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  1. Put in the 10 minutes upfront to understand free resources that rock with less-than-stellar sites such as MEP and KISS. Learn your library's ILL policy and use it...ruthlessly. Alter your educational philosophy to acknowledge that kids don't need $300 labs in elementary school. They can learn plenty with stuff you already have on hand.
  2. The 8 levels include pre level 1 so the last one in the series will actually be level 7. Levels 1-4 are supposed to be the completion of the phonics portion. Levels 5-7 are supposed to work on comprehension and fluency. We recently started level 1 and with level 2 being released in Sept I think we will hopefully not go faster than they finish level 3. However, even if we only get to level 2 and have to switch to something else, I will still be glad that we got to use the multi sensory, writing-free, synthetic phonics stuff for the lower levels.
  3. My 3.5 yo early reader does this sometimes. I was a little worried as he is my oldest so I'm glad to see it's fairly typical. I do plan to use the cursor to encourage left to right though. I can't see how it could possibly hurt.
  4. My NAB reads that verse from Peter as "His divine power has bestowed on us everything that makes for life and devotion, through the knowledge of him." This is a verse saying that we've been given that which we need for Salvation. It does not say found only in scripture. He has bestowed us with reason, intellect, science, history, language and the like. The author is really reaching with the interpretation that we need to only teach our children what's in the Bible. The exodus verse is clearly referring to the worship of other gods, not the teaching of history to our children 2000 years la
  5. I'm at the same spot with my 3.5 yo. He always wants to do math so we are almost done with mep reception even though it seems we just started. I recently began adding in the miquon and I'm considering starting yr 1 of mep. I made number tiles for him to reduce the amount of writing he needs to do, which may be something you want to consider regardless of the program you choose. For miquon, for example, instead of writing the number in the square he can just put the appropriate tile there.
  6. That's fantastic! I was just lamenting the lack of options in that area with dh.
  7. Mostly because they use less water. You can cd with a front loader but it will present more challenges. You'll probably need to do a pre rinse, maybe 2, and possibly an extra post rinse.
  8. I actually really like microfiber. I always wash them in hot with a dab of bleach so I don't have stink issues. If you are opposed to the use of chlorine bleach or if you have hard water and wish to only use all natural detergent that lacks chelating agents, then you probably will want to skip microfiber. Bamboo is nice too though. I'm not crazy about hemp because they get super stiff if you line dry. Also, fyi, front loaders to not get along well with cloth diapers. The sunbaby inserts, ime, will not be enough once baby gets to the 9-12 month range so you may want to plan ahead for doub
  9. Velcro is faster and provides a better fit. Snaps wear better and aren't as easily yanked off by toddlers going through their stripping phase.
  10. Another science major here...My main frustration is the lack of secular options, especially if you want more of an integrated approach instead of the 4 yr rotation. Our local public schools don't really do anything until 5th grade other than a few demonstrations. The bar is set pretty low if one just aims to do better than ps. I personally feel that a lot of the whiz bang demonstrations are overkill. I'd rather put time and money into good books and videos. The demonstrations are also, imo, the reason so much science doesn't get done. Unfortunately, when you strip them away from most programs,
  11. SA of the cube is the SA of each side, 12*12 times the number of faces, 6. The volume is 12*12*12 but that's not what you're looking for.
  12. It doesn't matter where you cut the cube from. The sa of the cube is 6*12*12 so just subtract that from the initial area.
  13. Yes, that's right. TWJ is everything you *need* and those extras are additional handholding if you want it.
  14. Thanks for all the tips! He is interested in writing his name...um, on everything...but is pretty neutral aside from that. He likes to write with markers but would be just as happy to simply doodle. I was actually lucky enough to receive a hand me down GD instruction manual from a local mom so I was thinking of using that as a guide for some prewriting activities.
  15. So I guess you're all saying that if I go ahead w/ the prek ball and stick it won't ruin him and if I skip writing until next yr (do prewriting now) I won't have major problems in a yr or two. I think that's what I was hoping to hear. Thank you! :grouphug:
  16. Are you using the same level cwp as mep level or are you going with 1 level lower on cwp than where you are in mep?
  17. I thought I would teach my little guy using a pre-k ball and stick workbook but after looking into it more I've decided I simply must teach him italic. Unfortunately, italic doesn't have a pre-k option and I don't think he's ready for the A book.:banghead: Should I just scrap handwriting until next year or try to make my own italic prewriting for this year? His math/reading are about mid k level right now so I'm kind of worried that skipping writing will work us into a corner a year or two from now but I guess I could worry about that when the time comes. The prek book is going ok but I re
  18. They are a pretty big part of the program. AAR is meant to teach synthetic phonics. Trying to get random early readers from the library would negate this. Using readers that only contain words the child has learned to decode is important in synthetic phonics because it prevents guessing.
  19. We just started recently and my son really loves it. I have some issues with clutter and it really bugs me when things are asymmetrical so AAR and all its pieces is a bit of a sacrifice in my own sanity but I'm getting used to it. It is certainly more engaging and enjoyable for my son than plain 'ol phonics pathways and other such things where you just go over the sounds and then practice. I also feel strongly that I want the phonics introduced before he starts guessing at things in a "blended literacy" fashion so many other options were off the table for me. The readers in aar are really n
  20. I think I just typed in c-rod in the search and then browsed whatever came up as well as the related suggested threads that show up at the bottom of the page. Seems the overwhelming majority prefer plastic. There were fewer posts on notched/ridged vs. smooth and linking vs. regular. The search is not especially friendly.
  21. That's correct. On their site it says that they expect to release 1-2 levels per yr.
  22. It doesn't align that way because it's pure phonics instruction. Most schools teach "balanced literacy" which relies heavily on sight words and context clues. There are supposed to be a total of 4 levels for phonics instruction and then a few more levels for reading comprehension and fluency. I believe I read after level I a child would read around 80% of the words on gr1 list and 50% on gr 2 list. Hopefully Merry is around and can give you the exact numbers.
  23. They don't have to write. I just started with my 3.5 yo and the fact that it requires no writing is the single biggest reason I chose it. It has simple cut and paste activities that are great for working on fine motor without actually writing. You could even help with the cutting and just let the child do the pasting if holding scissors is a problem. eta; I was referring to level I
  24. Yes, that's the Idea Paint version. It also contains some serious chemicals so be careful. I would expect the quality to be sufficient for home use if it's not in direct sunlight and you are not especially concerned with a very small amount of yellowing over the course of 5-10 yrs.
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