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  1. I devote an hour to my 4yo ds every morning for "school". We do some crafts, play, read books, etc. I found it helps him a lot during the day to give him that whole hour in the morning. If we wait until the afternoon I was tired and so was he and it never got done.
  2. IMHO, no it's not. We're using Core C this year. I bought Handle on the Arts for a hands-on component but didn't like it either. We're going to use STOW 2 Activity Guide (and Audio) and we like those activities a lot better. For B+C you could use both 1 & 2. Here's the CHOW & STOW Chapters lined up if you decide to use it. :001_smile:
  3. They have a pre-test. My dd6 passed it but she doesn't really like it. My son loves it though! :001_smile:
  4. Notgrass America the Beautiful. You could read-aloud it aloud to your younger kids, questions done orally and the student workbook. You could add some readers that have similar content to the literature package. Your older dc can sit in but do the writing and literature portions as is. There is also Creek Edge Press Task Cards, we're using the Chemistry ones and are enjoying them. It will keep everyone on the same topic but on their level. You add books and encyclopedia reading on the topic and it includes activities.
  5. I bought it, intended to use but it's still sitting on my shelf. :glare: It looks pretty good though. :001_smile:
  6. My almost 12 year old is doing almost everything independently. I give her the assignments, answer questions and we go over her work and discuss it. I'd still read aloud to her but she hates it.. We start transitioning to independent work in about 4th grade, though my ds8 needs more interaction. I think it depends on the kids though my 6yo loves doing independent work.
  7. I think it could work depending on your kids. I have a 6 year old in Core C this year and she is doing fine, actually loves it! From Core D and up you could use the readers as read-alouds for the younger kids if need be. Actually that would probably work your 1yo will be about 5 when doing Core D and that would be a great age for them as read-alouds. :) I really wouldn't worry about it right now, do core A and see how much your kids get out of it and go from there. :001_smile:
  8. I just wanted to say thank you for doing your job! Your making a difference in all those kids lives. :001_smile:
  9. :iagree::D In our house: dd14 is Green, dd11 is pink, ds8 is blue, dd6 is purple, ds4 is orange and dd1 is red. We use it for other things besides school stuff. ;)
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