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  1. The science of how computer knows / understands his code is called "compiler". It is a subject in senior year (typically) of a computer science student. Here is a class for it. https://www.coursera.org/course/compilers Hope this helps.
  2. Hi all! I have a 3 year old girl who is quite advanced in reading (at 3rd grade level at this point), but "not quite there yet" in terms of math. She can count to 20 no problem (by 1), but doesn't seem to have the notion of place value yet. She knows her shapes and colors, can count backwards from 10 to 0. She knows which number is bigger, but cannot identify patterns yet (e.g., XYXY what comes next?). I am at loss how to get her more advanced in math. I am wondering if any of you could give me suggestions. I am open to any approach or curriculum. How should I teach her? Also, since sh
  3. I would second R. You can download R for free here: http://www.r-project.org/ Here is a good tutorial book that you can use. Pick one of these: http://cran.r-project.org/doc/contrib/Verzani-SimpleR.pdf http://cran.at.r-project.org/web/packages/IPSUR/vignettes/IPSUR.pdf http://www.academia.dk/BiologiskAntropologi/Epidemiologi/PDF/Introductory_Statistics_with_R__2nd_ed.pdf These are books appropriate for stats 101, which is the basics for any statistical analysis, including GIS-related work. Don't do it on Excel. Stata could not handle big data (especially important for serious GIS re
  4. Thank you so much for your replies! They're very helpful. I was thinking of getting my kid to go through the Bible once every year on select stories, with age-appropriate narrative and lesson plans. So far, I haven't found any. I'm thinking that I'd start for 15-20 mins each, either once or twice a day. I will try to gradually increase the session to maybe 60-90 mins each as she gets older. However, so far I've found none of the curriculums covering the entire Bible in one year (summer included). Or maybe I'm not searching carefully enough? Do you think such curriculum would be great f
  5. How often do you teach Bible to your kids? Once a week? Twice a week? Or more? How long is each session? 45 min? 60 min? 90 min? What curriculum do you use? Thanks.
  6. I would first suggest getting your DD to take AP or IB classes in Biology and Statistics. They will come in really handy in many biomed classes and jobs. I can't stress it enough: Beef up on stats. It will be very useful if she's turning into research career (and very few bio-oriented researchers are stat-savvy at the moment, so stat skills will make her very attractive to employers). If you prefer doing homeschool for the time being, you may want to get your DD interested in animal anatomy and physiology. Here's a few: http://www.amazon.com/Saunders-Veterinary-Anatomy-Coloring-Book/dp/14
  7. Hi all: Thank you so much for your suggestions. Sorry for being so late to respond to you all. I have been pretty busy lately. @mmconde: I will make sure we try Mathematical Reasoning Beginning. We are currently teaching her our native language as well. @Maela: Thanks for letting us know your typical day. It would be great if she could play by herself. So far she wants us to accompany her. Maybe it is because she is an only child. But it will soon change since we learned a few days ago that we are expecting. :) @Embassy: Thanks for letting us know your typical day as w
  8. Hi: Thank you everyone. I am resuming my answers. I am still not finished with reading all the answers. I'm so overwhelmed. Thank you. I will resume my answers later. On some "memorization program": Actually we found that such programs work for my child, at least for a while (at 10-14 month, "Your Baby Can Read"). Back then, she absorbed a lot of new words using pictures as cue. Such programs are not really teaching reading, but they do introduce quite a lot of new words. So, I personally feel somewhat mixed about it. Many other programs, such as Baby Einstein or Brainy Baby, are of li
  9. Wow, thank you everyone! I didn't realize that this thread fired up so many people. I had thought I would elicit about 10 answers or so. I am sorry for indirectly causing all the disagreements among us. I hope that everybody could learn from all the discussion. I'll try my best to provide further background and reply your answers that I've read. The answers I marked "Like" mean that I've read them. I haven't read everything yet. I'll try to resume the answer soon. We have been investing a lot of time reading the books with her. We noticed that she took fancy of books ever since she cou
  10. We have a very advanced 22 year month old. She knows numbers 1-20, counting to 10, all letters A to Z (both upper and lower cases, in or out of order), knows the shapes, compares sizes and quantities, starts learning to read one syllabic words and knows relatively complex commands (e.g., "go get the toilet paper in the drawer, please"), is very intense, seeks our attention almost all the time she's awake. She needs to work on her pronunciation, but she can sing some nursery rhymes correctly (ABC song, twinkle twinkle little star, open and shut, etc.) without knowing the meaning of all the word
  11. Added the list, as promised. Feel free to add / reorganize. Thanks.
  12. Thank you all. The list and tips are fabulous. I will find some more resources and I'll put it on the first post (hopefully) soon. Thanks.
  13. Hi all: Sorry for the delay. I compiled the resource list, as promised. I provided non-referral Amazon links when appropriate. Apologies if this is not appropriate. Since I have a toddler daughter (18 mo. atm), I add most to the Toddler section and not much about the rest. What my wife and I did was to keep her interest up in reading and math using books and toys. Hence the list. Kindly add to the list and I will add them. The list might be a bit disorganised, please make suggestions too. Some of the items came from others, most notably from quark. Thanks. Resource list Parents' m
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