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  1. I also can't resist learning more when something calls me. I have been working on a Teaching Certificate for The One-Room School House Method offered by Aletheia Christian College in Idaho (www.aletheiachristian.org). I don't know of any other program like theirs and I have really enjoyed it. It won't give me state certification to work in the public school system, but I don't want to work in the public school system. It's perfect for teaching in multi-age home-school co-op classes, starting your own pandemic pod or microschool, or you own one-room private school (which I'm doing). Because I had an AS and a BA already, it is only taking me about a year and a half. We do a weekly evening Zoom class which is perfect for me as I'm in another state. The price is very affordable. The college dean, Diane Davis, is very supportive and wonderful to work with.
  2. When I let a broody hen raise chicks for me, my life is easier. The problem I have is I can't touch those chicks she raises to check them over for health reasons. Any suggestions to help them be more tame when a hen is raising them?
  3. Thanks for being a great place to gather ideas!
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