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  1. That's good to know. We would both probably be sick of all the testing if we had to go through all of that. I don't blame you for pulling her out and homeschooling. thanks for the heads up
  2. i wouldnt have anything to contribute even though i have a blog its fairly new and i dont write much about my daughters giftedness. i dont know if its me being modest and me trying to protect her. anyway i would love to hear what everyone else writes about
  3. again on the ipad so excuse the mispellings. i think my main concern is that all her friends have summer birthdays and are already turning 6 and all attended kindergarten last year. she wont be six until february and wasnt registered as kindergarten last year because i was caught up in finishing my masters so i wasnt at the top of my to do list at the time. im kicking myself now because she is a year behind all her friends. i think i will check with our umbrella school and see what they suggest. im thinking that we will probably say she is in kindergaten and possibly skip her next year after i see how she does. i also plan to get her tested at the end of the year to know exactly at what level we are looking at. right now i dont want to push her too hard. i think its more a mommas pride thing as i have to watch her friends in first grade and her still in kindergaten when she is more advanced than they are. i probably just need to take a :chillpill: :001_smile: thanks for all the thoughts and replies.
  4. my daughter is five and although we havnt done any formal school she is way beyond kindergarten level. she is self taught with me checking her work. i havnt pushed her she has just wanted to do it. we live in tn and i have been told i have to register her as kindergarten bc kindergarten is manditory in tn. she is way beyond kindergarten level ( i know i used to teach and am still a certified teacher with my masters in reading and literacy). how do i get around the kindergarten mandate and skip her ahead to where she belongs. any thoughts would help. thanks. excuse misspelling and no caps typing from the ipad and my husband hates the autocorrect function
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