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  1. Yes!! Worth every penny! My back problems plummeted after getting ours. I know we didn't spend $200 for ours. It was purchased from Target or Walmart in the $75-$150 range.
  2. Bow and arrow for my 12 yo dd. We took it to grandpa's house out in the country. Everyone spent the day taking turns shooting arrows, which dd was okay with as she brought it to grandpa's for that purpose. It may be a new family tradition!!
  3. We had a pretty great Christmas even though our budget was a bit tight. We were able to purchase something meaningful and wanted for each child. A very generous friend of the family purchased something for our boys that was significantly spendier and "bigger" than anything we purchased. They were so enthralled with that present (opened last night) they didn't even want to open the presents from us or their stockings this morning.
  4. Blessings, my friend. :grouphug:
  5. I can remember taking a week long camp at the local community college as an elementary student. We spent the week in class learning to draw squares on the green and green computer screen through a complex set (to us) of strokes on the keyboard.
  6. I turned 40 this year and can relate and remember a lot of these! Though I did have a computer in my first grade classroom. :001_tt2: I watched the Wizard of Oz for the first time on a black and white computer. Anyone remember the old TRS80's?
  7. I thought it was much more, but after Googling found out it is only 1,500 miles. We always lived within a 2 hour drive from all parents (with multiple divorces, there are several sets) and were devastated when she decided to move a couple of weeks after dd#2 was born. Though it has given us the opportunity for pretty spectacular vacations. Surprisingly, it has helped our relationship. We both have to intentionally keep our relationship strong through emails, calls, and when possible, visits. My dad "only" lives about 45 minutes away. Close enough to drop by, but far enough away it doesn't happen much.
  8. Both. Neurotypical, but annoying nonetheless. Yes! Bolded. This. I haven't read the thread in its entirety. Be kind, but firm with the child. She isn't awful, but is certainly looking for boundaries. Say, "Child, we do not allow that. We do x and when you are with me you will too." And mean it.
  9. My youngest dds' room has been organized. They have bookshelves that hold a few books and toys in canvas bins. They are encouraged to get out only one type of toy at a time (which rarely happens!) and to do the bulk of the room pick up. I'll say something along the lines of, "DD1, please pick up all of the kitchen set and put it away. DD2, please pick up any Pet Shops and put them away. DD3, please put away dress up clothes." Because the toys are somewhat purged and have clear storage areas it is pretty simple to pick up. If the room isn't picked up, they are reminded with specific, not global tasks. If the room regularly continues to be a mess, it is due to a few factors. 1. They haven't been trained well enough. Easy to remedy! Just encourage and demonstrate. 2. The organization is lacking. Maybe a bit more challenging. Think outside of the box. 3. They have too many items. Purge or store and rotate.
  10. We use small lined books similar to mini composition books, but a regular spiral lined or composition book would work. Here is a link that explains what we do. (It's not my blog, just a good explanation.)
  11. I keep a planner in addition to my bullet journals. Yes, plural. I use the thin 3 pack softcover moleskines with grid paper. I use one for menu planning, one for school planning and one for general, household type things. Everything else goes in my planner and/or phone's calendar that syncs with dh's.
  12. Clinique Black Honey. It looks scary in the tube, but works on most people. Its a nearly lipstick, almost on the balm/gloss spectrum.
  13. Yes! We are Christians that celebrate secularly. Almost everyone I know, even fellow church members, does. It wasn't until a few years ago that I had even heard of a "Happy Birthday Jesus Cake." I still don't get it.
  14. Yes! We are Christians that celebrate secularly. Almost everyone I know, even fellow church members, does. It wasn't until a few years ago that I had even heard of a "Happy Birthday Jesus Cake." I still don't get it.
  15. I think it's a male thing. Not polite mind you, but it happens. One of the first things my mom always asks when we talk is whether I have heard from my brother.
  16. That's what I thought. Why isn't everyone legally required? Isn't it illegal to know of abuse and ignore it? Wouldn't you be somewhat responsible to allow known abuse to continue?
  17. It could just be a personality thing not a girl thing. The majority of my children (7 are girls) hit a stage around 8 years of age where they became a bit more ornery. The good news is things got much better by the time they turned 9. My talkers have stayed talkers their entire lives. If she is into crafts then give her crafts. At 7 or so most girls can learn to do a simple crochet chain. Get her busy with latch hooking, simple cross stitching, and paper doll making.
  18. what a mandated reporter is? Aren't we *all* morally mandated reporters? If one knows of, sees, or has reason to suspect abuse isn't one *obligated* to report such abuse?
  19. I would ask, but wouldn't use the password unless concerned. I am not clueless and know passwords can change, etc. If something was a concern and you couldn't access the account and the teen wouldn't give you the new password then you could remove devices or at least hide the charging cords for a bit.
  20. I've had packages arrive clearly opened, but nothing taken. Maybe homeschool textbooks aren't interesting enough to steal. :lol: Next time I'll report.
  21. Yes! Dh and I also use the 5x8 Moleskine graph paper, but we use the thin soft covers that come in a 3 pack. I do the sticky note thingy too! I just couldn't make the all-in-one bullet journal work for me because I disliked including a calendar and the daily task and to do lists. Dh started using multiple ones, so I tried it. Now I use four, one for meal planning and another for homeschooling, one for household systems and general, and a final personal one. I also keep a standard planner. Right now I am using this one. and I also use an online calendar that links our calendars together.
  22. Read the article. It is horrific that it also mentioned the family that left their four young children home alone and one died. That is not even REMOTELY in the same category. Yuck!!
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