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  1. Does anyone have any information about what this new curriculum will be? I am switching one of my kids to Singapore, but I'm not sure which edition to go with, or if we should wait for the new one.
  2. My 7 year old DD struggles with anxiety and ADHD. She picks up math very quickly - Math Mammoth is too incremental for her. She isn't interested in Beast Academy, which, honestly is just as well. She gets frustrated very easily and melts down. So what is a get-it-done mastery-based math curriculum that would fit this kid?
  3. 2 of my 3 are nonstop talkers. My ears and brain constantly hurt.
  4. Things I won't give up or cut back on: A/C Internet - I teach online, so it's necessary and my job doesn't reimburse for it. Brand name Toilet Paper
  5. A while ago, I had a package from an Amazon driver left on my porch but he didn’t ring the doorbell, he just put the package down. I was home, so I went out and got it. I checked the tracking info and he had updated it and posted a picture of the box on the porch. However, it wasn’t my porch in the picture!!!!!!! I did send a message to amazon letting them know that I got the package, but the picture was wrong. I never got a response, so I don’t know if it helped. I just wanted to let them know so they could do something if they wanted. I’m sure the driver mixed up the pics he took or hit the wrong button.
  6. The incontinence made me think of a tethered spinal cord. That would explain the gait issues. I'm not sure it would explain the fatigue or speech issues, but it may be worth adding it to your list.
  7. For a few days now, I've had an off and on sharp pain in my lower back on the left side, near my waist. It only lasts for a couple of seconds and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. No other symptoms. I had a migraine last night, complete with nausea and chills. But it was just like other migraines I've had, so I'm pretty sure that wasn't related. Could this be the early signs of a kidney stone? I've never had one and I've heard about the awful pain, which of course I'd like to avoid if possible!!!! What can I do? Drink lots of water?
  8. On Monday, I cleaned up a dead mouse in my dining room. One of my cats had killed it - I’m assuming. It was messy and gross. Today, I rewashwd a mildewy load of laundry I forgot about in the washing machine. Today, I am at counseling appointments for 2 of my kids.
  9. I finally got an Instant Pot. So far, I've made hard-boiled eggs, Chicken Tikka Masala (OK, not great, but fine), and baked potatoes. What are your favorite recipes?????? Or favorite FB groups or blogs?
  10. Last year I was really sick, suspected flu, but I wasn’t interested in Tamiflu. After almost a week, the coughing was so bad that I did go to the doctor. They tested for flu and it was positive. I wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t needed something for the cough. Also last year, I took my asthmatic kid in because she was wheezing.
  11. One of our cats is about 2 years old. She LOVES food. Like, puffy-heart loves food. At least once a day, she throws up a few minutes after eating. It doesn't seem to matter if we reduce the amount of food. We've tried a couple of different dry foods - right now, they are eating Iams Hairball Control and Weight Formula. Any ideas? I'm tired of cleaning up cat puke.
  12. We are doing the Bookshark free Unit Study. Lots of crafty things here: https://www.mamaslearningcorner.com/winter-olympics-huge-list-unit-study-resources/
  13. Here are a few that have been hits for that grade level at my co-op. Secret History - A look at spies, codes, and espionage throughout American History American Girl History - using the American Girl history books to learn about history and do crafts/activities Harry Potter Science Chronicles of Narnia Expedition Earth (Confessions of a Homeschooler)
  14. I'm so glad you went in! I hope the ER is able to see you quickly.
  15. I agree that Urgent Care is better than nothing. I also get the medical bill situation. We have a high deductible plan and we had so many bills last year - we met our out of pocket max somewhere around June, but I didn't actually pay it all until last month.
  16. I have finally figured out that we do best here with curriculum that has a schedule already done. Or Do-the-Next-Thing. Some current things that are working well (knock on wood!!!!): 6th grader Apologia General Science w/ the Notebooking Journal Uncle Sam and You Figuratively Speaking Easy Grammar WWS 1 4th grader Writers in Residence Pentime Handwriting Math Mammoth RSO Chemistry 2nd grader Growing w/ Grammar RSO Chemistry
  17. I believe she has an active lease with an apartment complex. I'm not sure when it's up, but I can definitely ask.
  18. I am sure this varies by state and even by city/county. I am also going to leave out details because it's a sensitive situation. A male relative in his 40s threatened another of our relatives last night - if it matters, she is female and almost 70. The female left town and got a hotel room last night. I do not know the exact words of the threat, but I do know that this male relative has had a difficult life and I'm pretty sure abuses alcohol and maybe drugs. I have not had much contact with him over the years, but I have no doubt he could (and would) carry out a threat. She did call the police right after the threat, but they told her they couldn't do anything because he hadn't actually done anything. I told her to call them back and make sure a report got filed anyway. Female relative called the courthouse in her city today and someone there (not sure who) said that the judge wouldn't issue a restraining order because no actual physical attack was made. I looked up the laws in her state (FL) and a credible threat does constitute Assault, which is a misdemeanor. I told her to still pursue the restraining order. I also told her it may be worth seeing if she can find a local attorney that would give her a free consultation. She can in no way afford to pay for an Attorney, and I'm not sure DH and I could afford to pay for it for her. Any ideas of what else I can do? I'm a 14 hour drive away. I know she will not leave permanently because her 90 year old father is in a facility near her. She had already planned a trip to leave on Saturday to visit another relative, so I'm praying hard that things stabilize at least until then.
  19. Definitely the Fold n File. I have one that has all my teacher manuals in it.
  20. USF Grad here, too! Although, I went there .......... ummmmmm ....... 25 years ago or something like that!!!!
  21. His daughter was one of my college roommates and my best friends!!!!! He is AMAZING!
  22. I loooove Math Mammoth and I am a big fan of not switching around math curriculum. But my 2nd grader HATES it. It's too incremental for her. She is very math-y and MM just isn't working. She has zero interest in Beast Academy. Of course, because I already have that, too!!! She does have ADHD, emphasis on the Hyperactive! (ETA: She does take meds for the ADHD as well as Anxiety. She is a complicated kid.) She needs something straightforward and preferably with not a ton of reading. We are still working on her reading skills. Help!!!
  23. I think that next year, I would like to do an in-depth World Geography year, instead of a history year. Kind of like MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures, but I was hoping to find something a bit cheaper. My kids will be 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades. We have things that are working well for Writing, Grammar, Math, etc. I'd like the geography study to include maps, culture, cooking, etc. I would LOVE to have something already planned out. Any ideas?
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