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  1. So do your cats( on wet food) only eat once a day? I have 4 cats, 3 of whom are 4 month old kittens. How many cans would that be for them all? I currently have them on a grain free dry food from Costco. I am not opposed to wet food but since they are eating the dry I just have not bothered.



  2. I have been a Troop Coordinator and run a few AHG Camps. I would encourage you to let AHG National know about your experience. There are policies in place for regional summer camps and this issue needs to be addressed.


    For our camps we would have two lights out times one for the younger girls and one for the olders. 11pm lights out for that age group not make sense.

    There are ways to make sure people are hydrated without pushing that much water.


    Again I urge you to let National know. Or this silliness will continue. I love that BSA has such detailed planning helps for camp outs and activities and AHG is working on having procedures like that too. 

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  3. 5 bedrooms

    3.5 baths

    3000 square feet

    On at least 1 acre or land (1-5)


    Nice inside, either new or updated.  No gutting involved. 

     2-2.5 Million.  I live on 1 acre, 2.5 baths, 3 beds 2100 square feet and it is worth (for estate purposes) 728,00 due to some diy projects that need attention.

  4. I think I have my PayPal acct set up to sell my curriculum.  I have linked a credit card and a bank account.  I have listed items I want to sell.  I just have some questions that I can't find answers to on PayPal.


    1. When I create an invoice, does that go to the buyer's e-mail address? Yes, what ever email they have given you.

    2. Does the invoice that the buyer receives have a link to pay using PayPal? Yes, they get an email notification that has a link to got to paypal and pay.

    3. What are the fees, if any, for using PayPal?  Here is the link to the fees.




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  5. What an idiot.


    Although Kaiser was good for our family overall, it tends to suck when it comes to any thyroid issues. I was undermedicated for 20 years because of Kaiser. :cursing:


    There are several Hashimoto's FB pages, if you do FB. It would be good for you to join a couple of them. Also, Stop the Thyroid Madness has links for places to do your own labs; you'll still need a doctor (of some kind) to write scripts for you if you need them, but at least you can get a full panel  of tests.


    I agree. Overall, I like Kaiser. They are very responsive to the children.


    Oh and I figured out that TPO test result was from last September. I emailed him when I was calm and asked for a updated round of tests and listed out ALL the other symptom I have and asked that we start treatment and if it does not work then we move on but I can't just sit and do nothing.


    I have been reading and it seems that it is darn near impossible to get Thyroid issues diagnosed when in the early less damaging stages. It IS madness. :(

  6. So it went poorly. My thyroid is not enlarged but has a unusual texture and an unusual shape. One lobe is long. He mentioned granular hashimotos but did not diagnose that. He said I am as risk to thyroid disfunction and we should watch it. My TPO was at 20 which was when he started casually mentioned the hashimotos.


    I am disappointed and I have Kaiser which mean finding another Dr. difficult.



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  7. Thank you so much. I will look all this over and write out what to ask for! I will to better with a list. :D



    Your TSH is too high, and your FT4 is, gosh, rock bottom. Your doctor shouldn't be treating thyroid issues because she does not know what she's doing. Sorry.


    These are the labs you want:



    Your thyroid levels need to be OPTIMAL: Upper fourth for Free T3, upper half for Free T4, lower fourth for TSH. DO NOT let anyone tell you that your levels are "in range" or "normal." That's poppycock. They must give you a hard copy of your results, and they must test FT3, FT4, Reverse T3, and TSH every.single.time.


    You should test your adrenals. The most effective is a 24-hr. saliva test, and you'll probably have to order it yourself.


    If your endo (and be forewarned: among long-time thryoid-sufferers, endos have a really bad rep) wants to start you on meds, implore him to prescribe NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) such as Armour, NatureThroid, or WP Thyroid. If he refuses, thank him, leave the office, and never go back. Find an endo who will. Don't waste your time trying to work with him. It's your health.


    And finally, don't underestimate how much your diet affects how you feel. You might consider the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), which is initially an elimination diet. So many people report feeling better when they followed AIP (many lose weight, not all do; it isn't a weight-loss program).


  8. I have many many symptoms of thyroid issues and have been trying for many years to get it addressed. Well, now my thyroid is enlarged and can be felt in a physical exam. 


    My Dr. tested my TSH (2.05) and free T4 (1) and since they were within normal range she had me take additional heartburn med to see if my newest symptoms (neck pressure, hoarseness, and cough) were silent reflux. I did it because I was tired of arguing and after 2 weeks no change. 


    SO now I have been referred to a Endo and I am very apprehensive that I will be told there is nothing wrong. Can any of you that have BTDT help me with what to ask and how to handle this appointment?


    I am afraid to be hopeful about it. I am overweight and have been dismissed before with the "lose weight and it will get better" crap.


    Also, my Dad was a medical professional in the military my whole childhood so the 'Don't question" attitude is something I also deal with. 




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  9. I took 2 of mine (1 is still only 2) in for a consult at 7. They were checked every 6 months after that baseline was established. Both end up needing braces for a short time to make room for the adult teeth coming in. Then they had retainers until the baby teeth fell out. We then did a second and final round of braces. My 15 year old got her braces off at around 13.5. She is very happy not to have them now. My 8 year old is in the 1st round of making room for the adult teeth coming in. 



  10. You are absolutely doing the right thing by going back and making sure her pre-algebra skills are solid before continuing.  I would only caution that you should take whatever amount of time is needed, rather than feeling like you need to do it quickly. 


    You have lots of choices.  Lial's Basic College Math can be picked up very inexpensively for an older edition and is a very solid program.  You can have your DD test through it and only study the problematic lessons.


    If you think a hands-on, actually see what is going on, master each concept before going on, program would suit your daughter, I'm a big fan of Math U See. It would be quite a bit pricier, however, even picked up used.


    The name escapes me, but there is a set of thin workbooks that are specifically made for going back and doing a quick review of math concepts already studied.  I have no experience with these but perhaps other board members could chime in.


    You could also find lots of online help - Khan Academy, etc.



    The thin workbooks are Key to.....http://www.amazon.com/Key-Algebra-Books-thru-10/dp/155953088X. These are what I was getting ready to post. Really good.


    Thank You so much ladies. I was looking at the Key to...... series and was not sure about it but now I will get it. 

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