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  1. Oh, no! This reminds me of my uncle , whose MIL wanted to be called DearMom. So he called her MooseMom. Don't do Grandear unless you come from a special family that would never think of doing that!

    Yes, sorry to say, I automatically pictured a granny with antlers.

  2. Let’s not forget to help out our beloved trolls during the blackout:


    Dear Trolls,


    No, you should not make her wear the jacket.

    Yes, you should trade your station wagon in for a golf cart.

    Yes, you should buy the French Maid outfit to clean your neighbors house.

    And yes, you should absolutely run everything by your pastor before doing any of the above.

    And nobody really needs a 10,000 sq ft house.



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  3. Thanks for the replies so far. I actually do have rosacea, which is very well managed but I have the broken capillaries. I have found going gf/low dairy to make a difference (and am actually pursuing the possibility that my skin & eye issues are extraintestinal celiac symptoms).


    This summer I will probably be doing photo rejuvenation therapy to remediate some of the redness and capillaries. I've been on a skin care regimen that has been gentle and effective, but I do have the occasional need to exfoliate. The aesthetian told me that I should never use a scrub to exfoliate, then recommended the clarisonic with the sensitive head for occasional use.


    I commented that it might be a good gift for my daughters, and she said yes, that it was just important to use the changeable brushes as recommended.


    I guess because of the price, I really wanted to survey your experiences before buying. Thanks for all so far - I will take input til the board goes to sleep. 😄😴

  4. I guess this is a spinoff of a couple different threads!


    One of the things worth splurging on as I age is better skin care. I'm sort of past the years of paying for braces, dermatologist for my children, etc, plus my skin has issues of its own that need attention yet I've linked along doing the bare minimum.


    Now I am seeing a dermatologist and her aesthetician recommended a clarisonic device for gentle exfoliation. She said be sure and get that brand since it has a motion that is patented and different (more gentle) that other copycat brands.


    So - seeking advice before the great shutdown! - do you have one? Tell me all about it. Especially if you have sensitive skin. And since I'm always bargain hunting, if you have a source that would be helpful.


    Thanks! Counting down....

  5. I want people to appreciate that it was unfair to publicly denigrate the man’s motives/character based on nothing, wrong to reassure the public based on nothing, and that we are not generally devoting the resources we should to domestic threats (I think that’s because it doesn’t suit the preferred narrative WRT terroristic behavior YMMV).

    Thank you for this clear statement. It helps me to better understand your pov.

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  6. In the absence of other evidence, LEOs were unable to wrap their heads around the idea that a black man could be subject to a random act of violence so they pursued every other cork brained idea they could think of.

    I really don't understand what other action you would have expected of them. Scratching their heads and muttering, "Well, that was random!" would not have been productive.


    What specific action did they fail to take? As others have said, it wasn't a serial bomber situation until there was a series of bombs.


    Sincerely, I am not trying to be argumentative but I am having a tough time trying to discern your clear point and suggestion for change. What action are you seeking beyond acknowledgement of white privilege? Because I do feel you saying that.

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  7. i don’t think they are mutually exclusive, in theory. I would like to have both in healthy measure. But, I have seen a winnowing of IRL connection as we get busier and substitute virtual connection because of ease, perceived time saving. My friends call less, come over less, meet for lunch less, know less about my personal struggles. And I them. There’s something about seeing someone, their face, the way they walk, the tone in their voice, that communicates so much more about their disposition than they would ever write to the WWW. And the power in a smile is far stronger than an emoji. The sense of connection from arms around you is of greater comfort than parathesies. I can tell a friend is having a rough time by how much laundry and dishes are piled around the house, and I can step in and help without ever exchanging a word. How can we fully show compassion and preemptive action to help others in life if we aren’t entirely aware of what they are experiencing or there to act?


    And I see very unhealthy virtual connection in many people, especially kids in the 15-25 bracket. But even my peers in the 40+ bracket seem to lean more and more to the virtual.


    I suppose what I’m saying is I need to be a force for IRL connection because there’s obviously sufficient virtual connection.

    I have been reading a lot lately about teen text addiction. One thing that stood out to me is that, especially for teens, understanding & developing empathy requires taking in another's tone of voice, facial expression and body language in addition to their words. When our communications are narrowed down to read-only, we actually have less empathy for those we're communicating with. For teens, they development of empathetic communication is stunted. Scary reading. But yes, we really do suffer if we don't maintain IRL relationships with face to face communication. We're often letting easy take the place of good.

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  8. Yes! I still have my ovaries and based on other symptoms, they are still functioning. But I no longer have to stay at home one to two weeks a month, because the flow is too heavy to go out, wondering if this would be the day I met the limit set by my doctor and would have to head in to the ER for the excessive bleeding.


    No more missing work.

    No more missing kid activities.

    No more anemia.


    I had an ablation that was successful for a little over 4 years. That was a nice stop gap measure. But I began having other symptoms and turned out like you, having a cluster of large fibroids that were both contributing to excessive bleeding and reducing bladder capacity. I was not incontinent, but had the urge to go all the time.


    I am very glad I had it done. I do think it's all about the timing - it's a permanent change that you don't want to do prematurely- but after years of heroic performance, there definitely came a time in my life to bid that uterus adieu. FWIW, my ovaries looked good via ultrasound, but I did go into the planned vaginal laparoscopic ovary sparing procedure fully aware that if my ovaries looked decrepit on visual inspection, they would be taken, and that if old scar adhesions posed problems, the procedure could revert to an old fashioned abdominal incision in the OR. I would only know what actually happened upon waking in recovery. So, I cleared my calendar for a full 8 week recovery just in case.


    All went well and I feel better than I have in years! My doc told me after looking at my uterus that it was definitely a good decision to retire it. Also, she said that since they're learning that a majority of female reproductive cancers actually start in the Fallopian tubes, she'd take those too, and I was fine with that. Don't miss em!

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  9. Best thing I did with my girls was to have a talk about hormones and emotions and how to recognize when we are overreacting. How to identify and name emotions.


    I will say, though, it was very tempting to just have my own day(s) of modeling their level of drama, so they could get a clue about what it looks like to live with.


    Hugs, patience, personal stories, chocolate, time. All help.

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  10. According to what I have read, the victims included 2 "black men," 2 "white women," and 1 "Hispanic man." (Quotes because Hispanic is not a race and so the labels are not exactly comparable). I don't think we know that he targeted the black community. True, the two who died were black, but I don't know how the bomber could have predicted that his non-black victims would survive.



    Yes, I thought the victims were diverse.

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  11. One article I read stated he’d been on the police’s radar for 3 weeks. If so, it’s very unfortunate he was able to keep terrorizing people.

    Three weeks? I thought the headline I read said it took 19 days to solve the case. Were they onto him before the first bombing?

  12. I’m not feeling anymore sympathy for this perpetrator or his family than I would for any other self-radicalized terrorist. Good riddance.

    I feel sadness for all of them, in the vein of how tragic it is when any human inclines himself (or herself) towards evil in such a way as to deliberately inflict pain and suffering upon others. I'm sad about that person's "could have been."


    But I do not feel sympathy to the extent of not serving justice.

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