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  1. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a website that the teacher inserted homework assignments for students in co-op to view and complete? Thanks, Whitney in KY
  2. OK, can you tell me what an extention is? I am baffled.
  3. I am using Chrome. I'll check to see if they do. Thanks!
  4. I have a ton of pop up ads on my computer and this is a new thing. I am afraid to "download" something when I google how to get rid of them, because I don't know it is safe. Any suggestions to getting rid of them, safely?
  5. Wow! This is a lot of information to chew on. I am reading each and every response and pondering what you have said. I do have a Kitchen aid and have made artisan bread with it but it is so messy. I was looking to the machine for ease of preparation. Thanks for all your help!! Whitney
  6. I am considering purchasing a bread machine and do not know much about them. Any thoughts as to brand, size, features? Thanks so much. Whitney
  7. 2 column proof Line segment MB is a median of triangle PMF, and line segment MP is congruent to line segment MF. How do you prove that segment MB is an angle bisector? Thanks in advance! whitney
  8. We are going to visit our daughter who is in Knoxville for school. We will be taking 6 people to lunch. Any rec. for restaurants nearby? Semi-affordable but unique? Thanks, Whitney
  9. I am interested in these two programs. Just wondered what your thoughts were. Whitney
  10. I did not know that he even MIGHT be covered without being a ft student. That is certainly a good thing. Problem is, he started taking classes as a junior in high school (24 hrs) his jr/sr. year, that he had enough credits to get an AA and an AS without even realizing it. His advisor recently told him he qualified for both. So, I think there are only 3 pre req. classes that he could take before he gets into the rad tech "Rotation" which starts in the fall only. Maybe he could take those three classes and then work in the field part time. There is also a chance of him getting some type of "certificate" in a multitude of areas (medical transcription, office tech, desktop publishing) that could possibly help him with the resume. He actually was relieved that he did not get into the program (speech) because he was having second thoughts concerning that being his career. You have given me a lot to think about and research. p.s. He is not interested in going out of state. My daughter is doing that this fall. sniff!
  11. Long story short. My son went to local community college for 2 years and will receive a AA and AS. Mostly gen. ed. classes. His PLAN was to transfer to University of KY (local) and apply to the speech pathology program. He did apply and did not get in. (Only 40 of 130-200 applicants get accepted) He is ok with this and wants to move on to his next choice which is a radiology technician. Problem is....the deadline for application is past...March 1. ARGH!! So we need him to stay a full time student in order for him to have medical insurance. What should he do??? The rad. tech. program will take 2 years to complete but he can't start until the fall of 2013. Would you have your son work a year and make money to save or go to school and get some type of medical "certificate" such as medical transcription, medical office technology....All of these can be completed in two semesters. Or is he wasting his time? So confused... Any advice? Whitney in KY
  12. It sounds like Sanibel it is. We have friends that have a house in Sanibel and friends that have a condo in vero beach. It's a 1.4 mill. condo so that was a draw. But it sounds as if Sanibel is more kid friendly. thanks,
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