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  1. When I first borrowed TWTM from the library over a decade ago it was like a breath of fresh air!! Nothing I had read before compared. Our library had the first edition but by the time I purchased a copy the second edition was released. I've been considering purchasing the third edition, but now plan to wait until the fourth is released. We did not care for Spelling Workout. I may be a bit jaded because we primarily used it with my oldest child, who happens to be dyslexic. Frankly, the proofreading sections were a bit of a nightmare for her. Seeing misspelled spelling words was not at all what she needed. I can't praise Phonetic Zoo enough, however Spelling Power comes in a close second. Actually, it was on my list to reread TWTM again this summer, so I can't remember if you included NOEO science. We no longer use it but feel it is an excellent program. The elementary Chemistry was so much fun!!
  2. I'm not sure my curricula choices would be much help as we use almost as many different curricula as we have children. Scheduling, flow of your day, and self direction gets the job done. In seasons where I feel stretched thin, I default to what gets done. Sometimes the best isn't when it creates more work for you or causes stress.
  3. If you ever need to clear your conscience after taking such a photo, post it here. The hive will generously vote on the appropriateness of the photo. Then you can, in good conscience, know it was okay.
  4. We are using mesh nylon drawstring backpacks this year. I got a dozen from Oriental Trading for cheap. We'll use them for our egg hunts then sew them onto the back of their beach towels to make summer pool runs faster.
  5. fyi: most of those use peanut oil. We found this out when a friend's DD with a very severe peanut allergy had a reaction to one. It is often not listed because it is not a food item.
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