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  1. wow this may be my favorite thread here! i am a professional mathematician but i also get stressed by boring calculations and difficult reasoning, even though i say i love math. i guess i really love the parts that are easy for me and that i am good at, but i have learned to work a bit every so often at the parts that are harder for me. so i could like kevins moms post as well as opposite ones. my first idea was to ask the kiddo what day of the he was born on, and gradually help him solve that problem by noticing that after 365 days the week day changes only by one, so that if his birth
  2. I love that Gil, (#659) and as you know, that method works for multiplication in any base!
  3. When I showed my mostly home schooled epsilon campers how to make a soccer ball from construction paper, with 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons, one 9 year old said immediately: "So a soccer ball is a truncated icosahedron!"
  4. you just wisely deleted a thread i had finally thought of a response to: my biblical support for certain radical positions was: "judge not that ye be not judged". but your choice was better. best wishes.

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