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  1. My husband snores loud enough to wake the dead in the cemetery a few blocks away. I'm not exaggerating. Once, a neighbor actually called 911 because she was afraid that a saw was running in our garage. He's got a drawer full of mouthpieces. One was dentist-fitted and expensive, the others were the cheap ones you see on TV. Unfortunately not one of them was any help. Either they made his jaw hurt (the TV ones were especially bad) or he complained of all the excess saliva from wearing one at night. And by morning, his breath was horrible. I ended up sleeping with the kids most nights. He went and got himself tested for sleep apnea and didn't have it. The doctor told us that he just snores. We looked into surgery but it's expensive and our insurance doesn't cover that. Truth be told, we've tried pretty much everything from mouth pieces to chin straps and earplugs. About a year ago, he out of town, working on a project and started googling for snoring aids. When he came home a couple days later he had about a dozen sites that we looked at over the weekend (yeah, I know. We're a fun couple. But the only times I get enough sleep is when he's away on work projects). For the most part, they were the things that we'd already tried-nose tape, chin strips, pillows, nose clips, mouthguards, sprays, a couple of exercise CDs that we bought that were useless. There were a few new sites too. One had a watch device that you wear. It's supposed to tickle your wrist whwn you start to snore. We actually bought one of those -see how desperate we were! No, it didn't work either. A friend who works for a sleep testing center suggested that he get a CPAP machine, but our doctor told us that if he did, it would quickly become a kind of crutch and he didn't need one because he doesn't have apnea. Anyway, he also found the Put-An-End-To-Snoring web site and they mentioned a sort of chin strap called a SnorEnder. Since we're were willing to try almost anything we went to the website. It was really interesting, lots of info on snoring and even a couple of pages on the most popular snoring devices. What we liked was the fact that what they said about the different ways to try to stop snoring was what we had learned the hard way. Not much works all the time and nothing works for everyone. We also discovered from the "nose tester" information there that my husband snores because he sleeps with his mouth open. My friend at the sleep center says that most snorers do that and if they could just keep their mouth closed at night, most of the snoring would stop. We ordered the SnorEnder, mainly because it actually looked like it would keep his mouth closed. It does. The thing works really well for him and I'm back in the bedroom again. They also suggested using something called a neti pot. We got one at a local health food store and it did take some getting used to, you basically wash out your sinuses with it. But, WOW. What a difference it has made. One thing that we have both seen is he has a lot more energy. He's not dragging through the day anymore. I know I get more sleep. I think he is too because he doesn't snore very much now. It did not stop all his snoring all the time, but I'd guess that it stopped maybe 80% of it. And when he does snore, it's not nearly as loud or as long anymore. Anyway, I love that I can sleep all night now. He's more rested, maybe because I'm not poking him in the side so much. The snorender site says that their product won't work for everyone and they even printed letters from people who returned the product, expecially people who have trouble breathing thru their nose. But it works just fine for us and we use that neti pot too.
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