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  1. Honestly, I don't think quite that way, but I do find myself thinking that it's a bit ironic.... We fight for the freedom to be treated like adults by our parents. But often times when parents do the kind of things we once anticipated (or occasionally still fantasize about!) the freedom of doing - like taking off on a spontaneous road trip with a BFF - we get all flustered that they aren't acting like our parents! Imp, I understand there are many complex layers which make your situation with your MIL a bit different. I am mostly thinking about my own folks, who I often cannot reach for days at a time. They usually return my call when they get back, "Oh, we just took a little trip to see such-n-such..." They live cross country, so they don't advise all their friends and family of their plans. That's perfectly reasonable for an unfettered set of grown-ups. But I confess, when I ring a couple of days in a row with no answer, I get that squicky feeling, kwim? Anyway, I do hope she is found safe. But she is an adult, so hopefully she is off at a casino or somewhere with a friend and just didn't want to tell anyone she was going to feed a slot machine and overindulge at the buffet. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: You've done all you can, all that could be reasonably expected of you. Try to keep yourself busy with your beautiful kids while you wait for further news. Hope you get some soon.
  2. I would ask dh to be sure he shares with his Mommy Dearest that there is no possibility of inheritance or financial gain. She may just vanish herself upon hearing that news. As for your kids, they will learn much by your graceful example, but to ask them to sacrifice *everything* is a sure ticket to resentment. Perhaps you can make arrangements for them to participate in a limited fashion. Yes, confiscate it and let her think she misplaced it (unless she truly needs it for pain management, I am not advocating withholding needed meds, just trying to eliminate that loaded gun she's holding). I would absolutely play the valium card with her doctor. As her caregiver, you can make an appointment with her doctor to share your concerns. He is bound by privacy to not share her medical information with you, but he doesn't have to close his ears, either. An appointment with him may be helpful, even vital, in proceeding according to this next bit of great advice... You do need to groom an assistant (not meaning one of your children). You have to be able to leave the house, especially in the event of an emergency. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: It is so very kind of you to accept the challenge of their care, but it cannot come at the cost of your immediate family. Your husband and children need you! And as for your church, JMO but if that's the way they feel about you, it's time to shake that dust off your feet, too.
  3. This worked! I could not for the life of me figure out what I had done to shrink things, but the mouse pad on my laptop is very sensitive, that's surely what happened. Thank you - my tired eyes thank you!
  4. Can't figure out how to undo it, because I don't know what stray keystroke caused it - can anyone help? My eyes are too old for this tiny business!
  5. Yippee! Thanks so much! I just saved almost $15! So excited for the box of lab stuff to arrive! And, just for the heck of it, a few more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Absolutely! Mostly because the movie may not be appropriate for all the kids. Sometimes, because a certain child and I might need some one-on-one time. Sometimes there's not an all-around interest.
  7. I need some AM Revolution resources! But I'm not talking about history... I misread the title of your thread - at first glance I thought you meant help for getting a better start in the morning.:lol::lol::lol: We have taken to sleeping in this summer and our wake-up routine needs a revolution!
  8. No, not funny. Ironic, maybe. I think there's a lot of controversy because people are passionate about different aspects of the exercise of their faith, and because many have felt the effect of the institutional implementation of Rick Warren's teachings. It goes beyond The Purpose Driven Life (which, as others have said, is not a problem as an individual read).
  9. Well, that's your opinion. I'd appreciate your respect of mine. My family bears deep scars from this "minute difference."
  10. Well said, Tibbie! And I have to wonder.... just how offensive is this sort of message to those who have experienced radical disfigurement by accident or disease, to the point that they are not capable of engaging in int3rcourse? To women whose husbands suffer from the effects of such things as radical surgery for prostate cancer? Or those whose military spouses are deployed for extended periods of time - are they unloved because they are absent from the marriage bed? Very narrow-minded, I think.
  11. Actually, I noted the difference between seeker-SENSITIVE (aka "seeker FRIENDLY) and seeker-CENTERED. Some churches actually create a fair balance; it takes careful, prayerful administration. I would classify that as seeker-sensitive. The ones that are failing are seeker-CENTERED. They tend to water down the doctrine in every avenue of ministry, overwork the established membership with lots of fluffy programs and outreach, and cease to meet the need for deep doctrinal study because there's only so much manpower to go around and by undertaking CGM practices, they choose to sacrifice that type of thing (in the name of evangelism, mind you). I do agree with you that the result is a general membership that is weakly rooted, a mile wide and an inch deep. In my personal experience, the biggest failures (church ruptures) occur when this new methodology is applied to a long-existing institution. As far as the term "church growth movement," anyone interested can enter that into a search engine if they would care for an extended definition of what I mean when I use it in my posts.
  12. Sigh, kinda like well-meaning grandparents, TPTB are trying so hard to be fair that it's....not fair!
  13. He is seen as a key figure in the church growth movement. Many believe that this approach to church growth (via business-like marketing strategies) is contrary to the Spirit's role of drawing new believers. One element of the CGM seems to shift the major role of a church from a focus on discipling current members of the flock to making it appealing to seekers by lightening up the theology in the teaching. IME, the problem is not that churches initiating this strategy become more seeker-sensitive. IME, they fail by becoming so seeker-centered that they cease to meet the needs of the existing membership. I have seen 3 churches split over CGM related practices. It is sad, but I can understand why people have strong feelings about Rick Warren (on either side of the issue). ETA From what I've seen, those who are passionate about evangelism tend to fall on one side of the fence, those who are passionate about deep, sound doctrine fall on the other side. That leaves a lot of folks feeling caught in the middle.
  14. Thanks, Kristina! That's exactly what I was talking about! No wonder I couldn't find it at CBD, it's from RR! Bookmarking that page... Thanks for your recommendation also, nancy. I have seen those maps at COSTCO and they are really nice. I was about to get them, then saw the other one on a thread and realized I actually have a wall that can take such a large map.
  15. Now that I am ready to order it, I can't find the original thread! It was a big one, something like 4x6'. I looked on CBD's site but when I entered "map" in the search box, a gazillion maps popped up. Hoping the person who originally posted such a great find will come back and save me from scrolling through them all!
  16. :iagree: In the grand scheme of things, 7 weeks is a very short amount of time. It is an incredibly short period of time in which to gain a marketable set of skills. It is a wonderful investment of your time to gain training that will allow you to provide well for your children's needs for much longer than 7 weeks in the future. Think about it - how fast have the last 7 weeks of your life gone by? If it's like many of us, it was May, you blinked, now it's August. It will be hard in the midst of it, but don't give up. If your dh isn't working, he can handle more at home. Even if he doesn't really want to.
  17. Is it just my imagination, or does that look like a big bottle of gin in front of your checkout lady? :lol::lol::lol: Honestly, I hate cold weather, I usually like it hot, but this summer has me looking forward to snow.
  18. but the items on the checkout conveyor at Wally World today had me pegged. I use the envelope budgeting system, so I group my purchases by expense category so it will be easy to pay with cash and have separate receipts for different envelopes. So on the belt was: Group 1 - "School supplies" - a big stack of school supplies Group 2 - "Food" - chocolate cookies and a bottle of wine :lol: The cashier said she was ready for her kids to go back to school, too.:lol: I didn't think it was the proper time to share about home schooling - not with the credentials I had set before her!
  19. Haha! I want him to watch the Odyssey so he will understand why I find O Brother so much more side-splitting than he does. He laughs, but he doesn't get all of it, kwim? It's time to watch it again, with an enhanced perspective!
  20. This is for dh, so it doesn't have to be a kid version. (However, I would prefer it not be a hyper-s3xu@lized one, either!) O Brother, Where Art Thou? doesn't count. That will be the next thing in dh's movie queue.:D
  21. Wow. Three years? That's like premeditated murder. Totally despicable. Prayers all around.
  22. Can you tell us more about this book (these books - looks like a series)? It appears to published by Westminster, so I assume the series progresses through the Protestant Reformation and has a Presbyterian point of view? Please correct my assumptions if I am wrong. They look great, I just want to know what to expect.
  23. It helps (:confused:) to have been on the other side of the coin as a nondriver. I was left at dance class a few times, and dh was stranded at elementary school many an afternoon by his forgetful mom. That helps me remember (especially since it is *very* important to dh). However, I am bad at correctly estimating the amount of time it takes me to get somewhere since we've moved to a bigger community. So, though I haven't totally forgotten a kid (yet!), I am at times on the tail end of the pick-up schedule.
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