. He also talked about your SAT scores not mattering anymore and about how he had recently gotten something from ETS in the mail and - having earned multiple advanced degrees, authored multiple books, etc - FREAKED OUT. Turned out they just wanted to use a passage from one of his books for a section of the test. Lol. I feel her pain, but he's right. It won't matter after the now.
  15. My youngest are 10. I went back to school two years ago to finish my undergrad. I graduated Friday, summa cum laude... Only took 26 years. I start grad school next month and will ponder a PhD for the next two years (because the boys will only be 12 when I graduate again). Regardless, I'll be poised for my second career when they're indepenent enough for me to jump in.
  16. Withdraw. She has effectively made any discussion of racial/ethnic experience competitive rather than an exercise in mutual understanding, which renders her classes moot. Despite her lack of (general) institutional and structural power (which I agree with) she has positional power over her students. Is she right? Probably in some observations, possibly in others. But she has a responsibility that comes with her position to express herself in constructive ways. I truly hope that the tweets (which are a tragically limited and limiting medium for comments on very complex ideas) were made in response to specific ideas/claims/whatever. Otherwise, she is in the wrong business.
  17. This, exactly. And ten years later... Still going.
  18. East coaster (ME/MD) here. It's half and half (or table cream) or black. Never milk, and never, ever creamer. Gag. I accidentally bough fat free "half and half" (it can't really be half cream and fat free at the same time) last year. My coffee tasted weird and then I found white sludge in the bottom of the cup. And then I dumped the rest of the half gallon down the drain. Because yuck,
  19. East coaster (ME/MD) here. It's half and half (or table cream) or black. Never milk, and never, ever creamer. Gag. I accidentally bough fat free "half and half" (it can't really be half cream and fat free at the same time) last year. My coffee tasted weird and then I found white sludge in the bottom of the cup. And then I dumped the rest of the half gallon down the drain. Because yuck,
  20. This is for you. I am utterly disappointed that this has not come up in the thread yet. Utterly. Disappointed. In every one of you.
  21. That wouldn't bother me in context. When I worked with all 20-somethings, that was the best general identifier. But I don't want it to be general identifier. That would be demoralizing in my 40s.
  22. Yep. They where shoes more often than I do. I only wear them when I'm legally required to or there's snow. 44 years, no worms.
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