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  1. I am hoping someone else has gone through this.... My 10yr old son is finally getting evaluated from his home based charter school and I'm not sure what I should be looking for. I am concerned that the lady that is coming to my home to test him is a principal of another school. At this point I'm not sure what LD my son has if any. It is more behavioral that gets in the way of being able to accomplish ANYTHING!! At this point I could offer him ice cream and a day of video games - and because I offered it- he would throw a fit. The psychologist that we have seen didn't really work out and we are trying to find another one. If I had to classify him myself I would say ODD or conduct disorder, possibly bipolar. (As you can tell, I am not a psychologist:)) He reads at about a 3rd grade level, his handwriting is very poor, his math is so-so (he is doing TT5 with the help of a multiplication table). If anyone else has experiences with this I would love to hear them!! Thanks Tribemama
  2. Sorry! I'm slow - I figured out how to preview the class! (It's called go to the website without 2 year old sitting on lap.) It looks interesting. Thanks Tribemama
  3. This sounds wonderful! Is there a way to preview one of his classes? I will definitely check this out - Thanks! Such Awesome list!! Thanks for giving me some ideas. I wish I had Camp Grandma!! :tongue_smilie:
  4. My daughter, 6, holds her pencil the same way!! I am always trying to correct it, but she is an avid drawer and loves doing copy work. I'm glad you posted a pick! My daughter also writes or forms her letter(unless I'm supervising) from the bottom up. I have handwriting without tears but she seems to struggle with the different grip. I found this homeschool moms website http://www.ot-mom-learning-activities.com/shoulder-exercises-for-kids.html We have been working on some of these exercises, especially with my 5 year old lefty. Tribemama
  5. Hi Everyone, LA/History - So I want to do a in depth look at American History with my daughter. I have all the books for Sonlight 100 - but not the IG or Student G. Not sure if I want to spend the money getting it either. Has anyone used this? Worth all the money? I really want an all-in-one type thing. Any suggestions? I could buy Study Guides for the books and make my own schedule - but would that cover enough grammar? She used Beautiful Feet last year, which was very nice (however, another mom taught it so it was off my shoulders!) Math - I have TTPre-Algebra. I am thinking of doing Holt though. Any suggestions there? What worked for you? I really want her to understand the concepts... I have Artistic Pursuits - Love it! Science I have Science4Real kids - however, we have yet to complete any of these!! I could hope for more this time - but again I'm trying to keep it simple. Has anyone tried K12? Did they like it? She is not self motivating!! I am always always checking!! She drags her feet on everything or distracts me by offering to clean or babysit to get out of doing school work. Which is really hard to refute! On top of it I will be homeschooling a 5th grader (that has special needs) and a 1st grader. Your thoughts, wisdom, advice? Your plans for your own 8th grader? Thanks in Advance - Tribemama :)
  6. So, you didn't feel like you needed to have the child learn typing before they did the program? I know that was one of the concerns in a review I read. Thanks, Tribemama
  7. Thanks for you input. So, would you say that Time4Learning does not work for one that really needs to review even the alphabet? Anyone with recommendations to HeadSprout? or even a Computer Game? I was worried about the typing with ClickNKids - I will look into that program. She is just really dragging her feet with ETC or any workbook for that matter. I want her to think learning how to read is fun - right now she has a different point of view:) Thanks, Tribemama
  8. Hi Everyone!! I am trying to decide between these programs. As it is right now we use ETC, and OPGTR. I think my daughter needs more visual stimulation. I thought she really had the ABC's down but then she will ask, "what letter is that?" Anyway, I thought I would supplement with a fun online or computer game phonics/reading program. Who has used them? Did you like them? I have checked out a TON of reviews! I am so confused - some like the price of ClickNKids, others say you get what you payed for. Did anyone see results? I'm at a loss. Is there another program that you used that was a wonderful success! I would love to hear all about it. I am looking for anything and everything to get her reading. Thanks for all of your wonderful knowledge ahead of time! Tribemama
  9. Thanks - It is nice to know I'm not alone :) I just have been feeling so guilty, and like a failure because of this. I am also considering - after testing and seeing what is going on - putting the younger ones in school so I could do more one-on-one with him. They could go to Kindergarten and First Grade and that could take the pressure off of me to be teaching the basics (like reading and writing). Still trying to decide. Thanks - Tribemama
  10. Thanks Everyone for your thoughtful replies. I am going to try to finish off this year, so we don't have to switch mid-year. We will be having him evaluated also in the next couple of weeks. I think I'm just so burnt out - I have lost all passion in why I wanted to homeschool in the first place. I have a kindergarten that so badly wants to learn but when my son has a bad day everyone losses out on Mom's attention. I use to be able to sit around and read with the kiddos and now I read like one bedtime story. Sorry - I'm venting.... I hate the school system, but I feel like I'm not getting anything done with the kids. Also, with how much work it has been to get my son reading (who is still on a first grade level) I am so discouraged to try again and possibly fail yet again with three more little ones. Again Thanks, Michelle
  11. Hi Everyone, I have a special needs child (well, I personally labeled him that - he does not have an IEP or anything.) He has never been to school, just homeschooled. It is growing increasingly harder to homeschool. He was always very difficult but it seems he is having more and more behavioral problems or outburst. He is 9 almost 10 (4th grade). He reads at about 1st grade level and math is about the same. I believe my husband and I are at our limits of what we can do. Anyway, I would like to transition him to PS but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. He is enrolled in a charter school but like I said he does not have an IEP. He has only recently met with a "reading specialist" and was given special reading curriculum. He has extreme behavioral issues that has pushed me to my limits. Do I just go into the school and say he should be in 4th grade but that's not where he's at? Do I try to explain anything? Will they know where to place him? Hoping someone else might have some words of wisdom or similar experience. Sorry if I posted in the wrong area - Thanks, Tribemama
  12. I agree Starr - that's why I really don't want to send her to school (lack of recess, etc..) I think she just wants to have friends. She is a very social little bug. Novagirl - if I had a chance with a small private school that was totally free - and I totally agreed with their philosophy - then I would be there! I like the idea of the older kids trying to teach her something. That could really work out to my advantage, but it still doesn't solve the dilemma of her wanting to be with kids her own age.
  13. Hi Everyone, Here is my dilemma. My 5year old daughter says she likes homeschooling but she wants to be surrounded by other children. She would like to go to PS. I homeschool 3 of her siblings and she has two younger than her. She says she is bored - and she is! I can't keep up with all of the "school work" she wants to do! She flies through any workbooks I give her and then she spends the rest of the time creating awesome crafts without any guidance. My homeschool community here is not the greatest. There are a ton of other girls around her age in the community - but no one can ever get together. Have you ever had this happen to you? Have you ever had a child that wants to soak up knowledge like a sponge and keep asking for more but you have other things/children to care for? One of her brothers that I homeschool does take some time to deal with because of some Learning Disabilities. I am currently using Zoo phonics, Explode the Code online and workbooks with her, Right Start Math, and some generic "Kindergarten Workbook" to give her something else to do. She also likes to do "Reading Lessons" using the OPGTR - she has already memorized both poems. We pretty much are going through Homeschool Share Lapbook Lessons. Feeling very overwhelmed! Michelle Tribemama
  14. I am looking for something similar to Sonlight (without all of the cost) and the beautiful feet program for k-7th graders. After hours of searching(googling) I feel like I am quite lost on the program I am looking for!! My 7th grader is doing BF World History and I really like the program... I am just not sure about their programs for the 5 year old. I guess I want more of a literature based curriculum that lends itself to deeper research, and gives me follow through questions and activities around the book we just read. Does this make sense to anyone else? Am I trying to find unit study type stuff?? Anyone know??
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