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  1. We used to manage one every year or two to see my Mom who lives halfway across the country. While it was to visit family we would do many touristy things along the way and so counted it as a vacation. Day trips to visit family a couple of hours away or speech and debate tourneys that last a week don't feel vacationy to me, and are not counted as such. Those vary and do happen several times during the year. We are waaayyy overdue for a true vacation.
  2. The drinking and driving thread made me curious. Dh and I order water and occasionally tea when out, so it really is just curiosity. I live in an area with virtually no public transportation and few taxis. Forget walking to most restaurants. It is assumed most, if not all, drive themselves to the restaurant, yet almost all restaurants have drinks and certainly try to upsell them when you first order. Question in the title. Discuss. :)
  3. We have so much divorce in our family and fortunately a few long term marriages. From my perspective it is so much easier with fewer long term consequences to remain married. Yes, I understand there are severe abuse issues and not all of those abuses leave visible scars. I am absolutely not advocating an abuse victim stay with their abuser. I do believe divorce should be avoided if at all possible, even if that means staying together for the children.
  4. We found an adult level anatomy coloring book. I can't remember the name, but I believe you can find it on Amazon.
  5. I haven't read the thread in its entirety. We did IEW in addition to AG.
  6. We did not return to our convention this year partially due to this group having a booth there. Why would they book them!? My eldest, 18 at the time, was carrying my youngest, 4 at the time, and was handed a pamphlet on preparing your toddler for marriage. I. am. not. kidding. I kept the pamphlet thinking it was a joke planted by someone who was a homeschooling naysayer. Nope. It was real. That is when we looked up the website, realized it wasn't a parody, and ran as far away from our convention as we could. What a sick, twisted, un-biblical belief structure.
  7. This. When my four oldest were 4-11 we added 4 more, then 1 more. It's hard to stress over having a couple in college while I still have a Kindergartener at home. I hear you about the Grandchild discussion! By the time our youngest is grown (13+ years!) I might be ready for the older children to have grandbabies. Okay, maybe a little before then. Just a little.
  8. Before our church went to a one day on a weekend VBS it always did it in the evening. I disliked it, but alas with most of the volunteers being working moms it was either at night or nonexistent.
  9. What part of okc? Martin Park Nature Center is fun and free. It has a tiny visitor's center with hands on exploration and miles of walking trails. The adults might like the plaza district near lyric theater. There is an indoor botanical garden called the Crystal Gardens. ETA: The Metropolitan Library System has some pretty neat activities through the summer from story time to yoga to local theater groups. Lake Hefner has some great parks and picnic areas.
  10. http://www.greatestcollectibles.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/1972-Holly-Hobbie.jpg
  11. 20-25% Eating out lots and holidays can easily tip us into the 30% range. We have a larger than average family so the numbers are actually pretty low per person.
  12. When I was in middle school the high school's mascot was "Wildcats" so, of course, we were the kittens. Go kittens!!
  13. I've purchased a dress last year. The quality was okay, definitely worth what I paid for it, but nothing to write home about.
  14. I've had 5 children and have a low cervix. The only brand I've ever used is the EvaCup and have had no problems. I agree, it is life changing!! Truly!! It is likely a brand issue. EvaCup recently had a 2 for $30 sale on amazon.
  15. I think I have been to the same conference. My opinion is very much like yours!! The family in question still has an active blog. Is that correct?
  16. Dh would prefer our dc not to watch Harry Potter. He has no problem letting our older children watch Dr. Who. So I guess, we are that family.
  17. Location and culture matter. Small towns likely have more extended families living together. In high school I lived in a town with <1500 people. The town now has closer to barely over 500 residents. Our elderly neighbors' 40 year old daughter lived with them. Later she stayed on their land in a trailer house. It wasn't weird at all, nor was she a deadbeat. It just didn't make sense for her to have her own separate house. And, no, she didn't live there to care for them. And, yes, they all worked. Elderly neighbors sold a food product that is now in major stores and daughter was (a n
  18. Dd is 19 and most of her peers still live at home while attending university. I can think of 7 colleges off of the top of my head within a 30ish minute driving distance. Why would one pay to live on campus when one can live at home and have a 15 minute commute?
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