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  1. 9 minutes ago, AbcdeDooDah said:

    What do you all think of the head of the WHO now calling vaccinating children in rich nations while other nations go without a “moral catastrophe?”

    I agree.  I'd like to see the high risk kids who are eligible vaccinated, but I think the greater good for everyone, and possibly even America, would be to send those vaccines to older populations.  I think the infrastructure is a bigger stumbling block than whether we are willing to give them away.  As such, foregoing vaccinating our kids probably won't help them much.

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  2. Whether the stores drop the requirement or not doesn't matter much imo.  Right now "masked" means having it repeatedly sliding below your nose, having big gaps at the side, pulling it down when further than 6ft from another person, vents that allow air out, thin gaiters that do nothing, etc.  I didn't feel that high risk or unvaccinated people were safe there before and I don't feel they will be safe there now.  I think the CDC is hoping private entities will implement vaccine passports so that it can be a health issue instead of apolitical issue and I'm all for that.  (Yeah, I know Florida is sol on this one, but at least they can be outside most of the year.)

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  3. My kids will be unmasked outdoors.  I'm not going to take them to indoor public spaces.  That means no stores, church, or library, which isn't too different from how we've been for the past year because even with masks required there are too many inconsiderate/just-plain-stupid people who don't mask correctly.  Any doctor appointments will be scheduled to be the first of the day.  I'm pretty  confident our pediatrician and dentist will continue masking at work even if they are vaccinated.

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  4. Rod and staff science was/is a good fit for one of mine.  it's very structured and includes built-in review.  There are easy activities you can do i f you wish, but they can also be skipped without causing issues.  The 3rd and 4th grade book aren't young earthy.  I bought the 5th grade book, but haven't used it yet.  It has some goofiness in the first lesson, which also shows up in the review for that chapter.  I couldn't find anything else objectionable.  The 6th grade and up books will probably be too young-earth though.

  5. Just now, freesia said:

    Although my 12 year old is pretty far through puberty and is 5'6 and 120 pounds.  We are a vaccinating family, but I'm just not sure what we will do about dd12.  I may wait for the Novavax particularly if the numbers in our area continue their freefall.

    Do we have any idea when novavax will be ready?

  6. 8 minutes ago, hippymamato3 said:

    My DD12 still has a child's body. I wonder if the adult dosed vaccine would be too much for her. She wants to get it. I want the whole family to be vaxed. But I do wonder about the dosing.

    That has me anxious too.  There is a big difference between a 12 yo and a 15 yo. I feel like they should have done 9-13 and 14-18 or something so that the division would be closer to average puberty.

  7. I had two doctor appointments last week and both did all the typical screening checks.  The Hematology office asked if I had been vaccinated in the last week, which I found odd, but many of their patients receive chemo so it might be related to that.  The other asked if I'd been vaccinated in the last two weeks.  That one was a gyn so they may have it on their standard intake to inform mammogram decisions.

    Non-healthcare settings are all over the board.  DD's dance studio is super strict, which I like.  Otoh, my homeschool group went to a local place similar to Chuck e Disease's for a private maskless party for 28 kids and all their adults without any prescreenings.  (I didn't go, in case that's not obvious.)

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  8. 3 hours ago, Momto6inIN said:

    During the past year, my toddler has had at least 3 episodes of runny nose and cough. Each time the Dr has told me she doesn't need a covid test because the odds that she has covid symptoms when everyone else in the house is fine are almost nil. He said all the normal run of the mill toddler viruses are still out there infecting kids and the reason she gets sick and no one else does is because we've all been exposed to them and she hasn't yet. So basically, unless someone older than her in the house gets covid symptoms too, stop freaking out about it and stop calling him 😉

    So maybe in the OP situation it was just the one child that was sick, and that's what they had been told too.

    The idea of the adults not being sick and therefore it's unlikely the kid has covid crossed my mind.  Now that most adults who want to be vaccinated have at least one shot down, I don't really have confidence in this anymore.

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  9. @frogger I think it's really inconsiderate of people to douse themselves in perfume when going into public spaces like that, especially spaces where you are sitting in one place the whole time like church, movies, plays, etc.  I don't have an allergic reaction to them but they give me migraines.  I always avoid the early Sunday service (pre-covid) because of that.

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  10. Re cultural shift:  I was hoping so too.  I was so mad this past week though.  It was the first week back at full capacity where dh works.  He was supposed to watch a co-worker from a different facility do a power point presentation in this conference room with a few other people.  He had to skip lunch to be there in time, so he was understandably irritated when the presenter arrived an hour late.  Her reason? Her kid was sick and she had to stay with him until her husband got there!  Dh threw a fit and was basically told to deal with it because she already had covid.  Like yeah, I'd love some norovirus instead.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Moonhawk said:

    DH has bad allergies, so yeah I can see this being an issue in public gatherings. I don't want him left out because plants are trying to kill him.

    On the other hand, I'm suspicious of anyone showing symptoms in church and other places, even if they are wearing a shirt saying "I swear it's just allergies". Mostly because my MIL always had "just allergies" a few days before we would all come down with something. 

    My uncle thought his covid was allergies too.  He even popped an allergy pill and went for a run.  It probably was a cold or allergies that the kid had but with the prolific spreading of it, I didn't feel like I could take the chance.

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  12. 8 minutes ago, plansrme said:

    You were distanced. You wore your masks. Either those measures work or they don't. If you think they do, then let them. But colds are rampant around here right now; everyone in my house has one, and we've all either had covid or are vaccinated. Not one of us had covid produce the rivers of snot this cold has. So I would do nothing and not be alarmed about a snotty child sitting a couple of pews over.

    The masks are to keep our potential germs from infecting others.  They are probably not super effective at protecting the wearer.  The boy had his mask off.  For masking to protect me, the other people need masks on them.  And this is all to reduce chances, particularly in asymptomatic people.  It's not like an on/off thing.  Blowing your nose is a violent exhalation that's going to spew particles way beyond normal distance.

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  13. I like to give to clean water initiatives for third world countries.  Also to organizations that provide vaccinations and food for pregnant/nursing moms.  The clean water thing is a big deal because it often falls on the shoulders of girls to find it and it's so time consuming that it interferes with education.  The way those girls go, so the country goes.  This is the charity I use.  https://www.osfdbq.org/sister-water-project-main/

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  14. 2 minutes ago, PeterPan said:

    Unbelievable. Maybe the pastor/leadership said something afterward?

    I sure hope it will be addressed in a generic to everyone kind of way.  Idk if he noticed because we were near the back.  Someone might have told him afterward though, I hope.

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  15. So we are lucky enough to have a church that follows all the spacing and masking protocols.  Unfortunately, a family in the nearest "distanced" space from us had a kid who was clearly very sick. They came in late so I couldn't move before we started.  He took his mask off to blow his nose, ran out of tissues, at which point I could literally see the shot dripping.  He got up and left, then returned with a huge handful of more tissues and sat down to continue blowing his nose in church.  I guess the parents thought this was okedokee.  I got up and left.  DH was embarrassed but could offer no better alternative.  What says the hive?  Is there a better way I could handle this if it ever happens again?

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  16. For people looking for bikes, I've had good luck with bikesdirect.  I bought a high end tri bike from them years ago (before kids,lol) and went back to them again for a hybrid last summer because of the shortage.  You need to put it together yourself and could possibly need to have the wheels trued, but overall still cheaper and a much shorter wait compared to going to the trek or schwinn store.

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  17. 1 hour ago, Not_a_Number said:

    I think the safety monitoring is MUCH harder to do right with everyone in the placebo group offered the vaccine, though 😕 . Like, it becomes an observational study -- you start having to compare to "similar populations" instead of the control group, and that's highly fallible. 

    I think these Phase 3 trials were bigger than standard Phase 3 trials as well? I'd be curious how long people are usually actively monitored in Phase 3 trials. Looking it up, they say that trials last for a few years, but I don't know if that means active monitoring for that many years or just active monitoring for a while with rolling entry into the trial. If someone knows how this is normally done, I'd be curious. 


    Of course. You'd expect that -- some effects are relatively small, so you really do wind up needing a lot of people exposed before you can tell the difference between an effect and noise. 

    They call it phase iv and monitor it for years after approval.  It's also being sold during that time.  I remember when they rolled out the hpv vaccine.  They made it covered and recommended for the target group at highest risk first, then a few years later expanded the age range.  After that data they expanded to males.  That was essentially a decade from start to end.

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  18. 2 hours ago, Not_a_Number said:

    Thinking more about MIS-C... I suppose they'll see it in the 12-15 group if there's genuinely an effect. I hope this doesn't happen.

    Yeah, honestly, I'm not going to feel good about vaccinating my 12 yo until we get to around a million doses given without any major issues.  My 12 yo has such low exposure to contracting covid and low chance of passing it on due to extremely limited contact with unvaccinated adults and only outdoor exposure to other kids from relatively careful families.  Combined with an extremely low rate of complications if he were to get covid, there's no way I'm charging ahead after the trials that only included a couple thousand.  Even if the vaccine induces MIS-C at the same rate infection did, I don't think we'd see it in the trials.

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  19. 15 hours ago, MEmama said:

    A little update on yesterday: both DS and I experienced sensitive skin (like we get when we are coming down with something) and I had a bit of joint and muscle discomfort. Nothing that would have impeded normal activity, but we took the opportunity to lounge on the couch together all day just because we could. 🙂 DS took a long nap with the kitty and was feeling much better by dinner time. 

    It was much less eventful than I feared. Next up: a much needed haircut

    I'm almost two weeks since my second shot.  My plans for the next ten days:  get my first haircut since November 2019, buy a new car, buy a new washer and dryer, and buy a new stand-up freezer.  I've been putting those things off so long because I have to be indoors looking at them and mulling things over for a long time.  Can't wait!

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  20. 19 minutes ago, LucyStoner said:

    A few women at my local parish veil.  I don’t have an issue with it at all but because veiling is so uncommon, it does strike me as a little immodest which I think is the opposite of the supposed intent.  

    I don’t think women covering their heads in church is cultural appropriation though- my grandmother covered, presumably most people over a certain age had Catholic grandmothers who simply did did not enter a sanctuary with an uncovered head.  A hat was usually her covering of choice.  It’s not necessary though and it’s certainly not more holy. 

    But what do I know?  My idea of getting dressed for Church is to throw on my nicer winter coat over jeans without holes in them unless it’s entirely too warm for jeans or a winter coat.  If I have brushed my hair, I’m ahead of the game.  Also, having been away from the church during the changes to the missal, I was mighty confused until I bought a new missal.  Even with that I’m still a little like “ and with your what?!”

    Lol at bolded.  I change from sweats to jeans for church and I try to have my kids wear things without holes.  I don't have a lot of nice dress clothes since leaving my career ten years ago.  There is another homeschool family at our church from which one of the girls told me their dad always makes them wear dresses because he thinks it's improper to wear regular clothes/jeans to church.  Now I always feel like they are side-eyeing us, but I can't bring myself to waste all that money on clothes that will only be worn a few times when there are so many more deserving things like food pantry and clean water ministries.

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  21. It looks like moderna finished phase 2 for 12-17 year olds with no serious adverse events.  That's encouraging.  I know Pfizer is using the same dosage for the 12-15 year olds as for the adults.  I can't find dosing info for moderna.  Does anyone know what dose they are using for the 12-17 yos?

  22. 10 minutes ago, Moonhawk said:

    You're describing my parents. The only way I've been able to reconcile their talk about the bishop, their Covid denial, and the holier than the Pope belief, is that they are schismatics. I just don't listen to anything they say now about it, and I tell myself I *can't* listen to what they say since they aren't Catholic as much as some weird carnival house image of Catholic. I don't think there is mental illness as much as a metal decline + fervor to go to heaven now that they are closer + conspiracy mindset tendencies + a strong nostalgia for "the way things used to be" (even though it's not a real picture) + fighting against losing their authority. And a good dose of self-righteousness and pride, of course. I mean, holier than the pope? LOL. 

    I was ignored out of the Latin Mass community years ago, way back when A was a baby, so I don't have to worry about the home school group part at least. I do miss the veils, though, lol. (But obviously agree, personal choice, not a must-wear accessory for holiness. I just had the prettiest veil, lol. And the not-prettiest hair 😉 )


    You are right about that.   My group has TLM-only members and a strange opposition to lay Eucharistic ministers that causes them to position themselves in pews where they know the priest will disseminate directly.  Many will only do pre-Vatican 2 catechism.  It is schismatic.  That's a very helpful way to look at it.

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  23. I totally feel you.  Mine is like that too.  Most have been asking for things that don't require masks.  They had a mom's meeting and the organizer said, "Masks will be optional.  If you feel safer wearing one, that's fine but it's not required."  They don't understand source control.  I haven't gone to anything in the last year because of covid.  Now that I'm vaccinated and would be willing to go, it looks like they don't want me.  A handful have been posting the nonsense about vaccinated people shedding vaccine that could infect people around them and cause them to have miscarriage.  These are the same people exposing themselves to covid through many social activities and mask-shunning.  Well, the feeling is mutual, idiots, I didn't really want to be around your unvaccinated kids when I was pregnant and waiting for titers.  Likewise, my kids aren't eligible for covid vax yet and I'd rather not have them around unvaccinated adults.  I'm beyond done with these morons.  Just trying to suppress the urge to hairflip.

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  24. DH had his second moderna two days ago. After his first he had flu like symptoms for 10 DAYS!  After this one he has a sore arm, woke up the first night with sweats, and has been extra sleepy. 

    @fairfarmhand After his first shot he originally said he wasn't going to do the second because of how severe the side effects were.  We have good reason to believe he had covid in February 2020, but no way to confirm.  However, with talk about places possibly requiring vax once full approval is granted and no way to prove prior infection, he felt that he had to do the second shot to avoid needing to restart the sequence six months from now in order to meet any requirements that might be placed on him.  We are so thankful to be done.

    If we vaccinate any of our kids (none are 16+), we definitely want to do the Pfizer over moderna based on side effect severity.

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