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  1. I realize I am coming in late in the thread, however, my dd14 (beginning 9th) had a very similar 7th and 8th grade year. We tried several programs before I bought the one year remedial Bridgeway math (two book package). This was the answer for us. She has worked her way through the first book (which covers/review/reteach with clarity) the algebra type math from the earliest grades. She gained much confidence and is now a third of the way through the pre-algebra book. she came out of her room yesterday cheering that she got 100% on her test. (This is miraculous) She was completely unmotivated, even to the point of lying about completing work, until this program. I was planning on working through it with her, but have found it Entirely self teaching and done in an easy to understand, clear simple manner. She is working on this one hour per day and when complete, will move in to CLE Algebra. (Which also lays things out pretty nicely) Here is a link to the review that sold me, and I am so glad we did it...So much wasted $ on math curriculum..ugh http://homeschoolinghelp.com/homeschool-curriculum-remedial-math-homeschoolers/
  2. Yes, she is very interested. Did your son choose something similar as a career? I am wondering how much opportunity there is for younger kids to participate in programs. She has never talked to anyone who actually has constructive ideas. She just gets ideas from looking things up. She is extremely excited about doing a huge project as an elective in the art category.. IT would be nice to even have an online environment where she can get constructive criticism.
  3. A class like that locally would be wonderful. I am thinking of taking her over to the local university and see if they might let her spend some time with the make up department of the theater. My older daughter worked in their wardrobe/costuming and could maybe pave the way:) here are a couple of her projects. She tends to randomly exit her room with some form of painful looking wound...yuck My 17 year old son can't even look at her sometimes..haha
  4. Thank you ladies. Wasn't thinking about the extended/outside work idea. I will look up the Alien Think class..I have looked up some CSI type classes and they are pretty pricey..But I could plan ahead for next year.
  5. I am a long time homeschooler..but this will be my first year where I have a high schooler. (the rest went to PS) This particular daughter(14) is not a scholar..She does ok with general studies, but struggles. However, she is pretty fantastic when it comes to creating incredibly lifelike wounds, scales, ripped out eyes, bullet wounds etc. She watches some csi and learned that clues come from the damage to the body, and will spend hours researching the proper blood splatter, bone structure etc, in order for her finished wound to look as realistic as possible. What she can create with geletin and paper towels is crazy! And when giving a FX make up kit last Christmas she really began to do some amazing things. (False tongues, severed foot..etc. ) I have often had to look away and ask her not to show the rest of the kids. In any case. There are no opportunities around our rural area for her to have training in this "art" if it can be called that? Can I turn this time that she spends in to a course? What would I need to do? Also, I am trying to keep her away from the demonic, evil type of work at this age. lol..Southern Baptist teen gifted in demonic artistry..yikes.. Thank you ..I can post a picture of one of her "injuries" if I am allowed?
  6. Trish, This is what i am trying to do too. For 10 years we have had so many different issues and there has never been anyone to attempt to see the big picture. I just want someone to recognize the whole, not consider each piece completely unrelated, as each and every quirky behavior and physical condition, make up who she is. I just sometimes feel like we are fending for ourselves in very unknown territory. I have 7 other children. Aside from one having epilepsy and another who is beginning to have difficulty learning to read, they are typical. She is right in the middle and lots and lots of work:) thank you all for your help and compassion. Rebecca
  7. I guess I really just need to jump in and get started. Hmmm. lots of options. Unfortunately my local dr. that she is under hasn't really seen her since she was little. And now they don't know any of her history. New dr. at the office.. etc. I did get a pm with mention of the possibility of discalculia. Very interesting and makes a lot of sense as one additional possibility to add to the list. I would just love to get a comprehensive test of both academic and everything else (not sure what it is all called:) Thanks for all of your suggestions. Lots to think about. Now if I could just get her in the shower and get her hair brushed without a breakdown ...We could be presentable for the dr's:)
  8. Thank you. Haven't seen a gentics dr at dupont since she was an infant. Used to see a Dr. Barteshesky. Since she was two we have been going to a FAD specialist named Dr. Vockley at Pittsburgh Children's Hosiptal. But she is hasn't been there in 2 years either. Guess I'll have to see where a referral will take me:) She currently goes to nephrology only in terms of being "followed" by anyone. Thank you everyone for your help and recommendations. A further question might be this. Does it sound to you all that she needs to be seen? These "quirks" are not imagined, but maybe aren't meriting lots of referrals "disrupting" her life. Am I trying to create a problem? (I have been told this by some family.) You see for all anyone not personally involved, she just appears to be a normal kid with some odd behavior. Unfortunately this brings expectations up to a level she can't always reach. Everyone thinks its "cute". My husband is beginning to see the forest for the trees as she ages and we see very little progression in her academics year after year. What do you think from reading her issues? Be honest. I need to hear it if it sounds like I am being one of "those moms" who need to back off. Thank you all. I don't really have anyone to talk to and I am beginning to flounder in my homeschooling. I have exhausted my own "ideas" of how to help her and honestly don't know how to help.
  9. Lengthy process;) It sounds like the years it took to find her genetic disorder.. But now that she is older, I really , really need a big picture! Thank you all for your advice and shared experiences.
  10. What is a neuropsychologist seen for?
  11. :bigear:So both of you recommend a developmental pediatrician. I will make an appointment with my general practitioner and get a referral. We already go to AI Dupont for Children for her kidney. That is the only thing being followed at this time. And only once a year for a quick visit. There is no connecting the dots between all of her issues. I also need a referral for a Chest Wall specialist for the pectus carinatum. I am wondering if someone like this kind of doctor might look at everything and attempt to coordinate the many unique issues she has? She had many problems as a newborn that I always forget about:) Two weeks in the NICU. They were very concerned about the kidneys. She had one working kidney and a blob of cysts where the other should be. She had IUGR at birth and severe failure to thrive at 7 months and spent a week at Dupont. She had to be tube fed for months a double amount of calories in order for her to gain any weight. She had to have everything thickened for a year as she was a silent aspirator and had pneumonia repeatedly. She didn't walk till almost two and had PT till 3. She has a slight "syndrome" look to her but everything was ruled out when she was in the hospital at 7 months. Anywhooo:) All this to say, I always forget about all of her physical issues and treat her just like the other 7. She is expected to behave the same and work the same. I believe this will help her in the long run. But now that all of the academic problems are glaring us in the face it is making things more difficult. She is now passed by her 7 and 6 year old sisters and her 4 year old brother is more capable in math. She is beginning to feel "stupid". It is finally sinking in, for both of us, that she isn't going to "catch up". sigh... Thanks for listening. I guess the pediatritcian is the way to go. Think I will skip the public school testing for now.
  12. Aside from a lot of prayer:) Where do you begin to do testing? Through the local school? the pediatrician? I just don't know where to start. DD is 10, has multicystic kidney disorder (one removed at 2), mild SCAD (a genetic disorder) now she diagnosed with pectus carinatum (pigeon chest)a randomly odd problem for her to have which will surely make her feel even more isolated as she gets older. She is in the 1st percentile for weight. (although this doesn't worrry anyone she sees ) Annoys her siblings and their friends to no end. The friends she used to have in pre K and kindergarten have jumped ship and now are friends with her older sister and leave her completely out of times together. She is very clingy to everyone. Has very few friends. Only other kids who tend to be different. I feel very confused. My husband and I joke about how she will live with us always. But it is becoming more and more of a non joking issue. I just don't know how to begin. Academically she Can't add or subtract, tell time or add money. Can't write, beginning to copy some. Grammar is non existent. She can read. Remembers details of every event over the last 8 years. but can't remember her addition facts. She eats with her fingers. Smells everything. and lots more quirky things I can't think of right now. Anyway. (She has low muscle tone and difficulty with a lot of activies. She cannot ride a bike or coordinate on a scooter. one funny note. She is in her fourth year of Upward soccer and finally touched the ball last week. She usually just walks around the field and has only ever acccidently touched the ball. )After all the rambling I am just wondering where you all begin.Thank you:)
  13. Hi! I am chiming in here with my experience. I also had hopes to put my kids in to the dvd program and free up time...etc. It actually backfired for me. This is just my experience. I will tell you the good and bad for us. I had 2 kids in PS. 2 using the distance learning on computers and 2 using the dvds as I only had two tvs. as well as a preschool and 2 year old underfoot. 5th, 3rd/1st special needs, 1st, and K programs using full BJU programs. 1. There is a TON of prep work. Besides being costly, I printed out at least 2 reems of paper in the summer to prepare worksheets and manipulatives that go along with each subject for each grade. As well as daily supply gathering for several subjects for each grade level. I really thought I was organized and prepared. Spent hours upon hours printing and putting everything in binders with tabs etc. This was very helpful for daily work, but there still ended up being other things that needed to be gathered and organized each day. I think you can order some of these papers preprinted this year. But that is an additional expense. *I have a friend that used it for one child. She also felt like there was a tremendous amount of prep work, but was doable for one. She is not using it again next year because of the prepping. *I ended up spending more time trying to get all the necessary items and papers for the kids than I would have with my former eclectic approach to teaching. After much soul searching, I quit it mid year because of the stress it put on myself and my kids. This was a very diffficult decision as it was a huge financial sacrifice. But we felt that the lack of peace outweighed the guilt of not using the dvds. I continued to use several of the worktexts without the videos. However, the actual classes and teachers were wonderful. Very engaging and strong in terms of educational instruction. *The problem would be that the teacher would say, " You should have such and such supplies in a paper bag in your desk, also pull out such and such a folder. pull out page 3. In your manipulatives bag for today there will be 6 pennies and one eraser. You will also need the farm mat that will be in your desk.....etc etc etc." My point being that the kids want to have the same things the teacher is using for her example. They are being told that it is there for them. *There are moms minutes to watch for every class for every grade level. A couple of minutes of talking from the teacher about what supplies the kids will need, what will be covered etc. Anyway...;) Don't mean to be a huge downer. I really loved the idea, had high hopes and jumped in there thinking it would give me the time I needed to get a few things done around the house etc. And that just wasn't the case for me. PM me if you have any other questions. Like I said. The kids and I liked the classes, and liked the teachers. But not one of them ever asked for the dvds again. :001_huh:
  14. I rarely post here, but this thread has actually helped me so much. If nothing else, I realize there are so many others out there who are experiencing similar struggles. I have just recently come to peace (sort of) that Cassie is not going to "catch up" every year I try to push her instead of peacefully recognizing she is not going to jump 3 or 4 grade levels and reach her peers. She will be 10 in Aug. I kept her back in K and so she is a 3rd grader (public school wanted her in with her peers which would have her is 4th) This is our 4th year in K math. She cannot answer "what is 2 +3 without significant patience and discussion. Here is how it goes typically... "Cassie.... honey.... if you have 2 apples and then I give you 3 more ... how many will you have?" ... No.. hold up 2 fingers.. now here is my hand with three more. Let's put them together.... you get the idea... ugh! Year after year after year! She can actually read on grade level. Socially she is annoying to all around her. She is in everyones personal space, eats with her hands, smells everything...etc. We have no diagnosis for her academic troubles or her social graces. She is also small.. she weighs 42lbs at almost 10 years old. And as another poster commented, she has never been invited to a sleepover. Her sisters, both older and younger are invited to parties on a regular basis.. not Cassie. So so sad. And unfortunately her siblings are not her best supporters. WE are working on this. She was severely failure to thrive. 11 lbs at 8 months. Has multi cystic dysplastic kidney disease (had one removed at 2 years old) Has a fatty oxidation disorder called SCAD, and has recently been diagnosed with Pectus Carinatum. All of these things are supposedly unrelated, have nothing to do with her weight or her learning. And the pectus carinatum just seems like a cruel joke as it is just a cosmetic problem of a severely protruding breastbone. just what she needs! Anyway. Thank you for this thread. I am not alone, and neither is she. Wish we could all meet at the park!! I will pray for you all. And your sweet children. They are a gift from God. They do not have to be academically gifted in any way to reach others for the kingdom. So maybe our focus can be teaching them of Christ's love and how to unashamedly tell others about it. He uses all things for good. God bless you all.!
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