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  1. We originally started out this year with Miller Levine Dragonfly, but I’m not really happy with how things are working out. Ds loves it: read the chapter, Cornell Notes (easy to do because all the key topics are highlighted), complete workbook for that chapter, take test. I wanted something more living, so this is what I’ve come up with.


    Living Books Biology


    Barron’s AP Biology

    Differentiating Instruction with Menus: Biology

    The Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbook for Kids, Families, and Classrooms by Clare Walker Leslie

    Biology Coloring Book

    Human Anatomy Coloring Book (Actually using for Health)


    Exploring the Way Life Works by Hoagland and Dodson

    The Nature of Life: Readings in Biology

    Microbe Hunters by De Kruif

    Silent Spring by Carson

    The Violinist’s Thumb by Keen

    The Cartoon Guide to Genetics by Gonick

    Cats Are Not Peas: A Calico History of Genetics by Gould

    On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation by Keller

    The Island of Dr. Moreau by Wells

    Hot Zone by Preston

    Wicked Stewart

    Wicked Stewart

    Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Saved the World by Kurlansky

    The Burgess Book of Animals by Burgess

    All Things Great and Small by Heriot

    Stiff by Roach

    Your Inner Fish by Shubin

    The Best American Science & Nature Writing 2013



    Alien Planet


    Wings of Life

    Vanishing of the Bees

    Tropical Rainforest

    Carbon Nation




    Human Family Tree


    Cracking Your Genetic Code


    Defying Disease




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  2. Anyone have info on groups/charters/activities for that region? I know Jenn W, but she's my only homeschool friend down there. I'm pretty nervous about leaving my Los Angeles home... help talk me down!


    Kay, what county are you in? Here's a link to some, maybe in your county? I belong to the one for NorCal, South Sutter, and it's a great program, really into parent choice and lots of flexibility.


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