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  1. It’s the soft tissue inflammation. My arches collapse when I walk. The doc also said that one of my bones near my big toe is a bit shorter than normal, so all of those factors are contributing.
  2. Thank you, everyone!!!! I ordered some of the pads that are sturdier than what I have. Hopefully that will help. I have been staying off my feet today and letting my kids wait on me 🙂 @katilac There is definitely no way I will last 2 weeks! I will give the office a call this week. I mean, if I'm willing to deal with the boot, hopefully he will be OK with that.
  3. I am in agony. It started 2 weeks ago. I saw a Podiatrist 2 days ago and he gave me the little pads to use. It’s not helping much. he said if it isn’t better in 2 weeks, he’d put me in a boot. what else can I try? Ibuprofen takes the edge off the pain, ice doesn’t seem to help.
  4. Make guacamole. Dice it and put it in a burrito or taco or on a salad.
  5. Pretty much everything we used to do, just not as often. When we do go out, we all wear masks and follow social distancing. No one in our house is considered high risk, and we have decided we are OK with the level of risk we are taking. Grocery shopping, eating out at restaurants occasionally, shopping, doctor/dentist/orthodontist appts, therapy appts.
  6. We have a solid wood table from IKEA. It's definitely worn and doesn't look the best. But I love the sticky, dinged, painted-on table. We've had this thing for ...... I don't know ..... over 20 years!!!!!
  7. I've made more decisions: CLE Math 8 Chemistry for the Logic Stage - Elemental Science Build Your Library 6 - American History 2 Language Arts - Mosdos Gold - I'm excited about this! I've always wanted to try it, but the price is too much for me. I found a great deal on a used set!!! Latin/Greek roots from TpT https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Greek-and-Latin-Roots-Sketch-Notes-Book-1-3273969 Spanish - she's currently using Duolingo, we'll switch to something more thorough at some point Horseback Riding lessons Devotion book TGTB Typing (i
  8. I'm a die hard cat person, but cats can be jerks. My cats act weird all the dang time. She could be too cold, too hot, she could smell something (bird, mouse, bug) somewhere, she could be thirsty, hungry, she could be sensing the weather changing or just trying to get your attention. Did I mention cats can be jerks? 😂
  9. My 70 year old mom with several high-risk health conditions is in FL and has not been able to get an appt yet. I have been trying to help her navigate the online system and it’s a mess. I am in VA and my county is in Tier 1b, which is my group. However, this is a huge group and they are prioritizing people. I will be one of the last ones in this Tier.
  10. Yes, I've been mostly watching Camera 2 as well.
  11. My kids are going to be sooooo sad.
  12. The eaglet is still there, but has been over to the edge of the nest, alone, for a couple of hours. Some people are saying they can still see movement. But it is not looking good. 😢
  13. So far: CLE Math 8 Chemistry for the Logic Stage - Elemental Science Build Your Library 6 - American History 2 That's all I've got so far.
  14. @DawnM I feel your pain! And I often put things off because I hate making phone calls or something because I'm just being lazy.
  15. School with the kids - we had a fun snow day yesterday, and it will be hard to get back into it today! Lesson planning for February Place online order for certain undergarments! Start decluttering in order to list house for sale
  16. Same here. The market is crazy right now, which is great for when we list our current house. But buying is nutty. There should be lots more coming on the market soon. Spring is the biggest time.
  17. Janeway, I am so, so sorry.
  18. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your process here. We are currently discussing a similar setup for my mom. For us, I think our best bet is to move to a house with an in-law suite already there or with enough space we can convert part of it.
  19. I think it's post _____ septal I can't figure out the part between those two!
  20. I wouldn't be shocked if I was on the autism spectrum.
  21. FB honestly walks you through it. I'd put the meeting place in the Description. I believe FB puts your general location, but then you can specify in the Description. For example, if I was listing something, it would have my city on there, but in the description I could put: Cash only. Pickup will be at the Home Depot at 123 Main Street in Atlanta.
  22. Just be careful about sharing your location with people. You could say in your listing that you will meet them at a neutral location if you don’t want people coming to your house.
  23. I like the format of LLATL, but we generally prefer more modern books. Is there anything out there for middle school ages that's the same format???? Thank you!
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