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  1. Thanks for posting this link. We need some rock collection boxes, but also some chemistry supplies which my daughter has been begging for... "and NOT a BABY set, moooooommmm!"
  2. I have seen several mentions of not needing the student book(s) for MCT. Am I correct in deciphering that the teacher edition includes the student pages? Does this make the books less lovely in any way? They look rather enchanting - will my 7 yr old daughter be less engaged because she is sharing a teacher manual with me? I wouldn't mind saving a few dollars... but I want her to love it!
  3. I have just been thinking this through for our daughter and I am asking myself, to whom does it matter? Where does declaring a grade make a difference? The state doesn't care what I put, but I suppose it's possible my letter of intent would get undue attention if the age and stated grade level didn't match up. I don't want to tell my child she's "skipping," that would get straight back to others who would give me a hard time about it. I don't have to provide a grade level to purchase the curriculum I want. I would like to enroll her at the proper age level in scouts, Sunday school class, that kind of thing. Seems like it will be so much easier to give an age-appropriate grade than to give a higher grade then explain it away without sounding overly pretentious. We plan to home school a few years, let her go at her own pace, and reevaluate. If she goes back to a traditional school later, we will choose one that will place her by ability, not merely by age. We already know of a couple of options for this in our area.
  4. I was going to suggest exercise, but this list is MUCH better!
  5. Wow, I have been looking at reviews for MCTLA and I think it will be a perfect fit for my little student! Thanks for the recommendation, Spycar/ Bill. My daughter finished K & 1st at a small traditional school, but her teacher and the resource teacher finally told me she was tough to keep challenged. I had her take the Stanford test for 2nd graders and she still topped out all the Language Arts areas. She loves poetry, but she is totally hooked on Jack Prelutsky :lol:. I'd love the opportunity to get some more artistic poetry on her radar. Since she will be the only child in our home school, I think we will both enjoy the "do it together" aspect of MCT. I had been looking at Rod & Staff, but I think this (MCT) will be a much better fit and a lot more fun. Thanks again for the recommendation!
  6. Okay, more to check out, thanks! I wish I had not missed the local home school convention this spring, I would have enjoyed browsing the vendor areas and actually putting my hands on some of these materials. But mostof the web sites I've seen so far have pretty good descriptions and samples, that makes it easier. She has requested Greek instead of Latin and a Latin-tutoring friend has said she will be fine waiting until next year to start, and I've been given some Hey, Andrew!, that's where we will begin our classical language studies.
  7. This fall I will be home schooling my daughter. She has attended traditional school for K & 1st. In March I had her take the Stanford test for 2nd grade to get a better idea of her abilities. She topped out all the reading & grammar portions of the test, even though it was a year ahead of her level of instruction. I am comfortable in choices for all the other parts of language arts (reading, spelling, writing, etc). I would love some ideas/shared experience on grammar. I like Rod & Staff, and hope to use it, if not now then next year. What level could she start with? Is there a big difference between levels 2 & 3?
  8. I have a copy of the 2nd edition, have looked through the 3rd ed at the library and now have it on order to take another look at the later curriculum recommendations. I have seen lots of different elementary curriculum titles and am trying to discern between what's truly new (and worth examining) and what's just a choice not listed in the WTM book. There's so much curriculum on the market! I appreciate your endorsementof what's listed in the book! I will also check out Math Mammoth. Thanks!
  9. Katrina by fire. Lord, have mercy. Agreeing that the national news isn't covering it enough. This forum is the best source I have found.
  10. Thank you, Lynnita, I will do a forum search for more about the ones you listed.
  11. I will soon begin home schooling my young daughter, and have read The Well Trained Mind. However, several years have passed since its publication, and I am wondering if the same curriculum recommendations are the favorites. What are some new things I might want to look at that have been created since then? This forum is a great resource, thank you!
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