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  1. We've used AAH 1 & 2. I definitely wouldn't recommend this for a 3rd grader. I just think it's too much for a child that age to comprehend. And as the previous poster said, if you have to do a ton of work to bring it down, it's not the right choice. :) I used AAH for 7th and 8th grade for my older daughter, and am saving it to use for the younger in a few years. Good luck to you! J
  2. Our last name means "Liberator" so we are Liberty Academy. Simple and to the point. LOL
  3. We saw him last year in December and it was awesome! Laughed till we cried! Can't wait till this December...he's coming back! We're buying our tickets next week. Last year, the place was packed!
  4. Openminded, I'm starting to think we are in the same co-op! :)
  5. I despise Pokemon! I can't tell you how thankful I was when my son outgrew that garbage and I refused to let the girls get sucked in. I never realized how awful it was till I actually sat and watched an episode of the cartoon. I was appalled at just how terrible it was on so many levels. Of course, I pretty much feel that way about Barney, so maybe I'm not a good one to give advice..... :tongue_smilie:
  6. Speaking from current experience, it is really going to depend on the expectations of whoever is running the co-op. Our co-op is run by a mom who frankly doesn't have high expectations of her own children. The only people she seems to expect much from are the ones who aren't teaching her children. Grr! There are several hired teachers and we have many, many moms who are dissatisfied with the level of teaching. Unfortunately, the "director" (ever notice how close that word is to dictator? LOL) thinks they are the greatest thing since sliced bread so she refuses to address the issues.
  7. Perhaps if you explained to the woman that they were on break after working an 8 hr. shift in your basement sweatshop, she'd be more understanding? LOL:lol: I actually did use that one once to a snarky waiter at mom's night out. He asked if our children got to play with other children....not just each other's. I answered, "Yes, just as soon as their shift in the sweat shop is done!" Sorry you had to deal with a meanie....seems to be going around these days. J
  8. There is an excellent explanation for a mother's ability to find lost things....the uterus functions as a homing device! :lol: J
  9. My girls are 14 and 9 and the bickering is reaching epic proportions....again. The most tried and true method I have is two-fold. First, I cut out television, which usually results in a dramatic mood improvement. They pick up so much ugliness from seemingly innocent tv shows. :( Second, I make them stick to each other like glue. They literally can't be more than three inches apart. This usually puts them in a good mood fairly quickly since they sometimes look a little silly trying to walk around like that. They almost always end up in one or the other's bedroom laughing and giggling in no time at all. :) As for the inevitable bickering during school time (she's looking at me!), I bought two tri-fold project boards (think science fair) and clipped them together. I stand them up in the center of the table so the girls can't see each other, but I can see both of them. The barricade folds up compactly till the next time I need to separate them. :) I also don't allow them any decorations on the boards. Nothing to see but plain white......... Good luck! J
  10. Sounds like you should probably change banks. Clearly, this bank doesn't do much to protect their customers. Just my opinion.
  11. I hate unhappy endings.... I also would hate to read an entire book only to find that it was just a dream. (Flashback to "Dallas".....LOL) The biggest requirement for me is that the book has to have at least one character that I care about. I need to care whether that character lives or dies, succeeds or fails. When all of the characters have no redeeming qualities, I have a hard time finishing the book. J
  12. I had no idea there were sequels....I'll have to look for those. Personally, I chose to believe he lived. But, I prefer happy endings and I hate to think of anyone going through so much and then dying before it pays off. :) Then the rational part of my brain takes over and tells me he probably died, but died happy. It made me think of the story of "The Little Match Girl." She died, but she died happy....or at least happier. J
  13. The thing that worries me is....if the dog is returned to them, next time they go on vacation, they might not let her roam. Instead, they might leave her locked in a house with no food, water, or air and no one designated to care for her. If it were my dog, I'd want her back, but then....we take ridiculously good care of our dogs and they totally own our family. :) If I knew for a fact that these people were letting this dog roam the streets with no collar, no care, no concern....I hope I could squish my conscience enough to keep her. :) I've seen dogs that cower the way you describe and it breaks my heart to think of any dog feeling that way. One of our dogs is a dachshund, and she is the best dog anyone could ever want. Good luck! J
  14. Is there some way you can volunteer by doing something at home on your own time? Cutting things out? Baking something? I don't know what kind of activities they do, but surely there must be something you can help with that won't require you being there. It makes no sense to expect every parent to be there every week. If there isn't anything you can do from home, then don't feel bad about telling them that you simply cannot do it. If you don't stand up for you, no one else will either! :) :grouphug: J
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