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  1. This is an old thread (btw my son still has his braces . . . a few more months). Our experience after more than two years? Food hasn't been an issue. He eats virtually anything he wants and we've only ever had one broken bracket and one wire (probably not related to food).


    I have to say I'm ready for those braces to come off :). We have to travel 45 minutes once a month to our orthodontist and in the winter (we get tonnes of snow), its not fun.

  2. Okay here's an update, two years later.


    Maya has turned out to be a great addition to our family. We have never had a lap dog sized dog before but she's a great companion to our Bernese Mountain dog (and btw the little dog is the clear boss). Anyway we love her a lot so even if we got conned into taking her it clearly was to our benefit.


    Here's a photo:



  3. It's not permanent but given the desperate times in our small town we are very grateful for this job.


    My dh has begun some retraining after 21 yrs in the forest industry and the closure of our local mill employing 550 people. He went through a very tough time of health problems, depression, etc. In September he snapped out of it, took an Industrial First Aid course and yesterday he got his first call working as a contract first aider. He's been hired by company who sends workers out to mills, etc. when they need First Aiders. So it can be hit and miss work but he knows he has work all this week and it looks like more is ahead.


    So, apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks :) because honestly while I knew my dh would have to retrain I did not imagine it would be in this field.


    Anyway a little relief and good news after a year of very, very tough days.

  4. He was eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a park bench (there were other kids). He heard a rustling sound in the trees behind him and, like a boy, decided to go check it out. Out popped a cub right at his feet. He looked up and there was the mama. The mama hissed, the cub scrambled up a tree, my ds dropped his sandwich and backed away from the bear. . . yikes! (Last year we took the kids to a bear aware program because we do live in an area with lots of bears, black and grizzly. Apparently that field trip paid off because he remembered the tip about backing away without turning your back to the bear.)


    Never a dull moment :glare:


    Uh my ds did say if the mama wasn't there he would have definitely petted the cub . . . I'm not sure what to say about that!

  5. This is me. And one of my dogs, Ruby (who loves me very much).


    Disclaimer: This is me first thing in the a.m. without hair done and make up done. And the dog definitely needed some grooming herself.


    I chose this picture because this is me in the midst of a very tough year (emphasis on very tough). That morning I was just mulling over the day ahead and actually feeling quite down. Then the dog jumped into my lap with such love and it made me realize how much I have to be thankful for (in addition to the dog :) )


    Maybe one day I'll post one with my eyes open.







  6. This post brought a smile to my face because I was the product of a large family where I was the second youngest and had five older brothers and sisters (much older) and one younger sister. We were the kids that got a million hugs and kisses from my older siblings especially one brother. I know this is purely anecdotal but my younger sister and I feel we are the most well adjusted, friendly kids in our family and we "blame" it on all the love my older siblings bestowed on us. . . . for what its worth . . .

  7. As far as Christian music goes, I mostly listen to Skillet (Christian metal/rock), Thousand Foot Krutch (Christian rock/maybe nu metal?), Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Da TRUTH, Cross Movement, Tobymac, PRO, and Flame (Christian rap).



    Theses are groups played here at our house too where we have two teenage boys listening all the time.


    We saw Tedashii at a concert. He was excellent. It kind of changed my view of the whole rap thing (although I agree that many are a waste of time).

  8. My dh, who lost his job of 21 yrs earlier this year, due to a mill closure, who underwent health problems since this time, including two surgeries, who is 48 and hasn't done school for many, many years, is writing an exam today that includes 2 hours written, 4 hours practical.


    Can I ask for prayer for him for peace and clarity of mind?


    This has been a tough year for us and we're just starting to feel like we're climbing out of the pit. It would be such a boost for him to pass this test today (apparently its not uncommon to have to do this course twice before passing).



  9. Thanks for the words of encouragement.


    I did not always handle things as well as I could have. We definitely were traveling uncharted territories and at times I felt like we were sinking fast.


    Even though our circumstances haven't changed, i.e. I still have to work even though my dream was to stay home until the kids finished high school, and my dh is still unemployed, the lift in my dh's spirit has changed everything. He has some hope for a future.


    I have not had to handle significant depression in my immediate circumstance before this . . .it was an eye opener on many fronts . . . and has definitely given me some empathy for people dealing with depression. . . and we only dealt with it for half a year.


    I don't know what's ahead but I figure with what we've weathered, we're up for the journey (I just hope the waves are a bit less choppy from here on in . . . I'm a wimp :))

  10. I haven't posted for a while 'cause my life is crazy! As some of you know, my dh lost his job in Feb. after 21 years due to a mill closure. Immediately following the job loss he had one surgery followed by another two months later. All these events precipated a boute of depression and, honestly, I thought there were days I wouldn't make it myself. Normal life stresses, parenting stresses, unemployed dh streses, illness stresses and the need for me to go to work full time in order to put food on the table. All while homeschooling.


    We seem to be slowly coming out of the pit. We were able to go out of town to visit relatives for two weeks in August . . . family wedding to attend. I don't know if it was the act of leaving the town (which is in a state of depression itself) but whatever it was my dh said he felt the dark cloud lift and he has a renewed hope in life. He is 48 and when the mill he worked at closed its doors he felt he was unworthy, too old, etc, etc. Thankfully that feeling is leaving him. In fact, he has signed up for a two week industrial first aid course beginning tomorrow that will give him a ticket. I would really ask for your prayers in this time. He hasn't been to school in a hundred years so I am very nervous. It's intense . . .M-F 8:30 - 4:30 plus 4hours homework each night (and he has to drive an hour each way).


    He is thrilled so I am praying that he can keep the pace and gets through this course. I would hate for him to fall back into the pit (oh me of little faith). He's like a new man . . . I told him he has to date me again, 'cause I don't know him!


    And I have joined the league of full time working while full time homeschooling mom. Yikes! Not what I expected but necessary. I mourn the loss of having to give up some things . . . like Latin, although the kids do have 3 years of it already in their coffers. Mostly I need prayer for energy to keep the pace and patience. And that I can keep up a quality education for my kids. PS is not an option where we live (there is one, just not one I can send my kids to at this time).


    Anyway, I thought I'd post an update. I do come on here for at least five minutes most days and have kept up with the buzzing in the hive but don't have a lot of time to post.


    Life is a journey. . .

  11. I have a lot of stress in my life right now so, although I've been living a healthier lifestyle for the last three years, the last few months I've succumbed to comfort eating.


    It's a life long struggle for me that's for sure but I don't want to completely back slide back into the abyss. :)

  12. I am guessing that you're considering the same one that I am (Kobo) as we're both in Canada. I am really torn about the internet downloading thing. I currently download books from the public library and then transfer them onto my iphone which is (as far as I'm concerned) a PITA. I also don't like reading off the iphone, which is why I'm considering an ereader in the first place. I am trying not to buy any more books as we have no more space for them, so I'm a heavy library user, for both ebooks, regular tree-based books, and audiobooks.


    I am really torn between the Kobo and the Kindle....possibly like you!




    Yup it's the kobo I'm considering but I too wonder if I'll regret not having internet connection.


    Your situation is similar to mine . . . a huge love of books and very little space.


    Do you live near a store that you could look at a kobo first hand (I don't). If you do I'd be curious to hear what you think.

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