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  1. My son has finished using Barton and I am trying to sell it. However, I can't figure out for sure which tiles go to which level and I don't want to guess! Does anyone have a list for levels 4, 5, and 6? I can't seem to find one on her site or the Internet. Thanks so much.
  2. As long as he is symptomatic you can guarantee that it is a persisting infection (proven scientifically) and not just residual 'inflammation' (not proven scientifically.) Get him atleast a month of doxycycline preferably without a gap from the amoxicillin. Don't expect a mainstream doc to help him, although you can try because he is acute. Take pictures if he still has rashes. Go to ilads.org and go through the provider search. Try lymedoc.org too. Look for MD or nurse practitioners, chiropractors and many NDs dont prescribe antibiotics. RUN there, be prepared to drive far. Chronic lyme has destroyed my health and robbed me of many years of my life. Do not wait and see what happens.
  3. I couldn't figure out how to teach singapore. I don't remember exactly why but the layout was all over. We use CLE and we love it.
  4. I have been having the same pity party about vacations. I have six kids ages 2-12 and feel like we will never go on any big family vacations before our oldest is grown. Our biggest hindrance is we have a dairy farm and my dh is the only employee. We would have to find and train someone to take over the farm and would cost $1000 + a week just to pay them. I have been reminding myself that my kids are fortunate to have a childhood on the farm, dad is always home, and we live on land bigger than a state park. Everyone is so right that you can make memories at home or close to home. We do day trips and see things near home. You should check out Wisconsin for shorter distance vacations. Wisconsin Dells has numerous resorts and the waterparks are included in the cost of your room for everyone every day you stay there. Some big ones are Kalahari, Great Wolf, and Wilderness. Noah's ark is a separate waterpark and is the best one there (and largest in America.) There are boat tours of the beautiful river and many other nearby attractions. It's like Vegas for kids. Devils Lake State park isn't far either and it's beautiful. Circus world museum is nearby, too.
  5. I still have milk but very little and it doesn't leak and it's been about 8 months since weaning. You can have your prolactin levels drawn and I think they can give you something to lower it... Maybe hormones? I think it's harmless, though. Just annoying!
  6. It is not really even medicine, it's just hormone replacement. Her tsh will come down rapidly when properly treated. Is there a way someone can watch her take it everyday? It's possible she is so brain foggy she doesn't realize that it would make her feel better? My tsh dropped from 88 to 7 the first 6 weeks and then to 2 6 weeks after that. The tsh is just her brain screaming at the thyroid and the thyroid isn't responding!
  7. I don't know if this was mentioned but I have a relative that has a medical alert necklace with a computer chip that can be plugged into any computer. He said it has his health history, doctors names, relatives names, etc. it was waterproof too. (Not sure where you can get them though.) She definitely needs some medical alert necklace or bracelet.
  8. Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders by Kenneth Bock. Obviously not all about vaccines but I remember some interesting studies in it and an alternative vaccine schedule. It address common childhood 'epidemic' illnesses which many claim come from vaccines. I honestly don't remember a lot other than it was a very informational book and may give you some insights you are looking for.
  9. First, there are NO accurate tests that can tell you for sure if someone has Lyme disease. The Igenex Western blot would be the most accurate (it has more bands) but a negative doesn't exclude it. The CDC even admits that and states it is a clinical diagnosis (based on history, symptoms, and ruling out other diseases.) Here is the controversy as I understand it: Most mainstream doctors will not acknowledge or do not know how to clinically diagnose, let alone treat, chronic lyme. There are no set guidelines to treat chronic lyme as treatment has to be highly individualized with an expert (lyme literate practitioner - someone a member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society aka ILADS.) The Infectious Disease Society of the US states 4 weeks of doxycycline is only needed, even though ilads has 80+ case studies of the bacteria persisting (CSF, synovial fluid of the joints, etc...) IDS states long term antibiotics are ineffective because of one study that states 3 months of one antibiotic didn't rid patients of their symptoms. Chronic lyme patients will always relapse if treatment is ended that soon and co-infections (like babesia and bartonella) aren't addressed. Those need separate/different treatment. My LLMD said average treatment is 2 years, but her patients are very sick by the time they find her. Four weeks of antibiotics in the acute phase (first few weeks after tick bite) of the disease is usually effective but your father would be beyond that if he has it. In your father's case, I would get a second opinion from another neurologist. Not that the first one is wrong, but just to have another person look at his situation. Try to find an ilads practitioner who can go through his history. If he is not getting help through conventional medicine (even the best neurologist and infetioous disease doctors won't treat lyme appropriately) and an ilads doctor believes 'clinically' (as there is no accurate test) than a trial treatment with antibiotics. My md uses oral and finds them just as effective, so no PICC line risks. Having a flare of symptoms at the beginning (called a jerish-herxheimer reaction) is telling that the lyme are being killed and the diagnosis is correct. Then improvement starts. Stopping antibiotics before having 2 months of symptom-free (or plateaued health) is then the time to stop antibiotics and watch for a relapse. It's up to the patient to decide the risk of LT antibiotics vs. current state of health and prognosis. Hope this helps clear up some understanding and that your father finds the help he needs.
  10. Women's International Pharmacy in Madison, Wi told me they have plenty of one grain tablets and they do mailorder. I think there is another in Arizona if that's closer for you. On the Naturetroid website says they built a new facility and are working on catching up the backorders. They have other mail order pharmacies on their website, too. I found this pharmacy on there. (Leave some for me though!)
  11. My integrative Md told me to take liquid d3/k2 drops. She said it helps with bone health. I haven't researched it myself though. I like the drops and my kids do so I use them. I use ortho molecular brand.
  12. Wow. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. I can feel exactly what she is writing. I pray she continues to improve. Her hope and determination is so evident. It gives me hope as well. Signed, Fellow Chronic Lyme Sufferer
  13. Drugs. I would literally put a pen in my mouth to bite down on when getting ready to nurse the baby as the pain would hit so hard when my milk let down!!! Ask for narcotics if you can. The midwife told me she prescribed some but I was afraid of being more tired than I already was so I didn't take any. (I should have.) You can schedule ibuprofen and Tylenol to stay ahead of the pain but that only took the edge off.
  14. I would go back to cle. It isn't considered behind; actually I think it's advanced but I haven't used it up to her level. I would take the placement test on their website, too. You don't want her to start at a level that's not right and start off frustrated. I think the only complaint I've seen on here is not enough emphasis on word problems but that could be supplemented.
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