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  1. We've just started Larson's Calculus for AP, but am having a very hard time determining which problems to assign. Could really use help if you've done this book. Thanks!
  2. Wondering how this went for you and which AP exam was taken. Did you look into any of the other Larson books? The $$ is higher than I was hoping and I can't figure out the difference btwn Calc for AP vs something like his Single Variable Book. Thanks
  3. What software/ system do you use to run your co-op --- registration, class lists, etc. We have an in house program right now that we love but will be obsolete soon. We're looking at homeschool life and are wondering what else is out there. Thanks
  4. Our co-op currently uses Engrade for tracking grades, discussions and work assignments. It's been free and they now want to charge $700. What does your co-op use?
  5. TI 84 CE on sale at Amazon $88. Normally $120. Just bought mine. TI 84 PLus was on sale a couple days ago - just for 1 day so my gut tells me this deal prob won't be around tomorrow... https://www.amazon.c...ywords=ti 84 ce
  6. TI 84 CE on sale at Amazon $88. Normally $120. Just bought mine. TI 84 PLus was on sale a couple days ago - just for 1 day so my gut tells me this deal won't be around tomorrow... https://www.amazon.com/Texas-Instruments-TI-84-Graphing-Calculator/dp/B00TFYYWQA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469152976&sr=8-1&keywords=ti+84+ce
  7. Anyone in Orange COunty have a rental or something affordable they can recommend for 1-4 coop students in Orange County? 2 would be working in Cypress and 2 in Manhattan Beach - so ideally between the 2 - or closer to Cypress. From Mid Aug to Mid Dec. Thanks
  8. My 13yo ds just hiked 7hrs with his dad. Not in shape. No prep. Woods and scenery make it fun. 8hrs for that age group is nothing to me.
  9. We hardly ever watch movies, but are looking to watch a few, so recs needed please. Boys are 13 & 10. We typically stick with pg, but did watch gravity and the Martian, discussing as needed. We liked the action of these. What other recs do you have that adults and children will like?
  10. My niece is doing an internship mid-Jan to end of April and will be working at the Empire State Bldg. Does anyone have a room/ place to rent or have suggestions of how to do affordable housing? Please post or PM. Thanks
  11. Looking to get in touch with someone who works in Mgmt at FedEx Office for a project my son's team is working on. Thanks
  12. Can you provide Amazon links of what you're using, please? Like when you say "Gerber Training Pants" there are plastic pants and there are fabric pants. I haven't seen the Nappi with the side snaps... thanks
  13. My older 2 are 9&12 and were potty trained by 18months. Our 3rd is 2years now and we're finally getting around to it. So... what do you recommend for an affordable, reusable, potty training pants/ cloth diaper. Something that'll let her feel wet and keep moisture off me and my furniture. I've looked at like Gerber or Dappi diaper covers, but not sure that's what I should be doing. Thanks. Feeling like a new mom again. :)
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