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  1. We did SSL 1 & 2 and the retention was really really low. We are now working through GSWL and 3 years of flashcards for vocab and hes just starting to remember all the words. We still listen to the CD's fairly regularly. However, my 4yo knows most the latin words in SSL 1&2 now as well so there is always that benefit of intense repetition. Even with the low retention, SSL made latin a "fun" subject so I don't regret doing it at all. I do wish we skipped the workbook and just did the DVD/ CDs/ flashcards.
  2. We are in RS E and rarely use the abacus. Somewhere in the middle of B we dropped it for the most part. I will pull it out to show a new strategy if there is a lesson on it, but it's rarely used after that. RS is great even without it. If she likes doing in "in her brain" Beast Academy could be a really good fit. It is difficult, but worthwhile. We do both BA and RS they complement each other well.
  3. Could you share how this lines up with SOTW? I’ll be looking to do the same thing in two years hopefully.
  4. I would look into University of Maryland University College. It primarily serves military overseas and is designed with that type of student in mind. Also very easy to transfer credits to other University of Maryland schools (College Park or Baltimore College) both of which would look good if the goal is med school.
  5. We use both RS and BA. This year we finished up RS C and BA 3, and will be skipping RS D, doing RS E and BA 4. I think they complement each other wonderfully. BA is hard and makes the kids think differently. It's full of puzzles and difficult questions. But it's not great at teaching algorithms or incremental lessons. This is where RS comes it. It's ability to not just teach an algorithm, but to teach the why behind the algorithms is wonderful. It's repetition and mental math teaching is far greater than BA. In terms of time, sometimes RS is just way to slow. We condense lessons, do 2-3 lessons in one day picking out the highlights, or just plain skip things he knows. We are skipping an entire level because between BA3 and RSC, he's covered all the material in RS D already.
  6. I've kept and often use these lists made by another board member for books for accelerated readers. We've had good luck using them so far.
  7. 24 weeks here and I deal with it by not having another option. It's not like there is any way to stop it, so not dealing isn't an option. I've had extreme morning sickness all 3 pregnancies so far, and it's the largest reason I've waiting 4+ years between kids. I'm a mess while pregnant because of the morning sickness. I pretty much don't go in the kitchen. Family eats terrible, but still eats and they will survive. My 4yo knows not to bug mommy when she's vomiting. It's terrible, but it's just reality so you deal. Things that help in the first half of pregnancy are laying down, cold air, and quiet. The later half of preg is different for me because the vomiting is caused more by extreme heartburn than nausea. In this stage sitting halfway up is most helpful as laying down all the way makes the heartburn worse. Carbonated drinks help.
  8. If you have a tablet the Prodigy app has that feature. It helps a lot.
  9. I haven't found much in terms of full curriculum that are as entertaining as BA. However, if you aren't opposed to electronics, there are some great apps to stretch the time till he's ready for 3 or waiting for more of 2 to come out. Dragonbox, DB Numbers, Elements (by DB people), Prodigy (goes to higher level as well), there are more I'm forgetting.
  10. Sounds normal to me. My just turned 4yo doesn't recognize his name or draw shapes yet. He knows his shapes, but his drawing skills are still at scribbling level. I don't see anything to worry about yet, kids develop differently and 4-5 seems to be an age with tons of new skills to develop.
  11. We still use RS, mostly through C, but almost never use manipulatives anymore. I think it was around the middle of B when ds stopped using them. The program works fine for the most part without them. Occasionally we pull them out for a more complicated topic, but that's really rare now. We also skip almost all of the games since starting level C.
  12. Normally, I would say adults in the small bedroom. However, something no one else mentioned that would be a dealbreaker for me is leaving kids alone in a room with a balcony. Between crazy toddlers and adventurous preteens I would never feel safe with that situation. The other concern would be whether your youngest would end up in your room/bed anyway for a while even if he was technically in the big room with his sisters. Obviously this would vary by family, but something to consider if you go to the small room and still end up with 3 people in there.
  13. We combine RightStart and Beast Academy. The level for RS is a year lower than that of BA so it’s a bit easier. We do 4-5 lessons of RS a week and 3 days on BA. So far it’s kept us on schedule to finish in a year without taking a summer break (which we don’t for math). We aren’t tied to the schedule though. If RS lessons are really easy we will do 2-3 a day. If BA is especially challenging we won’t do RS that day. So far it’s been working great.
  14. We have a shelf for “fun schoolâ€. Books that are challenging, games I find valuable for his learning, puzzles, etc. Having a shelf has helped me curate the selection he has. He also has approved “school†apps - stuff like scratch, prodigy, elements, maybe BrainPOP. Included in this is writing journals (he loves to write) but if it’s for school time I require that each page has a full sentence. Piano playing is always allowed as well. Usually he has an hour a day of this, but often chooses to stay with what he’s doing for much longer. This is almost always the last part of school for us and functions as a nice transition period.
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