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  1. We're starting this summer probably. DD finishes at her preschool in May. All of us need structure around here, so I think we'll start in the summer. Here's my plan: Math: Singapore Essentials B Character: We Choose Virtues - already doing this Reading: BOB Books Science: Science Play book and tagging along with DS w/ Elemental Science Earth Science and Astronomy Social Studies: Tagging along with DS w/ TruthQuest American History Next Spring, she'll start Winning with Writing and Growing with Grammar Level 1. We already have these, so we'll start when she's ready. She will
  2. I'll be reading along! I am planning on using this one next year. Sherry
  3. My daughter just turned 5 in January, so she would be in Kindergarten next year if she went to public school (in our state). She is currently in a private preschool, but I am planning to homeschool her next year. She is academically pretty advanced ..... should I start her on curriculum at her level next year, which would probably be 1st grade? Of course, if she struggles, we can always back up and/or slow down. On the paperwork I submit to the district, it isn't required for me to put down a grade level. I know at some point, I will have to decide when she graduates, but I'm not sure
  4. I'm planning on using Ellen McHenry's Elements later this Spring. It's only designed for 6 weeks or so, or up to 12 weeks. I've heard really great things about it.
  5. Next year, I am planning on using TruthQuest History - American History for Young Students I for my 2nd and 1st graders.
  6. You need to see a Cleft Surgeon. Check that cleftline link and see if there is an experienced Cleft Team near you.
  7. DS will be 7 this summer and I'm planning for next year. I'm in good shape for Math (Singapore), Social Studies (TruthQuest), and Science(Elemental Earth/Astronomy). I already have Sequential Spelling for next year. Do I need Grammar or Writing or some other sort of Language Arts Curriculum? DS is a pretty good reader and we read a lot together and he reads independently. Thank you!
  8. The best thing I've done so far is to read this thread! I've only been HSing for 2 months. There is some GREAT stuff in this thread. Thanks everyone for sharing!!!!!!!
  9. My youngest will be 3 this summer. I don't plan on doing anything formal with her next year. She will tag along on what the other 2 are working on. We will use Science Play for some fun science stuff.
  10. Thanks Nicole. That's exactly what I had been thinking. I tend to overanalyze things :crying:
  11. My DD just turned 5. She is currently in a private preschool, but will be homeschooled next year. She LOVES color, draw, and do anything crafty. She also needs a lot of structure. I already plan on doing Singapore Math Essentials B and the Evan-Moor Beginning Geography. We will also continue with BOB books for reading. So what is something I could use with her that is both structured AND crafty? Thanks!
  12. I am planning on Using TQ American History for Young Students I next year for my then-7-year-old DS. My DD will be 5 then. Does it make sense to use the same one for both kids? Of course I can tailor things based on their ages. I guess my concern is that if I start DD too early on TQ, will we run out of curriculum at some point for her? Or will she miss out on things that I have to skip for now because she's too young, where if I waited, she could get more out of it? Assuming we all like TQ and continue homeschooling, will it make sense to use the same curriculum for all the kids e
  13. We are in 2A Standards and I do use the HIG. (Background: I have a Master's in math and teach college math, but I did not learn math the Singapore way). I don't do every single thing the HIG says. I pick and choose what we do.
  14. I just brought my 1st grader home. We do Singapore Math, lots of reading (in various subjects - fiction, nonfiction animal books, etc), free American History curriculum at Guesthollow.com, and whatever fun things I can find. We go to the Aquarium and the Zoo a lot. I take him shopping with me and he is in charge of the budget, the list, coupons, etc. He looks at the sale papers and our list of recipes and helps me plan our menu for the week. We're still taking it very easy and not doing a lot of scheduled "school". It's working for us for now. Next year, he will be 7 and I'll have a
  15. Thanks everyone! Piecing it is!!!!! I have made notes of all the materials mentioned here and am looking into them. I think DS would LOVE Ellen McHenry's stuff. After we finish our overview of animals, I think we'll do her Elements unit.
  16. Quick background: DS is 6.5, and I just withdrew him from pubic school, where he was in the 1st grade. He did very little science in that school. He is gifted, as well as has some sensory processing issues. My issue(s): - He LOVES science. Totally eats it up. - We are on a TIGHT budget. - For now, we are using library books and learning about each type of animal (Amphibians, Birds, Mammals, Fish, etc) - We also watch YouTube videos and shows on various channels. We also use various books with experiments. - I am willing to continue to piece together stuff for him, but I am worried
  17. I read to him for ... I don't know ... maybe 30 minutes a day? Some days more? He reads some books on his own. But we're sort of Unschoolers :001_smile: so we don't do a formal reading curriculum.
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