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  1. Absolutely. My just turned 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with anxiety several years ago. We did (and still do) years of therapy. We do meds for her, which do help. Last year, she started riding horses - not in a therapeutic program, just in a homeschool class. We have been able to start going down on her meds and her Psychiatrist is so pleased that we are in talks to discontinue the meds at some point soon.
  2. I would like to start doing Yoga. What are some good apps? I have an Amazon Fire Stick, so if I could watch it on that, that would be great. thank you!
  3. Thank you everyone for all the ideas!!!!!!!!!!
  4. If you use 1 journal for everything, I'd love to hear about it. I'm thinking To-Do Lists, daily journaling of personal issues, lists of whatever - books you've read, things you want to remember to look up. I currently have several journals - 1 for homeschooling, 1 for personal stuff, and To Do Lists usually get put on random sheets of paper. The problem is that I have ADHD and I can't ever FIND anything. So I'm intrigued by this 1 journal idea. SWB posted an article about it the other day. Do you have Categories, like Lists, Personal, Homeschool, or do you just write whatever on the next blank page?
  5. DD is 9 and she really wants to improve her spelling. She just learned to read within the past 6 months. She does have pretty severe ADHD and meds don't work for her, so we are muddling through. We haven't done a spelling curriculum before, mostly because we have been focusing on getting her to read. We have AAS, but is there something else out there that might work for her? If we use AAS, I'm assuming we should pretty much start at the beginning.
  6. I know who you're talking about!!!!! Her sister was my department chair when I was a teacher and we stayed good friends after I moved away. I've been following the journey on FB and it hit me pretty hard today, too. Life is so fragile and we just never know what will happen. Sherry
  7. Thank you, everyone! Great suggestions. Intellectually, I KNOW how safe flying is. I KNOW that I am statistically exponentially more likely to get into a car accident. But of course, Anxiety is irrational.
  8. DH and I are finally taking our dream vacation at the end of this month - an Alaskan land and cruise tour. It's for our 15th anniversary and we are leaving the kids at home with grandparents. The problem - I have such anxiety about flying. We live on the East Coast, so we have several flights to get through. It's been several years since I've been on a plane. I really would prefer to not take anything for it - I've taken Xanax in the past and even a small dose knocks me out and leaves me feeling groggy. So what else can I do? Essential oils? I'll try just about anything. DH and I both plan to download lots of shows on our devices. I will have a book or three to read.
  9. You can download a free sample of 3 weeks and get a pretty good idea.
  10. We are doing Biblioplan Medieval this year! Yes, only 3 days. My kids are the following: 4th, 6th, and 8th. We will be using Remember the Days, SOTW, the Timeline, and Maps.
  11. We are doing BP Year 2 this coming year. My kids will be 4th, 6th, and 8th. My plan is to use Remember the Days and Story of the World as our spines. We will add living books for topics that interest us.
  12. Background info: Phoebe is 6, Violet is 3. Both are female calicos and do have their claws. Phoebe is very skittish, but she hangs around the house with us and hides when new people come over. Violet is super friendly and puts up with the kids carrying her around and such. The cats have never loved each other. I'd say they tolerate each other. Yesterday - we left the house for most of the day - about 8 am and we came home around 6 pm. Ever since then, Phoebe has been growling and hissing at Violet. The hissing isn't all that unusual, but she usually does it once and that's it. I have never heard growling like this from her. Ideas? Maybe they got in a fight while we were gone?
  13. My Summer Reading List is a bit out of control: Homeschool Bravely Beyond Behaviors: Using Brain Science and Compassion to Understand and Solve Children's Behavioral Challenges Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma Tweens, Teens, & Triumphs by our very own Farrar!!! Sacred Mundane The Self-Driven Child
  14. This happened 3 miles from my house. I have no words. 😭
  15. Are you flying into Norfolk, by chance? If so, I may be able to pick you up!!!! We have a couple of things going on that day, but if I can, I'd be happy to help.
  16. OK, now that it's the last day, I'm going to get some things - all the History Cards, A Child's Geography, Biblioplan Medieval Timeline, and the state research project/lapbook.
  17. Anyone shopping the sale this year? I’m not seeing anything I’m dying to have. Although, the history cards from Olive Grove Educators look really interesting. Has anyone used them?
  18. Yes, we tried generics of every type that our insurance covered. Also, the dosages we tried were half or less of the lowest dose available. It’s a tricky thing!!! I have questioned the diagnosis - we are currently doing more evaluations to see if there is something else we’ve missed along the way.
  19. I will definitely look into this. I know for a fact that my older daughter was abused in her orphanage in China. She definitely exhibits anxiety, which manifests as needing to control her surroundings. The almost 9 year old - it wouldn't shock me, but I'm not really sure. Thank you for the information!
  20. It's been a while, so I can't remember the details. But we did try several different types. We were somewhat limited because of our insurance - some meds were $500 a month!!! She was very closely monitored by the Psychiatrist and I do remember discussing the side effects and the time it could take to get used to the meds.
  21. DD is just about to turn 9. Background info: Adopted from China at 18 months. Cleft Lip and Palate. Diagnosed with ADHD-Combined Type and borderline Auditory Processing Disorder. Oh, and also Anxiety, which she is medicated for and seems to help some. She sees a play therapist and a Psychiatrist. We tried 4 different ADHD meds and none of them worked. Either turned her into a zombie on the lowest dose, or had no effect on her even with increasing dosages. We are still doing some evaluations to see if there is anything else going on .... Her biggest issues are extremely low frustration tolerance, which leads to lots of screaming fits - her anxiety med does seem to help some with this. Also, sitting still and focusing don't happen. I suspect that she does, in fact, have ADHD and that the meds just don't work for her. We have also tried: TONS of exercise. Doesn't matter. Having her eat dye-free and no artificial flavors. Doesn't make a difference. What else could I try?
  22. Thank you so much, everyone! These are some amazing ideas. I already had a few of these on my list to research, but a lot I hadn't thought of yet.
  23. DD will be in 6th grade next year and she has asked me if all of her language arts could be based on animal books. This girl LOVES to read, especially books with animals in them. I know there are some Brave Writer Arrows for animal books. I don’t want to do a literature guide for every single thing, but I do want to make sure we cover everything. So give me your suggestions!!!
  24. I think we just finalized our choices for 8th grade. Side Note: HOW is my teeny baby going into the 8th grade? I just made a high school plan for him. Language Arts: Oak Meadow Grade 8 LA Math: AoPS Intro to Algebra Science: RSO Astronomy Level 2 History: SoTW Book 2 and HSitW Project Passport Middle Ages Projects Spanish Guitar Homeschool PE at our YMCA Karate (should be a black belt in the next couple of months)
  25. Oooohhhh I hope you like it!!!!
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