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  1. GA Tech is rated as one of the best deals ($ wise).
  2. Mac got off the wait-list for the SUNY/Purchase College BFA Acting Conservatory program a couple weeks ago! She very excited, and it's been a crazy couple weeks getting FA & supplies in order. Just about four weeks till move-in. It's been a very wild ride.
  3. Just stunned... My heart aches for her family.
  4. Acceptances by School Name Allegheny College - son of Brenda in MA (merit scholarship) Alma College - son of Jenny in Florida (merit scholarships/dance company/performing arts scholarship) American University - son of Hoggirl (merit scholarship, acceptance into Global Scholars Program) Auburn - son of 8filltheheart (presidential scholarship) - daughter of MrsDarcy (honors college, merit scholarship) - daughter of Martha in GA (merit scholarship) Austin College - son of MysteryJen (merit scholarship) - daughter of Elisabet (merit and music scholarship) - son of beachmom (merit scholarship)

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    From a non smoking home. 2006 Sonlight Edition. Some light pencil marks in the text book, in good but condition. (text book, workbook1, teacher's manual, Sonlight solutions manual, and quick revision guide. $32 (media mail shipping included). Paypal only. email me at abjb22@mac.com if interested



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    From a non-smoking home. All titles are in good but used condition (no writing or highlighting). Price does not include media mail shipping. Classical Writing Homer (Instructor's Guides A & B Classical Writing Diogenes Maxim & Student Guide If interested please email me at abjb22@mac.com



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    $150 From a non smoking home (Paypal only). Will ship to US addresses only. Price does not include shipping or shipping insurance. All are items in good to great condition From Sonlight (Premiere Student Microscope Model MS-01UL) with manual. (light works) Cover and lens cap included. Also includes: Slide kit (some already have samples) extra clean slides and small & large plastic carry cases. Extra microscope light 5 Nasco Dissection Guides One unused disposable scalpel and 4 extra blades Double sided sticky tape Full tool box (with a couple extra cutters/ruler/tweezers/small specimen cups) Two bonus Steve Spangler science tube experiments Please email me at abjb22@mac.com if interested.


  8. Yup, 88.5 WRAS (used to stand for we really are stoned) has been a main stay of the alternative radio waves since 1971. I wanted to work there, when I was at GSU, but could not handle the graveyard hazing hours that all DJs started with. WREK is fun.. you never know what they will play. http://tunein.com/radio/Album-88-885-s22318/ http://www.wrek.org/schedule/
  9. I'm always seeking out new music... I like all kinds, from classical to trip hop, and all in between (except most top 40). I'm also an old ex-punk/mod/grunge/whatever other tag you want to apply. Grew up in a house filled with music, and can't see living w/o it. Places I search http://www.npr.org/music/ http://tunein.com/ http://pitchfork.com/ Browse itunes, and at the end of the year I review the critics top choices on Amazon. The only radio I listen to is college radio (in Atl., GSU or GA Tech, also UT/Chattanooga has a great one).
  10. Since there is a never-ending revolving door between the private sector and the public, I assume my every move is being watched (not by humans, rather computers). Unless I choose to go off grid, way off, I see little I can do. The government is not the only "body" that has access to my data, has guns, can take away what is mine, and ultimately take my life. There's just too little time to fret over it.
  11. Jenny in Atl



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    From a non-smoking home. The set includes; Primary Math 6 (non US Ed) 6A & 6B textbks (in used condition/no workbooks) Primary Math 6 Intensive Practice 6A & 6B (like new) Primary Math 6 Challenging Word Problems (like new) Price includes Media Mail Shipping. Pay pal only



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    From a non-smoking home. Student and Teacher's manual, both are in good but used condition. The student manual has erased writing for the first lesson, all else is writing and highlighting free. $17 (includes Media Mail Shipping) If interested, please email me at abjb22@mac.com



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    From a non-smoking home. All books are in good but used condition (workbook1A has some writing for the first eight pages) Latin Prep Book 1 (2006ed) txt book and answer bk, as well as workbk 1A and 1B plus workbk w/answer guide Latin Prep Book 2 (2004ed) txt book and answer bk Latin Prep book 3 (2005ed) txt book and answer bk So You Really Want to Learn Latin Book 3 (1999ed) and answer bk Price included Media Mail Shipping. Paypal only.



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    From a non-smocking home. In good condition (no writing or highlighting) The Set includes; Grammar Voyage 2nd ed (student manual only) Essay Voyage 2007 ed (student and teacher's manual) World of Poetry (student manual) Caesar's English 2 2007 ed (student and teacher's manual) Paypal only. Price included Media Mail shipping. If interested please email me at abjb22@mac.com


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