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  1. Embarrassing Bidet question... How do you keep the sprayer handle clean. I'm sure I could manage, but unskilled children might not. Is that an issue?
  2. Unfortunately, we know how to navigate this all too well. See above post about the rock, pipe, and slab leak. My insurance agent knows me by my voice.
  3. Thank you! I think we caught it in time. A few months ago we removed all downstairs carpeting and installed hospitality grade vinyl "wood" flooring. There may be some under the stairs, but other than seems like we got it all. I'm just glad my son heard the water running. I can't imagine if we had found it a couple of hours later!
  4. I'm not sure what the piece is called, but it is a flexible pipe looking thing that attaches from the wall to the toilet. Fortunately, it was clean water. What in the world!? I had no idea the other poster was making it all up!! It must be nice to have so little happening in one's life that one needs to create drama.
  5. At 4 am this morning, I was awaken by a knock on my bedroom door. My teen son tells me that there is water downstairs. When dh went downstairs, he found the entire floor flooded with about 2-3 inches of water. All of the downstairs. We spent a good hour sweeping, mopping, and soaking every blasted towel we owned cleaning it up. Do you remember my thread a few weeks ago about water in our vent, that turned out to be a rock puncturing a pipe under our slab? Of course, these two things are unrelated, but I am so over it all! Over it!! Not to mention needing to call the plumber during the Coronavirus pandemic quarantine. Thankfully, he's a friend of ours and is very cautious about social distancing. I guess we will be calling him again today to fix said water problem. *sigh* **********************Update*************************** We only have significant water damage to a handful of library books along with some puzzles and curricula I had planned to donate. Hopefully the library will be understanding. We have fans everywhere and the plumber will be here this afternoon. There is water under our flooring at the seams. That will dry quickly, right? I still need to move the fridge and other large appliances. The treadmill was on a mat and was the farthest away from the water source so it didn't get wet. We had budgeted and just purchased it, so I am thrilled it is safe!
  6. Without reading all of the responses, might I suggest seeing if your dh will agree to a temporary reduction in medication. Is it possible to go from 150 to 125 then if that works well taper down to 100? Maybe he's concerned about the big difference in mg?
  7. It's less risky than running to the grocery store or pharmacy. We are trying to help local businesses when we are able. Right now dh's job is secure and we have a little more income than normal because of the lack of commuting and expenditures like dh and my regular date nights out. While we are taking the social distancing seriously, we aren't avoiding life. Supporting where we can helps our locals and keeps my children's spirits up.
  8. Are there not many cases there? Have they stopped travel?
  9. Yes! A thousand times yes. I love them, but I'm ready to visit a park or zoo or something and get out the blasted energy!!
  10. for the future? Will we need to significantly alter our way of life and prepare for future quarantines?
  11. Yes, our family is taking the quarantine seriously. I have just reached my quarantine limit. That is all.
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