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  1. In the past JCAHO could grant Medicare certification but Medicaid was more complex in some states. That changed in 2010 with MIPPA. CMS is now the Medicare authority. Medicaid is still regulated largely at the state level and several states do not recognize JCAHO for state facility licensure.
  2. My husband actually did the bulk of Thanksgiving this year. I worked a physician overnight shift in the ED 11/22 into 11/23. It was a really busy night and pretty much everyone truly needed to actually be in an ED (or ICU). Somehow everyone survived. I left the hospital and went to run a Turkey Trot with our daughters. I came home, showered, and went to sleep. DH did pretty much all of Thanksgiving Dinner except some of the pies I made ahead of time. Also when I got up and felt human again I pulled together a quick spinach lasagna to go along with the rest of the meal (a tribute to my Italian
  3. I'm sorry for whatever else is difficult and complicated in your life. I think I would impose consequences for taking/destroying her sister's things. In our family, while we encourage sharing and helping, we do respect our children's right to have choose not to share some possessions and in some contexts and situations to choose not to help. Generally they do choose to share with and help their siblings. For example, when our current DD17 and our eldest daughter were both living at home they did share clothes some [as possible---our eldest is quite tall so some things were just not sharea
  4. We have adopted through foster care and we had guardianship of my husband's godson (his late father was one of DH's best friends) while he aged out of foster care in our home. Having said that, I truly see myself as a mother of ten. Although I have different connections to and special relationships with all of my children I see that as the reality that they are all unique and special individuals. Each of them bring something different, yet very beautiful, to the fabric of our tightly woven family. Half of our children are my biological offspring, 60% of our children are my husband's biologica
  5. You may find that when he sees baby brother or sister in the stroller it reminds him that strollers are kind of nice. Our little girls are a little closer in age than yours will be (currently 1, 4, just turned 7, and 8) so I've always liked to have the option of a double stroller. We've done dueling double strollers at times as well. My recommendation would be the Double Britax B-Agile but that is probably outside of your price range unless you find a really good sale. It also is probably most useful if you're using it with the travel system and I seem to recall you are not a fan of Britax mo
  6. Prayers for your son and his team.
  7. Oh, yes, I'm aware that as it currently stands there is no rule against running JO kids in/out/through the Xcel precious medals. The sense our HC has gotten from region meetings, and congress is that USAG is working to make Xcel more of a recreation stream for children training fewer hours etc. For this reason he has made the executive decision that we now use L6 for girls who aren't ready for L7 or need a low key year to work on something specific training wise. One thing I will say for our HC is that he really does try to keep the playing field level and really prides himself on the sport
  8. Isn't the flyaway the dismount for the compulsory L5 bars routine? It seems that it was the required dismount for the old L6. I suspect our daughters' gym would have probably either given them the option to compete L5 mid season and beyond after they mastered their skills, or repeat L4. I realize that they may feel like they are repeating for a second time at L4 but they really wouldn't have been. Although "our" gym never competed L4 until L5 was renamed L4 we do have some girls in our gym who are doing a second year of L4 this year and are really in the same situation your daughters group c
  9. Gymnastics is a journey. The road isn't always smooth or linear. Also I believe that if she competes L2 this year it will be the equivalent of what was called L3 two years ago. Between old L2 and old L6 everything just moved down a level. Our daughters' gym never used to compete before L5. Now they compete L4 because USAG has renamed their old L5 and calls it L4. Best of luck to Tori this year!
  10. DD14 will be embarking on yet another season of L10. I've been told her piked Jaegar is solid awesome and now connected into her pak. We'll see if I'm burying my head in DH's shoulder when she competes it. DD4 is still playing in the pre school gym. Her gym is good about being developmentally appropriate so bars are the only apparatus where she has a lot skills that look like "real gymnastics" [as she puts it]. She has both of her hip circles, a pullover, and a strong cast. DD14 says that she is actually scarily close to having a kip so we might have another bars girl or we may be raisi
  11. Continuing to pray for your son and your family.
  12. More prayers for your son and your family. I hope the bone marrow results are encouraging!
  13. DH and I co-taught a science class through our Co-op because the person who was supposed to teach bailed at the last minute and our DFD9 (who was eight then) was really looking forward to it. It was very experiment based so the co-op part was fun. We worked on the concepts ahead of time and afterward at home and she loved it. We offered a reference list and even a recommended companion text for parents to use alongside but I don't think many people followed through with that and we set the course up in a way that the experiments could stand alone after a short prep/concept session. We were
  14. I'm very sorry. I will pray for your son, your family, and everyone involved.
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