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  1. I didn't see this until now. How did it go? Our first appointment was just a chat so we could get to know the psych and she could get to know how P thinks. We did a bit of history, then P got us off on a rabbit trail and the psych went along to see where he would go. It actually was very helpful for her to interact with him in a very natural way.
  2. Tide laundry detergent. I keep trying others, but I always go back to Tide.
  3. There should be a "zombie" tag that could be added to warn us of reanimated threads. lol
  4. We like the Chicken Tikka Masala from America's Test Kitchen. :)
  5. I think that level three would be a mixed bag for a 12 y/o. Some of the projects--the contour line birds, the boats and water color mixing--would be fun for a tween. Other projects--I'm thinking Polar Express, Scarecrow, and Circus Trailer--seem young for 12.
  6. Well, this changes my answer. Now I think that you should smash the iPad, burn the pieces, and send the ashes into space on a rocket. :tongue_smilie:
  7. My impression is that the public schools are trying to cram in as much learning as possible before being smart isn't cool anymore, and they lose the kids' attention.
  8. For generations, moms made dinner without electricity and running water, too. I'm not going back to using a fire and a bucket in a well just because my great great great grandmother did it that way. Fifteen minutes of Starfall while I chop veggies is not going to stunt my child's development.
  9. When my dh got an iPad, I was adamant that the kids would not be using it--until I saw all of the educational apps that keep them busy while I change a diaper, do laundry, etc. We use guided access, and the kids use apps like the Barefoot Atlas, Starfall, Human Body. And occasionally Plants vs. Zombies. lol They are where I can still keep an eye on them and hear what they are doing, but I think that judicious use of electronics is perfectly acceptable for a 6 y/o. They know that I control access, and if they whine about getting it, they don't use it.
  10. If someone accused me of not washing my hands I think I'd make a point of touching each serving spoon, handling every roll in the basket, and I might even double dip a chip for good measure.
  11. Between the essential oil peddlers and the TJEd keynote speakers our local homeschool convention is looking more and more sketchy!
  12. I can't fathom that an adult would need to be reminded to wash up after pooping. Yuck!
  13. Love Liza. I couldn't finish it. I am sure that it's not a bad movie, but it was just so bleak I couldn't finish it. I watch movies to escape from the bleakness of real life, not to wallow in it.
  14. Your son's profile looks very much like my son's profile. I can relate, in that what is on the paper looks much more bleak than the child in front of you. I think that the high verbal skills seem to compensate for many of less strong areas. My son is only 7, so I don't have any suggestions, but I will be following along for ideas.
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