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  1. As a Math Instructor at a University (and a community college), I can say that it isn't my choice about using these online access codes. It's a university/department decision. That isn't the case everywhere, but it is becoming more common. However, I can also say that it's always listed in my Syllabus. I always tell friends that are taking college classes - do NOT buy textbooks until after the first day of class. Or if you do, make sure you can return it if it's the wrong thing. Also, sometimes it's not $100+ per semester. You can reuse the codes if, for example, you are taking a series of classes that use the same textbook. I realize that isn't the case everywhere, but where I teach, it is.
  2. Mine was fairly severe, but I had the surgery on both hands (one at a time) and haven't had any problems since. Before surgery, I had tried sleeping with wrist splints, and it helped for a while.
  3. Well, I painted my kitchen cabinets gray last year, but they were already painted and they aren't real wood to begin with. If I had actual wood cabinets, there's no way I would paint them.
  4. Amanda Bennett has Unit Studies 101 HERE Valerie Bendt also has a couple of books.
  5. Hugs to you and same here. DD8 is having major surgery at the end of the month, which includes 6 weeks of zero physical activity for her recovery. She is also being tested for Auditory Processing Disorder. My mom is coming to help with the house after surgery. We have a major event coming up with the nonprofit that DH is on the board of directors for. We started our school year last week, using a DIY world geography curriculum. Lots of doctor appointments coming up for several of us.
  6. So I had this vision of doing a World Geography year .... or maybe longer than a year. My kids are 8, 10, and 12 years old. I thought about doing it myself, but then I got nervous. I am classic Inattentive ADHD - I do great at starting projects, but not so great at finishing them. So I bought Bookshark Eastern Hemisphere and figured I could use it to get myself started. After reading through it, I think we will hate it. I have a TON of world geography resources, but I'm so nervous about doing this myself. I need a good framework and then we can find the resources ourselves. I have a list of things to learn about each country we study - government, religion, geography (rivers, mountains, etc), major historic events, food, way of life, etc. Help me brainstorm how to do this and how I can keep up with it. I am sure we will run out of steam at some point.
  7. My gifted son turns 12 today and he is starting 7th grade this coming year (but he is already doing some high school level curriculum). However, we are in no hurry to graduate him early. In fact, depending on how things play out in high school, we will probably encourage a gap year after high school.
  8. Eh. That's also how I feel about my Instant Pot. There's a HUGE learning curve with it. And the thing that bugs me the most ..... I can make something in it and it's amazing. The next time I make the same thing, using the same exact process, and it's terrible.
  9. Did I write this post???? ? Seriously, same boat here. A few months ago, I put on my big girl pants and sold every piece of actual curriculum in my house. My kids are 8, 10, and 12. This year, we are covering world geography. We will be reading, doing projects, making recipes, learning about animals in the countries, etc. I am SO not a project person. But I figured if I kept on with what we were doing, I would regret it soon. Also, I don't have to test or anything, so we do have some flexibility. I keep telling myself - I'm a certified teacher, I know what I'm doing ?? We can do this!!!!!!!
  10. I have heard both Jeannie Fulbright speak as well as the owner, Rachael Carman. They both pronounced it like apology, apologetics, etc.
  11. I am taking a Project-Based Learning class for my teaching certification - I'm hoping I will be able to use some of what I learn for our homeschool. I just went to a convention and I still need to mentally sort though everything I heard. I have Sarah Mackenzie's new book and need to read it.
  12. We just painted the soffit - it's the only part of our kitchen that got painted. All the wall space between the counter and cabinets is tile. So we have a white ceiling, light blue soffit, and gray cabinets.
  13. Eh, I boil chicken all the time and it's fine. It's usually when I'm going to shred it, like for enchiladas or soup.
  14. I have several. Hypopituitary - I don't have a tumor. I didn't have a head injury. No one knows why. Fast heartbeat - no idea why - it developed when I was around 40. Recurrent gastritis - all tests come back normal. Gallbladder looks normal.
  15. I only wear Vionic shoes. I have plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bad knees, and hip issues. Vionic shoes help all of those!!!!
  16. DD will be turning 8 in 2 weeks. She was adopted from China at age 18 months, and she has a repaired cleft lip and palate. I suspect she is highly gifted and I have zero ideas of how to keep her occupied. She has been diagnosed ADHD, definitely Hyperactive - but I am wondering if she's just bored. We have switched most of our curriculum over to Unit Studies and projects. How can I keep a highly gifted 8 year old engaged and focused?????
  17. We have those step stools!!! The kids used them for years at the kitchen table because they were tipping their chairs and driving me crazy. we also have so many of the picture ledges. We use them as book shelves!!!!
  18. scbusf


    I have had the kind of week where you just want to hide under the covers!!!! This is only 1 thing that's happened. i went to Urgent Care last weekend for a sinus issue. While I was there, I had them take a look at a skin biopsy site on my stomach that was looking green and goopy as well as being painful. They took a culture and it came back as MRSA. I had already started Amoxicillin for the sinus infection, but the doc wants to switch me to Tetracycline, I think. Anything else I should be aware of? How concerned about this should I be?
  19. Thank you everyone! I think my plan is to pack a bag with a few general things - hand soap (I'm sensitive to certain smells), wipes, etc. I'm not going to go crazy - all the areas we are staying in will have decent grocery stores nearby.
  20. Good reminder about the coffee!!!!!!
  21. Yes, driving. We tend to pack light clothes-wise so we can do laundry. So we will have plenty of room for supplies.
  22. If you have an iPhone, there is a Podcast app that was probably preloaded on the phone. That's where I listen to everything.
  23. We are getting ready to leave on a 2 week road trip. We will be staying in several different AirBnB houses. This will be our first AirBnB experience!!!!!! What do I need to know? Do most places have basic cleaning supplies? Cooking supplies? (Yes, we're weird and tend to cook while we're on vacation.) What should I bring???
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