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  1. I read somewhere that they would really like a host that is a bit younger, so that the host would potentially stay with the show for many years, like Alex did. The speculation was that LeVar Burton is a bit older than they would like for this role with that goal in mind. I think that Ken Jennings is the best fit with the age parameters in mind and his history with the show, but I certainly wouldn't mind LeVar Burton getting to guest host and seeing if he changes my mind.
  2. DDs and I went to the dentist right before lockdown last March. We haven't been back since then. We do have appointments scheduled for May. We will all be fully vaccinated by then. DH did go to get his teeth cleaned once during this time. He went last summer when our rates were much lower. He went first thing on a Monday morning. Our dentist's office is doing everything that they can to keep everyone safe. The hygenists will wear N95s upon request, so he requested that his do so. Although we didn't get our teeth cleaned during that time, I absolutely would have gone if we ha
  3. DH and I had our second Pfizer shots yesterday afternoon. It has now been 18 hours and all either of us have noticed as far as side effects are sore arms. Other than that we feel normal. DD17 will get her second Pfizer shot next week. DD20 is in Florida and we weren't sure that they would allow her to get a shot there, but she met the parameters and got her first Pfizer on Monday. So happy that my whole family is now in the process of becoming fully vaccinated!
  4. DH and I have our second Pfizer shots this afternoon! We are so excited to get them. We're mentally prepared for side effects if we get them. Even if we feel sick, I think it will help to know that we aren't really sick and that it will pass soon. I am just so darn grateful that we are able to get these shots already! I will report back on how things went.
  5. I personally will be willing to do a few more things once I am fully vaccinated. I get my second shot the first week of April, so I am planning to make a hair appointment for the end of April. I haven't had my hair cut or highlighted since last February, so I am looking forward to that. I will also make some dentist and doctor appointments. DH was vaccinated the at the same time as me and DD17 had her first shot yesterday. Hoping that DD20 (who is out of state right now) will get her first one soon. I will feel better once we are all fully vaccinated. I do plan to loosen up a bit once
  6. Thank you! We are trying to figure out if DD will be eligible to get it in Florida or not. She isn't a legal resident there (she has an OH driver's license), but she is living in Florida right now. Unfortunately her apartment lease is in my husband's name, so I'm not sure if she will qualify or not.
  7. DD17 got her first shot (Pfizer, of course) today. So happy that she is able to get it already! She feels completely normal-- no side effects at all. Now 3 of the 4 of us have started the vaccination process. DD20 is in Florida, so she hasn't gotten it yet. She will be coming home toward the end of April. Not sure if she will be able to get a shot in FL before she comes home or if she will have to wait until then. I want everyone vaccinated as soon as possible!
  8. DH and I got our first shots last week (Pfizer). We both had minor pain in the shot injection site for about 24 hours, but that was it.
  9. DH and I got our vaccines last week in New Lexington. I live in Columbus and we drove an hour and fifteen minutes there, so that we could get it right away. When I was speaking to the pharmacist, he told me that they have had a ton of people from Cleveland, Akron, and Canton coming to get the shot there. It looks like it is about a 3 hour drive there from Cleveland.
  10. I'm in Ohio too. I signed my 17 year old daughter up as soon as I saw this news. She is getting her first vaccination on Friday. 🙂 Yay! I am really concerned about the spread of the variants and wanted her vaccinated ASAP. I would lean toward getting your son vaccinated right away. Maybe get him a Friday appointment?
  11. DH and I got our first shots yesterday (Pfizer). So happy to be starting the process. Other than slightly sore arms, we haven't had any symptoms.
  12. I just got my first dose today! My age group opened up last week, and I secured an appointment immediately. My state (Ohio) just announced that it is opening it up to everyone 16+ on March 29th.
  13. I definitely think that there are some line jumpers who are so morally wrong, while others are a bit of a grey area for me. I think I mentioned this somewhere else on this board, but my BIL is a doctor. So, he legitimately got the vaccine a couple of months ago when they first came out. He then lied about his mother and my mother working in his office, so that they could get the vaccine too. I wasn't really upset about that because they were in an eligible age group. He just made it easier for them by being able to set up the appointments for them rather than them having to find an
  14. Of course I know it. I can't imagine anyone who doesn't. It was even introduced to younger generations in the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.
  15. This is so true. My daughter has been dealing with so much depression and anxiety during this pandemic. Medication and counseling is having minimal impact and some days are so very hard. I am absolutely exhausted trying to do anything that I can to bring a little bit of joy into her life, as well as trying to encourage her to keep an inkling of hope for the future. Basically, all of my attention is focused on that and it seems never-ending. However, I have experienced depression and extreme anxiety myself. So, I can identify with how she's feeling. I try to be that constant source o
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