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  1. The research takes forever. Well, less time than the PhD ;-), but I spent one calendar year researching and one calendar year preparing to apply/applying/waiting with bated breath.
  2. Were the older girls allowed to change the baby boys' diapers? Do we not think that boys can molest other boys as well, or was that not a concern?
  3. No we don't! We want them to shut up and go away!
  4. My oldest son rents one-third of a three bedroom house. Each one has their own bedroom and they share the living space, kitchen and bathroom.
  5. Plus, some of us think $25,000 for a car is unreasonable also. ;-) $25K is a lot if you can't find a job. And that's the average so a lot have more than that.
  6. I don't know if there's a connection between the Maxwell family and ATI/Gothard, but Teri Maxwell struggled greatly with depression. They follow many of these same teachings and promote them even if they are not ATI. Basically, when Teri was home alone with multiple small children, she was severely depressed. Years later, with her mother living next door, an adult daughter still living with them, and her daughter-in-law across the street, and as they stopped having children because of age, she no longer suffered from depression. I've always thought that a large part of that was that she was no
  7. Yes, MIL has also been "very ill" for over 20 years and never seems to get better, despite mainstream and alternative medical care and an increasingly specialized diet. Oh, and the pain is always "horrific."
  8. Dh and I recently discussed this. He's just starting to recognize and accept that his mom is NPD. We had always planned to care for any relatives who need it, but we've changed our minds. I will not do it.
  9. http://www.recoveringgrace.org/2011/09/a-different-kind-of-sexual-abuse/ This is heartbreaking. It's about one boy's experience growing up under this kind of thinking.
  10. Apparently it escapes the attention of the Duggars' defenders that had Josh not molested anyone, there would be nothing to talk about!
  11. This link has been posted on my FB feed a couple of times: http://madworldnews.com/duggar-girls-victimized/ Apparently anyone who talks about this at all is just as bad as Josh. Gag me with a spoon!
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