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  1. I would also like to know if anyone has used this yet and what they think about it. Anyone?:confused:
  2. I loved mine and used it a lot. It's great for those "I'm-going-to-die-if-I-don't-get-some-sleep" nights and you can prop them up with the pillow and not stress that they are going to roll off your lap if you fall asleep.:D
  3. My 8 yr old ds 2nd grader= 3-6 hrs depending on the day and how fast he works. 5 days a week.
  4. Thanks everyone for your positive comments. I really appreciate it!
  5. LOL!:lol: Sorry didn't mean too offend...it's a great sport...:lol:;)
  6. What cracked me up was the Badminton....:001_huh::lol:
  7. I used pieces that were about two feet long. Overlapped a little for good measure;).
  8. You're going to think I'm crazy but ever since I was little if I took a multivitamin they made me feel very tired. I have tried a lot of different vitamins and everyone did the same thing to me. I had finally given up when my husband bought Bronson's Omega Complete for women for me to try, they worked great. I don't get tired on them and they have even regulated my period (I can go for a year without one). So in my opinion the best multi out there. We buy them from there web site. bronsonvitamins.com
  9. Oh yeah, Michael's also has many different colors of duck tape to choose from.
  10. I bought the roll of 12" by 50' paper at Micheal's craft store in the kids craft section. I have not marked the years yet. I'm still trying to figure that out. Any suggestions? Middle ages and Renaissance this year.
  11. I made this timeline for our history this year. It is almost 50 feet long and 12 inches wide. I have not marked the decades out yet but as you can see I have my line in the middle. I bought a dowel, the knobs, the roll of paper, gold spray paint and red duck tape. Had my dad cut the dowel to size and then I attached the ends and spray painted it gold. Then took a razor and cut down through the middle of a roll of duck tape and very painstakingly :glare::001_smile: covered the edges of the roll of paper so it wont rip easily. Glued it to the dowels and rolled. It took me about 4 solid hours to do. :001_huh:A little longer than I anticipated. But I think it is worth it. This will really help Ds and I to SEE how historical events are laid in history and where they are in relation to other events.
  12. I used to think she was so cute...but now she just looks so odd. All that pressure to look young and smooth, it just messes with them. I DON"T get the big lips thing! It looks so fake and terrible. They look like a fish has sucked on there lips for a few days. Awful!
  13. In NC we have to have a name when we register our school and you have to do that when they are seven. You can't change your name once you register either...so I thought about it for 2 years and finally decided to combine parts of my two DC's names to come up with DONLIVY ACADEMY. Maybe you could do something similar.
  14. Big Brother you did an excellent job telling everyone about your baby brother. Caedmon is such a beautiful baby and your going to be a great big brother to him. Thanks for letting us now about him and your mommy! Congratulations!
  15. Absolutely! I was in Walmart a few months ago and they called a code adam and described what the boy was wearing. I gladly helped them search for the child. But it only took a couple of minutes for them to find him. It just "inconvenienced" people for all of 2 minutes.
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