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  1. The main idea to get across to the students is that they must reduce the system to equations with the same two variables. Novices sometimes eliminate one variable the first time and a different variable the second time....
  2. I have a solutions manual, if you want me to find it for you....Char
  3. Thank you for posting this, I needed some help with my curriculum. I am happy to see this!
  4. HI- We went to Prentice Hall Miller-Levine and LOVE <3 it!!!! Char
  5. We are going to Miller-Levine and covering it as Biology I and Biology II since they do transfer to college credit. We like it and the websites, teacher's guides, etc. Char:lurk5:
  6. With your advice, I did order the 2010 version and the teacher's packet for free. Thank you for your guidelines! Char
  7. I am considering the Core Edition of the Biology text/teacher edition with online access. Is there any downfalls or anything I need to know regarding this? I am planning to order the 2010 edition. Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you!
  8. We are ranchers from the state of SD-Char You need to see the Badlands Park with the Buffalo, eat frybread Indian Tacos at Cedar Pass Lodge in Interior, SD which is in the Badlands, and a ranch or 2.:001_smile:
  9. We started home-schooling last year. This year we start the ever-so-mind boggling/planning/trashing plans/starting over/transcripting, etc. Is there anyone out there with a 15 year old in 9th grade or other high schoolers, she just turned 15 on the Fourth of July, that she could communicate with via social network Facebook or email. It can get kind of lonely out here in the sticks-40 miles from the nearest tiny town in South Dakota. We are 2 a half hours from the beautiful Black Hills. She did do some snow boarding last year, she is a skilled rodeo photographer and we do rodeo. If anyone is interested PM me for her email or mine. Thanks, Char:001_wub:
  10. We plan to use this, as well! Awesome book......Char
  11. Absolutely, not often you find a class on such an important topic for FREE! Godspeed! Char :tongue_smilie:
  12. Just learned from a friend about a free (donations, welcome) internet site. This would be a great elective or government addition or class in its own.......... http://www.hillsdale.edu/constitution/week_01_overview.aspx This sounds so good, I think that it will work for us!:iagree:
  13. Please ignore my frustration. I spoke with a dad that has 4 graduated children...that helped.....:chillpill: Char
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