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  1. I didn't see the following reviewed - if it was, I apologize. There is a lot to look through. A woman in our homeschool community is offereing labs and help for the following but I have been unable to review the book yet (not that I'd know much if I did). CONTEMPORARY CHEMISTRY: A PRACTICAL APPROACH http://www.amazon.co...ctical Approach It has a book, teacher's guide and lab manual. I have an opportunity for other coops, all Apologia, too, but I am still planning on The Spectrum since I'm looking for oppotunites to go out less often plus I tend toward Old Earth creation or
  2. These are beautiful. I have always thought Islamic architecture and design was beautiful. I have a respectful question, if you don't mind. What is the Islamic feeling about drawing things, or does it vary from Muslim to Muslim? I have heard conflicting things. I assume you don't believe in depicting God. It seems you are not supposed to depict Mohammed, although he is not divine, but a most holy Prophet. Then, I've read that the more geometric artwork in many old mosques was made so beautifully because of a prohibition on painting the human figure but many of these painting do have hum
  3. Like another poster, I think the main problem with Ken Ham is his insistence that eveyone see the bible the way he does and if they don't, they are either not Chrstian or on the slippery slope toward perdition. You can take any issue in the bible and say, "If you don't believe this part the way I do, you must not believe the bible." My dfd was raised Eastern Orthodox. The first time I took her to our Evangelica Covenent Church, we had communion (she didn't partake by her choice). Afterwards, she asked the pastor, "Do you believe in the Real Presence?" (this means, do you believe that the b
  4. I called my father daddy until I was 8 or 9; then I wouldn't have called him anything but 'dad" because I thought "Daddy" was childish. But he died when I was 17 and I find that when I think about him and talk about him to my siblings, it's always "daddy."' I do think it is a cultural thing, though .. as in regional. However, since people move so much now, regions are becoming more irrelavent and it may just be a family thing. Kind of like women/girls/ladies. Once we had a discussion on another forum about the use of those terms. Many people are offended by ladies and girls. I am offen
  5. My dd is good at maths, science and Spanish and is poor at writing. She has proper grammar and spelling and sometimes, she can even write a decent story but she can't write a decent essay, let alone to a research paper. One day, we were doing an exercise in Spanish that gave me insight. She was asked to write a letter for pretend newspaper, encouraging people to recyle, use less non-renewable products, find aternatives, etc. She has the Spanishocab and grammar to do this but she claimed she just didn't know what to write. The fact is, she hadn't been exposed to much about ecology where she li
  6. Sorry, I can't tell you anything but can you tell me why you chose NROC? I am looking ahead - I am a non-scientific mom with a math/science foster daughter. She has done Earth Science with labs, Biology with labs, using secular books. We'll be doing chemistry (The Spectrum) this fall. But I have wondered what I will do for physics when the time comes. I do not like Apologia. I think it would be good for her to do something that is at least partly online, but I don't have a lot of money for it. So...what were your criteria and how do you feel that NROC fills them better than other possibilities
  7. I didn't mean to imply in my post that no one did research and educated themselves. It seems likely though that some did not, though, if they thought love and discipline could immediately help any child traumatized by war and neglect. Some kids to respond well -- but too many, esp. of the older ones, are RADS. And while people do adopt RADS knowingly and i'm glad they do -- it tends to be a tough journey. Not one every parent is equipped to take. Although...sending back kids hurts me so. That can't be right. Would you send back your own if s/he started having mental problems? I guess maybe so
  8. I see several people here who do not like IEW. Bad reviews online and real life have been hard for me to find. The only bad review I read was someone upset that they were having to rewrite stories but that is a very classical approach. Why did some of you dislike it? I've considered getting if for DFD (the upper level) because here ability to write and organize is not good. It is so expensive though, that I vacillate. More info would be helpful.
  9. 100 Easy Lessons - I have always said my youngest son, now 28, learned to read with that at age 3 but actually, he learned after about 5 lessons- he just went from "cat" and "duck" words to all kinds of sight words. Reading just clicked for him. But now that I think about, probably he would have learned with anything at that point. I also bought and intensely disliked Apologia Biology, Edition 1. We ended up using something else. It was very frustrating. I also tried buying all those math manipulates when he was younger --- he
  10. I requested records from my fd's school. They are good to have for several reasons - you see not just grades but things that have been said - some of which may be valid others not.
  11. @Hoppy: A sad and familiar story <hug> Groups like cbeinternational.com are finally coming out with resources and seminars for Christians who are not patriarchal. Hopefully, child rearing stuff will follow. I think one problem with the adoption thing is that so many unbelievers just consider it a new way Christians are building the "army of the Lord." Like quiverfull. Like when we make people projects in hopes of saving them instead of just loving them. And sadly, in some cases, I think it is true.
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