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  1. Spaghetti Tacos White Chicken Chili Pizza Grilled Chicken Salad
  2. We have one from Champion and it's been fine. We live in a hurricane area, so we wanted to have one. We have only used it a couple of times, but it's been pretty straightforward to use.
  3. When SWB posted that article the other day, it really helped me put into words how I've been feeling lately. I have always struggled with anxiety, but now I think I'm adding depression into the mix. DH and I talked today and we have some really practical plans to hopefully help me navigate this.
  4. We really like the ones from Old Navy. I wash them in the washing machine, and air dry them.
  5. I’m in SE Virginia. I go between: - Eh, a Category 1 hurricane? That’s it? No big deal. I mean, it can’t be worse than the rest of this year. and - #!*!?!? Seriously, 2020? Are you kidding me? Gotta bring in all the outside stuff. Stock up on milk and bread! What I really want to do is crawl under the covers and not come out until 2021.
  6. It's fairly new, so there aren't a ton of reviews yet. My kids are older than yours, but my impression of the curriculum is that it really can be what you want it to be. There are activities/crafts and there are tons of books recommended. You get full booklist once you purchase. Only the spines are listed in the sample. But really, you can choose if you wanted to do more activities, or more videos (lots of clickable links included), or read more picture books.
  7. I saw a guy wearing one the other day - I don't know much about face shields, but I'm pretty sure his was too small for his head. The band seemed to be secured in the appropriate place on his head, but the bottom of the shield barely came below his mouth.
  8. We will be using it this year in conjunction with Build Your Library Level 5. Some of the books overlap. ROV is definitely a huge wall of text to sort through. I just printed it yesterday and I'm diving in this week.
  9. Great experiences here so far. I think a HUGE pro is the fact that a mom could do a telemedicine appt for her or a kid without having to drag alllll the kids to a germy doctors office. Also, I can go to my counseling appt even if I have a sick kid.
  10. We have a local movie theater called Cinema Cafe - watch a move and eat dinner. So at home, about every other week, we have been watching a movie and having pizza delivered. We NEVER eat in the living room, so the kids think it's the greatest thing in the world!!!
  11. Changed up a few things ............ History of the Horse from Beautiful Feet Math: CLE 7 Typing: TGTB Science: Elemental Science's Earth Science and Astronomy for the Logic Stage with a few friends mini-co-op style Together: Blossom and Root's A River of Voices and BYL 5 for American History Caesar's English from RFWP - probably all of us together The Art of Argument (with 9th grader) Fix-it Grammar - The Nose Tree (None of the kids have done any Fix-it Grammar, so we are starting here and doing it together)
  12. Not sure how old your DS is, but my kids have been loving the America's Test Kitchen Kids Cookbook. HERE This is the cookbook and there is also a baking one. My 12 year old LOVES to pick out her own recipes. I buy the ingredients and she is able to do the entire thing herself.
  13. OK, I did a few things today. Brain dumped onto a piece of paper. Made a list of allll the curriculum we are using - still need to divide everything out by which kid is using what. Made a list of books I'm still looking for - made a specific wish list on Thriftbooks and Amazon for them. I'm also going to a huge used bookstore next week. Printed my planning forms. Cleaned out my Mom Binder. Made an appointment with my organizer friend for her to come over and help me get the homeschool room in order. So basically .... I got ready to start planning 😅😅
  14. Do All. The. Things. I have been working full-time for the past 9 weeks. I have managed to buy all the curriculum. Well, until I decided last week to change all of our history and literature choices. So I still need to take care of buying that. I have done ZERO planning. ZERO. My work schedule slows waaaaaay down tomorrow, so planning is next on my agenda.
  15. I recently ordered some from Old Navy and I actually really like them.
  16. Also having trouble planning over here. Honestly, though, it mostly has to do with the fact that for a few more weeks, I am teaching a full online college load. I was lured in by the paycheck, but I am barely keeping my head above water these days. Keeping the kids alive and fed and no one has burned the house down yet. LOL But also, my kids are going into 9th, 7th, and 5th, and my brain is having trouble focusing on anything these days.
  17. DD is 10, with ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder. She is also super smart. And cute, dangit. LOL Anyway, she literally can't sit still for 5 minutes. We do tons of active things - I just need a math curriculum that will keep her moving ahead and learning new things, but will not stifle her spirit. We have tried Math Mammoth, and Horizons. She is not interested in Beast Academy or Teaching Textbooks. I'm open to ideas - even some out of the box ideas. I've tried being a little unschool-y with her, but I need something structured.
  18. I was just looking at CLE! Thank you for sharing your experience. I also think it might help having the smaller book with the formulas right there with the problems.
  19. DD is going into 7th grade next year. She is an anxious kid in general and math really kicks the anxiety into high gear. In the past, she has done Math Mammoth (too many problems on a page), Horizons (can't remember why it didn't work for her it was so long ago) and now she has been doing Teaching Textbooks for a while. She did Level 6 and is getting towards the end of 7 right now. She is still having trouble because - actually, I don't really know why. It may be a confidence issue. I'm actually a math teacher, but this girl has me stumped. Any ideas for Pre-Algebra? I'm happy to have her
  20. DD is 12 1/2 and her acne is pretty moderate, I'd say. It bothers her, so we have tried a few different things. Over the counter face washes, and a few natural soaps. Nothing seems to help. I don't think we're at the point of seeing a dermatologist quite yet. What do your kids use and what's their routine? She's very responsible and will keep to a solid routine. Thanks!!!
  21. Years ago, I started getting lightheaded. I went to several doctors and no one could find anything wrong with me. Then we went to China to adopt our daughter. I was totally fine while we were there. When we came home, the lightheadedness started up again. We had our A/C tested for mold and sure enough, we had mold in our A/C system. We had it taken care of and 2 days later, I was totally fine.
  22. I had a total fangirl moment today. My family is staying at her Bed and Breakfast this weekend. I was walking around with DD10 and SWB asked if we wanted to help feed the angora goats!!!! She was super nice to this random homeschooler. Sorry the pic is sideways. That’s Pickles, the baby goat.
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