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  1. So true! I lost quite a bit of weight after 50 and my dh says I'm starting to look like Skeletor. I'm not even close to being too thin however the extra skin dragging down my face is unattractive to say the least.




    There is a lady who attends the same weight watchers meeting that I do, and she has the loveliest, softest face. I was shocked when she mentioned that she had turned 65. I'm secretly observing her to see what happens as she loses more weight. 

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  2. While I enjoy being an independent homeschooler, some of my friends enjoy taking part in one of the "Alternative Learning Experience" (ALE) programs available in my state. The program pays for (secular) curriculum and the student checks in with a teacher on a regular basis. Legally they are public school students, but I meet lots of families who use ALEs and are active in the local homeschool community. I like that there are options. 

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  3. Eh. I don't know if I like Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers. I'm a bit soured on him after watching Sully. Maybe I'm old and cynical, but I thought that movie was a total stinker. I liked it better as a reality TV plane-crash show episode. :) I don't really follow what's going on in the television/movie world, but I could see one of the kind, gentle sitcom dad types playing Mr. Rogers. 

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  4. When I was in college I worked in the library reference department with a young man who had recently emigrated from Burundi. After graduation, I took part in an exchange program and taught in a technical college in northern China. The foreign teachers and students often ate together in a little cafeteria behind the international dorm, and there I met a young man, from Burundi, with the same first name name as the man I'd worked with in college. Making small talk, I remarked that I knew another person from Burundi with his name. "Oh, was it (college coworker)?" Yes, in fact, it was. They had been childhood best friends. :)

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  5. I had a cat who thought that "dodge the water spray" was a great game. He acted just like my kids when they think they are sneaking around and getting away with something. He'd even get my attention before doing whatever it was that he wasn't supposed to be doing, to make sure I was going to play along by grabbing the spray bottle. What a little twerp. I loved him. 

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    An old friend of mine claimed to have done a test to see where his cat was hanging out when said friend was at work. Now, this friend was a bit of a joker, and very deadpan, so you never knew if he had actually done the wacky things he claimed to have done. Anyway, he claimed that he applied lipstick to his cat's rear end...and looked for lipstick prints. Seems far-fetched, but...maybe not for him. Anyway, if anyone wants to try it...let the hive know what happens.  :lol:

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  7. I understand how off-label usage works. It’s just interesting to ponder how many of our kids have been given a drug never tested for peds, and so are basically the clinical trial for that usage. I doubt many people think to ask their pediatrician if the drug their child has just been prescribed has been approved for peds. I know my ped and my ob/gym have given my kids and me respectively off-label uses of prescription drugs. I trust their judgment and I’m glad they inform me.


    Lots of psych meds are also used off-label. I remember one company got in trouble a few years ago...I don't exactly remember what they had done, but I think that they had encouraged the use of their medication for just about everything...anxiety, bipolar, insomnia, etc. without having specifically tested it for all of the conditions. 

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  8. *clicks link*


    Clearly, she's not an r-pronouncer for the word February. If you visit M-W's entry for that word and scroll to the comments, you'll see that the argument between those who say it as written and those who elide the first r is vitriolic. Both pronunciations are widespread and standard. Nobody wants to accept this.


    Is the pronunciation of February with or without an r a regional thing? I couldn't find a map for it, like the common pin/pen map. 

  9. If the disease was endemic to an area, then both a control group and the treatment group would be exposed to the disease, so you would be able to get relative reactions to the vaccines as compared to the control group. One of the benefits of a control group is to cancel out the effects of these factors you have mentioned, and I think in the area where the diseases already endemic it would be more ethical to test even, though you may have some background level of some clinical immunity ( which should be accounted for by your control group).



    Doh! Experimental design 101. Of course you are correct. I apparently can't multitask as efficiently as I thought I could.  :laugh:

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  10. Suit yourself with your beliefs. I'm keeping mine.


    I don't buy the drug company line that they can't do testing "there." I can see them using that line with the unwritten small print being something to the effect of "as easily or as cheaply as we can here," but I don't believe it to be true without the small print. I don't see drug companies as the saints many folks might think of them as. They are after the money from what they are producing. If they see no significant money coming from something, they aren't going to keep developing it. The higher the profit, the better from their POV.


    "Drugs we all use" is rather subjective too. My family uses none on a regular basis. ;) But if we had to use something, or wanted to try something new, I'd want it to be tested here on similarly "at risk" folks rather than someone whose body might be nothing like mine in how it reacts to things. If it were very new, but seemed worthwhile, that's when the potential benefit could outweigh the risk to be among the first to give it a go.



    I can buy that they can’t do the vaccine testing in an area where the disease is endemic. If they are measuring antibody titers to determine immunity, it would be impossible to determine if new immunity was due to the vaccine, or due to a subclinical community-acquired infection.

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  11. I remember learning to spell dilemma as dilemna.


    My husband also swears he learned dilemna. I didn't realize that it was widespread. I thought it was just a California thing, like how he says "wuf" for wolf.  :laugh:


    Jiffy is also a brand of cheap baking mixes. 



    I have "fond" memories of Jiffy muffins. Fake blueberries and you don't even get a full dozen muffins out of the box. "The food is bad--and the portions are so small!"

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