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  1. I have been on a low dose of Zoloft for years. I don't drink often - more because there just isn't any that I care for all that much. When I do drink, it's never more than 1 drink, though. DH never drinks, and I have him on alert to keep a close eye on me, but nothing weird has ever happened.
  2. Well, I'm grading papers, which is what I should be doing. However, I keep getting distracted by FB or here or pretty much anything else. So it's taking me WAY longer than it should to grade this batch!!!
  3. Here are the names I got from some friends: One friend said her family has seen several doctors at this practice and they've been happy with all of them. https://www.tidewaterortho.com Another friend specifically recommended Dr. McCarthy at that same practice.
  4. I'm semi-local, so I just posted on FB asking for Ortho recommendations for her. I'll be back soon with a name, hopefully!!!
  5. I order sparring gear for my kids from eBay. I want to say that I usually pay around $60 for head, hand and foot protectors.
  6. I made this wreath for our front door. I have a green sweater I have been crocheting that I really would like to finish. It's for me, though.
  7. Got semi-great news today. Surgeon said that most of the bone graft took. He thinks we may have to do the surgery again, but in a couple of years and it will be a much smaller hole that he needs to graft bone into. So the news could have been much worse - I'll take it!
  8. Also waiting on a doctor. We are in the waiting room to see DD8’s cleft surgeon. He is going to tell us if her major bone graft surgery back in August worked. If it didn’t, we will have to do it again.
  9. My 10 year old can do it. She is very introverted and quiet and LOVES having a checklist. She would seriously thrive having a checklist and going to a quiet spot to get everything done. My other kids can't do it, though.
  10. Same here. I had sinus surgery last Thursday, so 5 days ago. I have not had much pain, but the fatigue is overwhelming. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to stock up the freezer with meals for this week. I have been taking up friends on offers to help drive the kids around to various places. Why is it so hard to ask for and accept help???? No one expects us to be super-moms, so why do we expect it of ourselves?
  11. I am having trouble with something. My kids all need me to sit individually with them for math. This is fine, but I need to figure out things the other 2 kids can work on independently while I am working with the 3rd. What do you all do?
  12. Similar situation here, but not quite as extreme. Our next door neighbors don't keep up their property or house. In the 12 years we have lived in this house, those neighbors have mowed their backyard less than 5 times. They have old cars back there, a shed that's literally in pieces. We have a wood privacy fence and it's been fine. Yes, some vines and weeds grow through the slats, but we keep our yard pretty nice, so it's not too much work to deal with it each week.
  13. My understanding is that Melatonin helps you fall asleep, but not stay asleep. Can you talk to your doctor or maybe a therapist for ideas?
  14. Long story, but I am now teaching a World Cultures class at our co-op to high schoolers. It started today and I taught about China, since I have been twice and have lots of knowledge. I literally found out last night at 6 pm and taught the class first thing this morning. So we made it work! I do have several other parents scheduled to come in and teach about other countries. Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, S. Korea, and Germany. In between those, I was thinking I'd take more of a Cultural Geography perspective and maybe teach 1 class on Religion, 1 on Folk Culture, etc. Any ideas?
  15. Bookshark was a big bust for us this year. I bought it and the books used, but it was still a good chunk of change and the time it took to chase down all the books on eBay, thrift books.com, etc.
  16. My son was diagnosed with a VSD the day after he was born. He is followed by Cardiology and has required no treatment and no surgery.
  17. We are in Virginia Beach and are in hardcore prep mode. I'm pretty sure we're staying put. We bought a generator. Bought food. Still need to bring in the grill and patio furniture. We cleaned out the garage so all the outside stuff can come in. We need to fill up 3 gas cans. Bought extra cat litter and cat food. We are eating as much as possible from the fridge/freezers so if the power does go out, we will only have to power 1 fridge instead of 2.
  18. Thank you, everyone!!!! I do let them do quiet things while I read - then someone picks up a cat, another kid wants to pet the cat, someone throws the cat, Legos spill all over the hard floor, one kid messes up her drawing and cries in frustration - it's distraction city!!!! I do think reducing the read alouds is an excellent idea for us. Also, I had been eyeing the WinterPromise Notebooking pages, so I went ahead and bought those last night.
  19. My kids are currently 8, 10, and 12 years old. They all have various learning issues - combos of ADHD, anxiety, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder. Last year, I had great curriculum for each kid with checklists for everything they needed to do each day. They were bored out of their minds. This year, I decide to do a world geography year and create my own curriculum. We are reading aloud so. many. things. They are literally bouncing all over the place in the house. I think I need something that's a good mix of reading and notebooking pages. I can't find anything like that for World Geography and country studies unless I make it all myself. I'm open to suggestions. I don't even know any more. I've tried so many curriculum options. I probably just need to pull up my big girl panties and tell the kids to deal with it. I mean, isn't snuggling on the couch and reading the BEST??? <sigh>
  20. As a Math Instructor at a University (and a community college), I can say that it isn't my choice about using these online access codes. It's a university/department decision. That isn't the case everywhere, but it is becoming more common. However, I can also say that it's always listed in my Syllabus. I always tell friends that are taking college classes - do NOT buy textbooks until after the first day of class. Or if you do, make sure you can return it if it's the wrong thing. Also, sometimes it's not $100+ per semester. You can reuse the codes if, for example, you are taking a series of classes that use the same textbook. I realize that isn't the case everywhere, but where I teach, it is.
  21. Mine was fairly severe, but I had the surgery on both hands (one at a time) and haven't had any problems since. Before surgery, I had tried sleeping with wrist splints, and it helped for a while.
  22. Well, I painted my kitchen cabinets gray last year, but they were already painted and they aren't real wood to begin with. If I had actual wood cabinets, there's no way I would paint them.
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