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  1. I don't remember. I've blocked it out. Lol.

    Seattle to San Francisco, SF to Seoul, Seoul to Beijing. We got to our hostel and napped. When our host came to wake us for dinner, I couldn't rouse my traveling companion. Host was very concerned that she was ill and wanted to call a doctor. I convinced him that she was just tired, and we left her while we ate. She missed the pickled pigs ears and little packages of pigeon meat. I claimed to be vegetarian because I'm a wimp. Lol. 

  2. I have found that increasing the amount of cream a bit made coffee without sweetener more palatable. My favorite way is a good glug of heavy whipping cream stirred in, but that's a bit much for most mornings, so I compromise with half and half. lol

    Edited to add: I tried the monkfruit/erythritol sweetener, and it was okay, I guess, but I think monkfruit doesn't read "sweet" to my tastebuds. And erythritol makes me feel like I'm drinking cough drop coffee, with the tongue cooling effect. 

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  3. If the club assignments were evidence of data mining, I have to say that the algorithms really stink. None of the clubs I was assigned to were of any interest to me. And it’s not like I’m super secretive on the interwebs. Hmmm...she frequents Ravelry, Amazon, and Gardenweb...she must be into celebrity gossip, extreme sports, and chess!

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  4. 17 minutes ago, Stacia said:

    Give them the benefit of the doubt. I think most people are honest. And I reduce prices if anyone asks anyway. My goal is to get rid of stuff. Period. (What is not sold is donated anyway, so whether something sold for a dollar or 50 cents is fairly irrelevant by the end of the day, imo.)

    Yeah, sure. Maybe someone was dishonest. But it was just as likely an honest mistake or mix-up. Perhaps you just made someone's day because of the mistake. Maybe someone was able to get something they need because of it.

    Is it really worth the stress of worrying about that or of arguing with a stranger for the difference of a few cents or a dollar? For me, no. Just my personal outlook....

    You must have a different demographic who frequent yard sales in your area. Garage salers here are happy to argue that a trek mountain bike has a 5c label, or to bargain down an item from a buck to fifty cents, then try to pay with a counterfeit hundred dollar bill. It’s just not worth it to me anymore. 

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  5. They're sneaky around here. In the nearby city, there is a police vehicle that is a small, beat up honda, similar to the ones that drag race down a main road, that often watches the speed trap. Out where we live now in the sticks, there is a sheriff's vehicle that is a beat up old pickup. 

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  6. I need to do this. We've been bleeding money like crazy for the last several months--tenants had to be evicted from our rental house, and repairs to the rental house that took wwwaaaayyyyy longer than expected. I've also been putting off non-house expenses and at this point need to buy some things--shoes, for example. Underwear. (uh, hon, is that supposed to be a string bikini? or is your underwear just strings now? lol) Ugh. I'll take stock and see what I can do.

  7. Since the blackout started, I've been leaving shopping carts around parking lots willy-nilly, I've gotten food poisoning seven times because I couldn't determine if things were safe to eat, and somehow we're now using eighteen math curriculums concurrently. Help!

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