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  1. What a great turnaround! I am so sorry she had such a rough day yesterday. It is very hard to see our children in pain, and it does sound like hers was excruciating. But overall, the news is good - successful removal of a complex non-cancerous tumor. Good, good, good. I strongly agree that hospitalized patients need advocates. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: to you, Kids. Hope you get rested up, too.
  2. :iagree: It just keeps the situation above reproach. I have always excused myself when asked to referee an event in which a child of mine is a contender.
  3. I have always thought of "those places" as a case of hepatitis waiting to happen. I have yet to visit one. I had my suspicions somewhat validated about a year ago. A friend injured her leg and had to deal with infection for a while afterwards. Advice from her doctor: only get pedicures from professionals who have experience with foot care for diabetics. Apparently they follow sterile procedures (implying that the other places - think strip mall manicure shops - may not). I would never suggest you forgo a monthly treat. I would love to have someone work magic on my feet! But I will be that pesky client that asks a million questions before unlacing my shoes.
  4. I asked this in another recent thread and was told that pressure cookers and pressure canners are two separate animals.:confused:
  5. How did you like it? How did the kids like it? What sort of equipment did you use (ie, could we set up a "lab" or was it more kitchen science-y)? Did you use any other supplemental materials? I am getting boggled by the options - just have to decide soon!
  6. :iagree::iagree::iagree: I can definitely tell when I am at my max for stress absorption. Handfuls.Scary. Getting a trim helps, even if it's just half an inch or so. Also try switching shampoos. Pantene is a real culprit. Not sure which ingredient causes the fallout, but it always starts happening about a third of the way into a bottle. Do you have any other symptoms of low iron? Crunching/craving ice? Fatigue? Usually by the time my hair starts falling due to low iron, I'm already having other symptoms.
  7. :smilielol5::smilielol5::smilielol5: Good thing I just put down my glass. Hate to spew on a clean screen.:D
  8. Gently...doesn't really sound as if your brother has "overcome" it. I would limit contact. As a child who was "cried wolf" against many times by a near-age female cousin, I can say it would have been better to have spent less time with that child than to end up feeling great ill will towards her in adolescence and have a broken relationship as adults. Stand your watch, mama, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Sounds like there's a Golden Child and it's not your dd (for which you should be grateful, actually). If you know where the Cabbage is planted, let your sweet Birdie fly elsewhere.
  9. I have been shopping science all afternoon! DD wants experiment intensive chemistry, using real lab equipment. Two of the choices are... RS4K pre-level 1; that would not take the whole year. We could use an additional lab manual and just continue to do experiments out of the manual and read living books/scientist biographies for the balance of the year, or we could feed in additional experiments as they further demonstrate a certain topic. If we do this, what additional science experiment book would you recommend (looking for a specific title here for additional experiments a tad beyond normal kitchen chemistry, I have already been browsing all over the place). Elemental Science, which incorporates the WTM recommendation of Adventures in Atoms and Molecules. I am guessing this would take the entire year. But I want to know, honestly - is it boring? Looks somewhat less "lively" than RS4K. I am also looking at RSO, but that's another thread! Just trying to compare these two options against each other. Thanks for your patience with my angsty science curriculum quest. This is the most important subject in dd's eyes and I want to get it right!
  10. Okay, thanks for all the replies, I am off to shop! Hope I can find some online sample pages, kicking myself for the umpteenth time for missing the local curriculum fair in the spring!
  11. If you plan to continue to participate under this youth pastor's leadership, I don't think you can afford to just pass the bean dip. Especially considering the math, that home schoolers will form a large percentage of the group in the future. You will need to share your thoughts, reasoning and concerns with him. As I read more of this thread, it occurred to me that he really and truly may just be operating sort of blindly with regard to home schooled kids. His response - whatever form it takes - to your kindly extended hand should help guide your future church choices.
  12. :iagree: Most missionaries these days don't go out into a foreign field without first receiving tons of training and support. Think about folks with a organizations like Wycliffe Bible Translators or Mission Aviation Fellowship. Those people don't go out without years of specialized training! Several organizations have field camps in remote areas of the US where families learn to live in primitive conditions with a safety net before going to the actual outreach location. I realize I've stretched the analogy, but I think it applies all the same. It's good practice to prepare before engaging. Your home and parent directed activities are your training field, and that applies to all matters of life and faith, not just evangelism. Of course you want to raise kids who stand firm in their beliefs. But it's not up to some church administration to determine how and when. That's your job.
  13. Breakfast? Looks yummy and filling enough for DINNER! I will definitely add this to my to-try list, thanks!
  14. Looking for "real" chemistry curriculum for an eager elementary scientist. Think actual lab equipment and experiments, perhaps a step beyond "household" chemistry, iykwim. DD wants test tubes, beakers, etc. Can you share your thoughts on this curriculum, or suggest something that has come along since the last edition of WTM was published in 2004? If you have used Adventures with Atoms & Molecules, would you please share a bit about how you used it and anything you did that helped make it successful? Thanks!
  15. Can we revisit this thread? I also have a young one looking for "real" chemistry, she's already carved out her lab space and is just looking to me to get it stocked. But I need a plan first! I am particularly interested in the answer to this question: Anyone?
  16. These are terrific suggestions. With regard to the medical bills, reducing the monthly payment will help the monthly cash flow, but the debt will still be there. Do not be afraid to boldly ask them to forgive a portion of the balance due; all they can do is say no. Oh my, yes, prices have escalated! I think my same grocery dollar now only buys about 2/3 of what it got me 18 months ago! Maybe some box fans, strategically placed?
  17. Strawberry Shortcake!!! :lol::lol::lol: Did she like it? I am trying to imagine what dd would look like with whole-head color! I remember Prell. :D I have some VO5, if it doesn't take the color out, it certainly will help the condition of her hair if we have to resort to serious measures. Thanks! We have reviewed all your great suggestions and after talking about it, dd has said she would like to do nothing until after the first few days of school. She's not a "rebel" type, but she is curious to see how strictly the new code will be enforced. Personally, I really think she might be sizing up her new teachers, kwim, seeing which one might be first to throw down the demerit gauntlet. That makes me grin, teachers do tend to like her so it'll be an interesting experiment. Very helpful info! The green Dawn will be our first try if she is compelled to do something about it. She also might try to do the braid and hide trick, she said she thinks that might work. Thanks to ALL of you for the very helpful replies. You are truly better than Google!
  18. No bleach, she is a natural light blond. It's on the underside, so I probably could use a color stripper. I'll take a look at that Manic Panic - funny name!
  19. From what I've gleaned from my web searches, she had a perfect storm of circumstances - fresh-washed hair, light hair color to start, a warm thick paste of color wrapped in foil and left on a loooong time - it looks great but, wow, it has lasted and lasted! redsquirrel, we will try that straight peroxide and see if we get any results. If not, I may be looking for Miss Clairol! I have a terrific hair girl, but it's my turn to see her and my budget won't handle two color jobs in the same month!
  20. My teen dd has an adorably cute red streak in her platinum blond hair, which she did earlier this summer with koolaid. I think it's very cute and she loves it. However.... a new dress code came out over the summer for her private school. No "unnatural" hair colors. We respect the dress code, don't intend to fight it, but that red streak - she did it right, I have to say, that sucker is not fading like past fun color streaks. Any of you have tried-and-true methods for getting this out? I googled and found a toothpaste method, but also found lots of "that didn't work!" posts, too. :bigear: We do not want a haircut!!!
  21. I think you are paying a VERY reasonable rate for unlimited karate lessons! And perhaps 6 months from now your dd will be able to work as an assistant teacher and earn her own tuition. :grouphug: I think you are doing very well with what you make.
  22. I would also like to know. Long tops with a bohemian feminine flair, that's what I like. :lurk5::bigear:
  23. You definitely need him tested for food allergies. The colored dyes cause irrational behavior and other things, I'm thinking dairy, can cause the incontinence. Have to say, with the attitude of your pediatrician, I might have to look for a new one. A doc that neglects a mother's intuition is not as thorough a practitioner as I like to employ. You need someone who is willing to at least consider that something physical might be at issue here. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: I understand how completely exhausted you must be. One challenging child has a big impact on family dynamics.
  24. Okay, now I am really thinking about this.... We have a drop ceiling in the basement and those old tiles need to be changed out. We were thinking of getting some with an interesting texture, but they are pricey. I wonder if I could just rehab the old ones with a paper treatment? I could just do them one at a time, kwim, so it wouldn't even be an overwhelming project. This thread is giving me quite a list of possibilities!
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