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  1. I'm DDD on my smallest day. I can't leave the bedroom without wearing a bra for fear I would trip on them. Of COURSE i have to wear a bra every day and it costs 70+ dollars per bra. How could carrying around several pounds on one's chest NOT be uncomfortable? Sorry. It's something I curse every day
  2. Last day of the month and I haven't purchased any craft supplies! Not gonna lie, though, my virtual cart on AliExpress is overflowing, but that's just window (screen?) shopping. I wrote a bunch of letters as well. February is InCoWriMo so I will be writing a letter every day, ostensibly, but my honest goal is to beat last year's tally of a dozen.
  3. I would as well! I'm very into mixed-media collage, stamping, and mail art!
  4. My main goal for this month is to not buy any craft supplies!! Second goal is to work through the stack of pen-pal letters I need to respond to.
  5. It has been probably years since I've posted anything here even though I read almost every day, but I am trying to be more social for 2020. Even if online! Everything I cook has to be vegan and gluten-free, so I cook a LOT!. Tonight was sesame noodles w/ tofu & veg. Tomorrow is, hopefully, BBQ bean "meatballs," mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, and a basic salad. Oh, and dessert tonight (don't usually do dessert, but it's holidays still) is apple pie that smells AMAZING while it's cooking. I don't eat sweets, but the scent is intoxicating; I think they will love it!
  6. My son has long (longer than your daughter) wavy hair. He will be 14 next week and I just recently realized how he gets such tangles. When he brushed it, or combed when wet, he wasn't completing the pull-through of the implement. So his brush/comb would be *almost* out of his hair, then he would bring it back up to his scalp and do it again. Eventually there were knots that could NOT (see what I did there? :laugh: ) be undone so I ended up cutting some out. Could this be happening with your daughter? I have curly hair, and so would my son if he treated it like curly hair; I can attest tha
  7. I think the chargy cable is the problem but the company keeps sending me stock replies that won't work. It worked in my husband's laptop so I guess I will just use that.
  8. I am so frustrated--has anyone else had this problem? My fitbit One started crashing my computer (Mac) every time I plugged it in. I have been in email contact with the company but they keep suggesting I charge it on my computer (??) instead of a brick, then suggest cleaning the metal bits that charge and plug it into my computer, not a brick (??), etc. They are just not understanding what I'm saying and it is driving me up the wall!
  9. I have read that if you attach your fitbit to your shoe it will count the pedaling as steps. ETA: Oops. Should have read the other replies saying the same thing.
  10. Oh, darn it, I just realized I have been up for an hour and I forgot to put on my One! All those wasted steps!
  11. Omg, I almost started a WTM FitBit group yesterday! I'm in.
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