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  1. We just did the problems that were assigned on the Math Without Borders CD. Worked for us, but dd is a math whiz. She went onto University Calculus from there with no problems (except the unit circle- which she felt behind on...)
  2. We did Jacobs algebra, then Jacobs geometry, then Foerster's Algebra and Trigonometry. From there my daughter went to university calculus and was VERY well prepared- she didn't do the pre-calc book.
  3. My daughter does in her first year studio art class at the University. Not weird she said!
  4. The Aenied in three weeks- in my opinion there is no point. It seems like a sprint with no depth. That is a big, meaty book. My ds could have read it in that time, or much less, but I don't think we could have 'done' much with it.
  5. You hit the nail on the head Lori- that is what it was feeling like. And math is what this kids is good at- he gets almost everything right all the time. AK Mom, I think I am going to give that a try. I don't know why I haven't yet! Thanks! This is kid #3 in highschool (older two are at university), so I am not in the dark about how long it takes to do highschool math :001_smile: - might just be a little jaded because dd17, engineering student, was a math genius, and she was my last one I taught out of this book...
  6. My ds is doing Jacob's Geometry 2nd edition. He usually does 3/4 of set 1, and 1/2 the proofs in set 2. But it is taking up to 2hrs and more. He could do half lessons a day but then the book would stretch out much too long. Is two hours too much time for math? I feel like it is all we can fit in in the morning, which means we are working well into the evening or dropping things. :willy_nilly:
  7. Ack, got confused on the original question- you can ignore my not very to the point reply! We used Blue Tent Online English, which, although my son didn't use it to test out of 1st year English (he is an English major), was a huge boost to both the mom made transcript, and to his feeling prepared for his courses. I(It was also fabulous bang for your buck with excellent teaching and feedback!)
  8. Really check with the universities your kids are interested in as you go through highschool, and then keep checking! In Manitoba, U of M changed their regulations with reagards to homeschoolers and science right before my dd's grade 12 year!! It was heart attack inducing! We worked around it, but it was good to see that for my next sciency kids coming up that I need to be on the ball! The U of Winnipeg is more homeschool friendly, although we do have to give a provincial letter, which is easy. Unfortunately here we seem to be going backwards with the ease of homeschool to univeristies, with both major universities requesting more and more red tape and putting on more restrictions. As much as I liked Sarah's site, don't let it overwhelm you. Talk to people who homeschool where you live and see how they handled the homeschool highschool to univeristy thing- that is usually the most helpful. Just my .02!
  9. My dd was able to take university Calculus right through the U of W in 11th. She had the prereq. math skills, we put our cheque on the table and it was no problem. Also transferred easily to first year engineering at U of M.
  10. Mine also ended up graduating a year early- she was done Calculus at the University in 11th and wanted to go into Engineering so it was a good fit. She was doing 'highschool' math very early on, but she also did stuff with her older brother in Latin, English and History so that was highschool level in 8th grade as well. So for us it was important to keep records. It also gave her room to explore other things as she had some things done earlier. This is what my ds14 has done as well. He will have a math credit, science credit, Latin credit, and Theology credit from 8th that will go on the highschool transcript. (For us in Canada, the science one is an easier one as we have Grade 9 Science and Grade 10 Science that are pretty generic. Then they squish the three sciences into Grade 11 and 12 with two courses for each!)
  11. Ack! We will stay in the 2nd edition! Traditional type layouts suit this child very well. What you think type questions would be like tooth repair for this child!
  12. For a few reasons we want to transition from the 2nd to 3rd edition. I haven't seen the 3rd edition- can we just switch over part way? We are finishing chapter 4.
  13. Not in our library- we have SWBs materials but that is about it. I have the WEM on hold so I will look at it when it comes in. Any more ideas?
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