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  1. I would love some insight on my 5th graders writing. I am currently struggling with knowing what is age appropriate and what is not. When I read these, I just see many flaws and don't know where to start. This year we are using Writing with Skills 1, and also doing weekly summaries of history and science as per the WTM. This is an example from WWS, summarizing a section in 2-3 sentences. Then 2 examples of history summaries and a science summary.
  2. This thread is perfect timing for me. I'd love more recommendations for MS, maybe even early HS level texts. My oldest is looking for "real" science to work on when I can't do BFSU with him. I'll be looking into all these recommendations.
  3. We love Maryland. It is very very diverse though, and each area is different. Southern Maryland is very different if you mean St. mary's and south/east, versus Charles county versus PG county. It goes from city to suburbs to rural very quickly, with corresponding cultural differences in each area. The downside of southern/central MD for me is the weather. Annoyingly hot and humid in summer. Cold and wet in the winter, but rarely do we get snow (1-2x a year, some years no snow). The bugs are no joke either. We are in southern MD now but hope to retire to western MD for a better climate and traf
  4. I think both types of play are important, and try to make time for both. I always intend to give my kids hours upon hours of free play time everyday that is not in any way directed by me or my goals for their education. But I also schedule lots of educational games and play activities into our school time, though mostly just games. Things like Valence, or Noggins Trivia Games, or GeoPuzzles, or even apps like Dragonbox or Starfall. These are games, and my kids definitely consider them playing, even choosing many of our "educational" board games for their own play during freetime, but I do cons
  5. I'd encourage you to think of it less as city vs country, and be open to the many areas of compromise in between. I live 15 minutes outside of DC, and can walk to a bus stop that will take me anywhere in the greater DC area. However, we also live like we are in the country. We have 5 acres, some of our neighbors have 100 acres. We had a hobby farm at one point. I can't hear the highway or city noises, but I can hear the jets from the Air Force Base nearby. I get many of the benefits of city living (water, trash, short drives, public transit) but also many of the benefits of country living. I c
  6. We use duvet covers (same material as sheets) over down comforters. The duvet covers get washed weekly (actually every other week, but we have 2 sets, so they are only on the bed for a week) and the comforter every other month or more often if needed (we still have little kids, they are gross sometimes). We don't use top sheets though, so the duvet cover serves the purpose of a sheet. None of my kids could ever use a sheet to keep a blanket clean, nor could I, as we wrap the comforter all around us and between legs etc. Sometimes I sleep on top of the comforter, so... sheets wouldn't mean less
  7. Ugh. This makes me so angry. We supported him and his videos and channel and recommended them constantly. This infuriates me. Especially rough after my kids favorite Ninja Warrior found guilty of similar crimes.
  8. That is so scary! My 6yo was like that, honestly some days still is. We installed a pressure rod on the window so you can't open it. It is so tight I can't get get it off. I know they sell rods meant for windows, but I think ours is a shower curtain rod? The key is making it very tight so even if a kid puts thier entire body weight into it they can't get it off.
  9. One thing I've been trying this year has been alternating independent versus together days on a per subject basis, so that no subject gets neglected due to too much independent work. So one kid might do math independently on Mon/wed, but work with me on math on Tues/Thurs. For science he could be independent on Tues/Thurs, but work with me on Mon/wed. Then I'd pick the opposite schedule for the other kid. This way each subject gets attention even if I can't give every subject for every kid attention every day.
  10. Anyone have any good suggestions for boys shoes, to handle to wet and cold? We always used to just do rainboots or snowboots, but he really dislikes those, I think because they aren't tight on the foot and come up so high. He runs and climbs trees and heavy boots just aren't practical. But he goes through 3-4 pairs of sneakers over a winter because of the damage if being wet constantly.
  11. We used BA 3-5 after using RightStart and Miquon with a fairly advanced math loving kid, for context. We LOVED BA 3-4. It was the perfect amount of practice with difficult puzzles. Lvl 5 was a completely different story. In order to process quickly in lvl 5, a kid needs to be able to quickly multiply multidigit numbers and easily and quickly divide multidigit numbers. IMO BA failed at teaching how to do this quickly and painlessly. It taught the concepts well, but at some point a kid will want to move on from concepts to quick use of algorithms and this is where we struggled with BA. It r
  12. Starfall - I highly highly recommend this. It is wonderful, from learning basic letters to reading books to kids, includes math as well, K-2 levels. Dragonbox - DB Numbers especially Khan if he can manage basic reading to navigate. Khan kids app on ipad if not. Preloaded Magic School Bus videos if you have a way to do this.
  13. My recent thread there got locked, a thread asking for Sex Ed resources, locked because I defended the use of "male anatomy" and "female anatomy" as not transphobic. This has just confirmed my frustrations over the group, which have little to do with "secular" and a lot more to do with deleting/locking without any explanation. I did see that another facebook group got started for secular homeschoolers who are interested in "compromise" options if they are the best options. I am still very glad for some of the resources found through SEA, but it certainly no longer works for me.
  14. We keep chickens year round, but -60 deg is REALLY cold for chickens. I would ask around locally to you to see what other people in a similar climate do. They will definitely need a heat source with it that cold, and the water will need a heater to stay liquid.
  15. The one I have is frosted so you can see through it, but not clearly like a window. The frosted effect (on the back) helps make the writing on the glass clearer. We also use frosted glass top tables as whiteboards as well. With glass, you never get the shadows if you leave the dry erase on for too long.
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