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  1. I see that you are new here. Welcome! When my dc were in ps, we had a similar set up, bring snacks and drinks for the class on show and tell day. Our show and tell day occurred pretty infrequently, like a couple of times a semester. Unless it is a true food allergy, I would let it go. When we provided snacks the teacher might split a standard sized goldfish bag between 20 kids. A tiny handful of goldfish several times a week won't derail an otherwise uber healthy diet. If you *really* don't want your child to partake, then ask the teacher if you can leave snacks for your child, then just restock as needed. When its time to send your snacks you can either send something inexpensive like goldfish, while still letting your child eat the pre-stocked and agreed upon snack or just plan to budget for one for the class that you would rather send.
  2. The only university we've researched so far allows Juniors to enroll with payment and Seniors to enroll a maximum of 2 classes for free. Is it up to the individual universities to make their guidelines? What about Community Colleges and Vocational Schools? I have internet searched to no avail.
  3. The only university we've researched so far allows Juniors to enroll with payment and Seniors to enroll a maximum of 2 classes for free. Is it up to the individual universities to make their guidelines? What about Community Colleges and Vocational Schools? I have internet searched to no avail.
  4. Another large family here. I've told you my story before and so will spare you the details again. We get comments all of the time, mostly positive or curious. Due to us growing our family non-traditionally people tend to think of us as saints. We are normal people. We dress according to some social norms, but not others. We eat out occasionally and my kids even participate in extracurricular activities. I agree with what has been said: don't stare, don't assume, invite us anyway.
  5. Obligatory other - anything with strawberries!! One dd is allergic, so we don't keep them on hand anymore. If I *had* to choose, it would be strawberry shortcake.
  6. I have 5 those ages, with some older and younger. I try to set up work they can do independently in addition to the work they do with me. Having an extra activity box helps also. When we go to the table, we all go to the table. Even a 7 year old can work on handwriting, look at books, or even play a quiet activity while you work with the others. If you want to keep it school focused that activity can be manipulatives like tangrams or pattern blocks. Even an old fashioned workbook can be useful. I keep a day-of-the-week box stocked with puzzles, fun activities, and school activities that only come out during school when free time allows. If an activity gets tired then it is switched out before that day's box goes into rotation again. So the Monday box would have different activities from the Tuesday box, but the Monday box would keep its contents and be brought back out each Monday. If one activity gets little use it will be switched out for one that is fresher. Rarely would I change out an entire box's contents. I try to stock enough that more than one child can work. Right now my Monday box has a Geopuzzle coordinating to what we are studying, several sets of tangrams with idea cards, an audio book, and a dollar store football peg game that requires two players. Hopefully my 9 and 11 year old boys will like it and practice a bit of math at the same time. ;)
  7. We passed up the "perfect" house because of a pool when my many children were very young. I cannot imagine the effort it would've taken me to keep everyone safe. We ended up purchasing a house with a neighborhood pool. If I were looking now, with everyone four years older, I absolutely would buy the house with the pool. If we had fewer younger children when we were originally looking, then yes we would have considered the other house.
  8. We had our water turned off once by the city. It was a misunderstanding due to moving in and date of, don't worry, we pay our bills! 😉 Anyway, after the repercussions of that and having the water turned back on the same day, there isn't any way we would without a good reason. We do drip the faucets a bit if it might freeze while we are gone on a short trip.
  9. Oh my, so many things!! I wouldn't have lots of children. I had a period where I wanted exactly three. First I would have a boy, then a girl followed by another boy. Then after having children I lamented that I would only have one. It is even written in my eldest's baby book, by multiple people, that she would be the only one. My children would *never* throw fits in the grocery store. Never. Or wear mismatched clothing to the grocery store.
  10. Wow! I can't imagine what his future wife or kids may think. It is so public, it is bound to be seen. How do future children prevent dating an unknown half-sibling?
  11. Ugh! Unless it is a literal leash, just don't! Homeschooling is not a symptom of poor parenting! Maybe abusers use homeschooling as a cover, but honestly if you don't want your children around why would you homeschool? Its a lot of flippin work! Even if you aren't actually schooling them. When will the news stories end with...and the killer went to public school?
  12. No, but the teachers or PTA usually end up footing the bill. Yes. Our teachers had a code or code or something and had to keep their copy count. Yep. We had an $80 calculator we had to purchase. Exactly!! I had to purchase *NEW* scissors for each of my children every year. When I was in school the teacher provided scissors in a holding rack. They were used for years. I still remember the first time I knew there were left handed people. The left handed scissors had a special blue rubber coating on the handle. It was the coolest thing ever! I never got to touch them, because I was a lowly right hander. :sad: One of our local districts purchased ipads for the entire school. :001_rolleyes:
  13. I'm not sure where you live, but we've broken from the public school mold due to weather and field trips. In the summer it is brutally hot where I live and in the winter it can get icy, usually not snowy mind you, but icy. Field trips are so much nicer when there aren't 50 billion children sharing the same space with you at the same time. Have you asked him why he prefers an agrarian schedule?
  14. We've always just plugged on through, taking breaks when appropriate. This year it will be a 6 week on, one week off schedule with longer breaks during the holidays and next summer.
  15. When I first borrowed TWTM from the library over a decade ago it was like a breath of fresh air!! Nothing I had read before compared. Our library had the first edition but by the time I purchased a copy the second edition was released. I've been considering purchasing the third edition, but now plan to wait until the fourth is released. We did not care for Spelling Workout. I may be a bit jaded because we primarily used it with my oldest child, who happens to be dyslexic. Frankly, the proofreading sections were a bit of a nightmare for her. Seeing misspelled spelling words was not at all what she needed. I can't praise Phonetic Zoo enough, however Spelling Power comes in a close second. Actually, it was on my list to reread TWTM again this summer, so I can't remember if you included NOEO science. We no longer use it but feel it is an excellent program. The elementary Chemistry was so much fun!!
  16. We've done this as a family, once in 90 days, and once in 180. A couple of times a chapter or two at a time until we finish then start over. Ninety days is a huge commitment but it is it an interesting perspective. You get a much different overview than reading at a much slower pace. While I won't be joining this time around I highly recommend it at least once.
  17. Audio!! Would you pm me, please?
  18. I don't care for the bedroom being used for anything but sleeping or teA. That said, we do have a tv in our room. It came 2nd hand with a really cool entertainment center that we use to house jewelry dh's record collection. The only time we use said tv is when we rent a grown up movie. That happens once or twice a quarter.
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